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Is there any way of getting blood stains out of carpets?

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Pinkchampagne Mon 17-Dec-07 08:23:05

Yesterday my DS2 fell & cut his forehead badly on the corner of the table. There was blood squirting everywhere, and it was very scary. Luckily my nurse friend was available to come round & sort him out, and thankfully he seems ok now, but my carpet is covered in blood stains.
I tried scrubbing with hot soapy water, which didn't work, and have also tried carpet mousse, which also hasn't got rid of the stains. They are all over my lounge floor, all up the stairs & the landing.
Is there any way of getting rid of blood stains, or is my carpet done for?

ABudafulSightWereHappyTonight Mon 17-Dec-07 08:27:45

I think your problem may have been hot water! They say cold water for blood stains I think.

Try lots of cold water. There are Stain Devils for blood - not sure how they would work on carpet though.

Poor DS - sounds scary!

andfranksentthis Mon 17-Dec-07 08:49:19

Get biological washing powder, make a paste with cold might end up with patches of lighter carpet as a result of all this cleaning though.
I would get in professional cleaners.

Boredveryverybored Mon 17-Dec-07 08:49:25

Yep think hot water will have been a problem, hot water tends to fix a blood stain whereas cold is supposed to get it out. I would try and get a stain remover, there are a few that claim to get out blood, as already said though I have no idea how they'll work on carpets??

purpleduck Mon 17-Dec-07 09:43:48

try oxy stuff

nannyL Mon 17-Dec-07 09:56:16

not sure if it is recommended for carpets but ace laundry bleach WILL get it out...

make sure you rinse it VERY thoroughly afterwards thiugh...

maybe try otehr suggestions on here first

CoffeeCrazedMama Mon 17-Dec-07 12:36:51

If none of these work (and may I put in a good word for Carpet Power?) steam cleaning may do it. We have just had a chap round who got out many blood spots (2 of my dds prone to nose bleeds) and loads of hitherto impossible to remove stains (eg eye makeup!) from dd1's bedroom carpet. Looked like new.

whomovedmychocolate Mon 17-Dec-07 12:41:14

You sure you didn't murder the inlaws in time for christmas now? Come on, you can tell us, we won't rat on you. wink

I got blood stains out with oxy action but again you need to put it on and then immediately wash it off and vac it dry so there are no crystals left.

CoffeeCrazedMama Mon 17-Dec-07 12:46:41

Forgot to say White Wizard (lakeland) is very good with blood too.

popmum Mon 17-Dec-07 12:50:41

call your household insurers if you have a policy!?

Ledodgy Mon 17-Dec-07 12:52:09

Hydrogen peroxide is what they recommend for when you get blood on the carpets at home births it may take a couple of applications if it's dried in.

Pinkchampagne Mon 17-Dec-07 13:28:32

thank you all. Have just returned from work to take DS to casualty to get checked out as the area is looking quite swollen.
Was thinking of calling insurance company.

Pinkchampagne Mon 17-Dec-07 23:02:18

Haven't had a chance to get hold of some of the products suggested, but have tried scrubbing again with cold water, and have squirted more carpet mousse, and there is no improvement.
May try to claim on house insurance.

pinkteddy Mon 17-Dec-07 23:05:36

use biological washing powder. Try making up a solution in a spray bottle. Spray over stains, leave for 10/15 mins then scrub off. Don't use any over the counter products - they just sit on the carpet and never come out. If all else fails get in the professionals! HTH

BadHair Mon 17-Dec-07 23:07:56

Milk is meant to be best for bloodstains, if you believe what they say on Loose Women!

WestWickhamEm Tue 07-Jun-16 13:01:18

Thanks for the below advice mumsnetters - I've just managed to get biggest nosebleed stains ever out of a variety of carpets throughout the house as my son made his way around dripping blood here and there. The trick that worked for me was the suggested solution of bio washing liquid in cold water. This was a day after half a can of Vanish carpet remover did not shift them last night. Great tip! Son is fine BTW :-)

EmNetta Sat 11-Jun-16 00:32:00

Glad you were successful, West. My ex-nurse friend recommended cold water with salt solution for cleaning fabrics, preferably left overnight, and I can also recommend using saliva from person who lost blood, although child with nosebleed is unlikely to feel like spitting on the stains........

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