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Those clothes airers that hang from the ceiling..... a question or two!

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KaySamuels Fri 18-Jan-08 21:47:38

I'm hoping someone on here has one or at least knows what I mean.

My first question is what are they called? grin

My second question is where can I buy one from?

I am seriously sick of all the clutter in my house and my main bugber is the clothes horse in our bedroom.
I have recently sorted out toy storage and it's made a big difference, so I am moving onto clothing/laundry issues now!

Any advice, links to stockists etc appreciated. smile

CarGirl Fri 18-Jan-08 21:48:19

sheila's maid

no idea

KaySamuels Fri 18-Jan-08 21:48:21

bugbear - I really should preview but I'm too impatient! blush

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Fri 18-Jan-08 21:49:07

back of the guaridan i cought mine from - the company is called Sheila maid i think

GodzillasAbominableBumcheek Fri 18-Jan-08 21:49:11

It is (as far as i know) known as a

wait for it


yogabird Fri 18-Jan-08 21:51:03

we had one in our old house and it was fab. Ceilings too low here to put it up - it's a shame. Got it on line - just goog;ed clothes airers i think, dh sorted it so it had to be simple and easy!

GodzillasAbominableBumcheek Fri 18-Jan-08 21:51:10

Although i just did a quick search and all i came up with is ceiling racks to hang pans on. Bah.

Radge Fri 18-Jan-08 21:51:36

Airer. Pulley.

KaySamuels Fri 18-Jan-08 21:52:35

I knew it had a daft name! Kind of like lazy susan. hmm Sheila's maid of course what else would it be called!? grin

Will google it now I know it's name, thanks. smile

SoupDragon Fri 18-Jan-08 21:52:50

Definitely Sheila Maid.

rantinghousewife Fri 18-Jan-08 21:53:00

Sheila's maid.
Think some people sell them on ebay.

GodzillasAbominableBumcheek Fri 18-Jan-08 21:53:13

does this help?

KaySamuels Fri 18-Jan-08 21:53:27

We have high ceilings so can put on lading out of the way. smile

Onlyaphase Fri 18-Jan-08 21:53:42


KaySamuels Fri 18-Jan-08 22:01:25

Thanks both links great, best not show DP that first link of godzillas he would spend a fortune. Now just need to convince dp we need one. wink This is the bloke who asked me if we really needed a new washer when ours broke down! hmm shock

GodzillasAbominableBumcheek Fri 18-Jan-08 22:03:58

If it's any help, i typed in 'ceiling suspended clothes airers' as my search, and that was the first thing i looked at!

Waswondering Fri 18-Jan-08 22:08:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScienceTeacher Fri 18-Jan-08 22:08:55

They are called a Maiden

constancereader Fri 18-Jan-08 22:09:15

Mine fell on my head the other day.

Don't let that put you off though, it is a great invention.grin

Pannacotta Fri 18-Jan-08 22:15:23

Lakeland does sell them, bit cheaper than S Maid but not quite as nice.

KaySamuels Fri 18-Jan-08 22:15:50

That days gone by sight is fab! Great stuff on it for dp and ds, have added it to my favourites. smile

Will check lakeland too.

constancereader - I wondered about that I am extremely clumsy and could see myself doing the same thing!

Radge Fri 18-Jan-08 22:17:52

I love mine. It's brilliant. I'm double thrilled now I know it's called a Shiela's Maid. PMSL!

Radge Fri 18-Jan-08 22:18:47


constancereader Fri 18-Jan-08 22:27:06

The cord broke! It just landed on me. According to my mil they do that every do often, just keep an eye on the cord and replace it when it looks a little dodgy.

It didn't hurt, but it was a bit of a shock.

WendyWeber Fri 18-Jan-08 22:28:30

I thought they were called maidens (unless they're Australian maybe?)

If you have high ceilings and a nice clean dry source of heat they are brilliant.

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