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shrunken curtains

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anynamewilldo Thu 03-Jan-08 23:01:00

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help?!?
considering it was the new year, I decided to wash my front room curtains, various children stains chocolate/sticky finger marks....etc. anyway took them down was going to take them to the dry cleaners, but noticed that the label said 40degree wash, wash as cottons, no tumble dry, do not iron whilst damp. Great, washed them, and put them on the radiator over night just to dry them slightly, (curtains are 128in drop) so couldnt hang them up damp/wet as i have done with other curtains in the past. to cut a very long story short, I have shrunk them by 10in's blush

does anyone know if you can unshrink cotton curtains?? do you think putting them in cold water then hanging them on the line would do the job,

MrsBadger Thu 03-Jan-08 23:06:04

I think you're stuck with short curtains sad
Ironing may help a bit

anynamewilldo Thu 03-Jan-08 23:19:56

I am blaming the mishap on pregnancy hormones grin

discoverlife Thu 03-Jan-08 23:25:32

You can't re-stretch them I'm afraid. I think the heat from the rad did it. But a fix could be a nice extra heavy hem of some contrasting/complimenting, satin/ velvet fabric etc might stop you having to throw them out.

widgypog Fri 04-Jan-08 17:49:40 wash them on a sunny day and out them on a line damp preferably with some kind of weight on..then iron them while damp all the time pulling them down.Not sure why it would say do not iron when damp if they are 100 percent cottonhmm

Are you sure you washed them at correct temp? if so where did you buy them? If a decent shop call their head office and tell them what you did and they may replace them never know

widgypog Fri 04-Jan-08 17:50:45

alteratively lower your curtain railwink

widgypog Fri 04-Jan-08 17:52:49

have just re -read your post careful of putting them in cold water and hangng on line as if they are too wet you will stretch them out of shape and you will get brown water marks

anynamewilldo Fri 04-Jan-08 18:55:55

the curtains are 5yrs old, it was the first time that i washed them blush

discoverlife, my dh mentioned putting a hem/fringe type on the bottom of them, so think thats what we are going to do, I will talk to my sisters mil who is really good with a sewing machine.

bibi43 Mon 15-Dec-14 23:36:14

Poor you!
I just did the same thing to save £150 on dry cleaning!. Now to discover how much it is going to cost us to get anything like what we had- and we've just moved.
I like the idea of a hem- might use it myself- though will have to ask my mother in law to help- ouch! Or should I hide them in shame?...
I wonder how you got on- few years ago?

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