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Please, Please Help !Metanium on the carpet

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toolly Wed 21-Nov-07 19:09:57

I have scrubbed using a carpet spot remover but it is so thick it is adhering on to the fibres. Anything else I can do? NB metanium is thick yellow nappy rash cream.

FAWKEOFFwiththetinsel Wed 21-Nov-07 19:11:01

oh no its a bastard to get off anything....sorry cant help

Maidamess Wed 21-Nov-07 19:12:20

Its quite waxy, isn't it? How about the old wax removing trick of kitchen roll over the spot, warm iron. It may melt the cream. It may also melt your carpet.


jangly Wed 21-Nov-07 19:21:53

Wonder if a bit of washing up liquid in water would dissolve the grease. Rinse it afterwards with plain water and blot well with towels.

toolly Wed 21-Nov-07 19:50:54

Yes I am thinking along the lines of heat to get melt it. Do you think very hot water would do it or will I completely ruin the carpet? It's not in an inconspicuous area.
I am so annoyed with myself

Chloe55 Wed 21-Nov-07 19:53:28

What about that stuff that you get to wash grease off your hands - swarfega or something? No idea if this would stain you carpet worse though.

Maidamess Wed 21-Nov-07 21:49:24

I wouldn't add water to the mix, its pretty water resistant as I recall. Swarfega would work, I'm sure. Then you will have a green stain rather than a yellow one grin

toolly Thu 22-Nov-07 09:26:12

Because it is a relatively new carpet I had some offcuts so experimented with the iron as looking at the ingredients on the tube liquid parafin features in various guises.
There was some limited success and I ironed the patch over some kitchen roll. At least the stain has lost its vivid yellow hue.I shall persevere with ironing the carpet when DD has her nap.
It's a neutral carpet so whilst it is noticeable it's not horrendous. I know now how my mother felt when I spilt purple ink on her green carpet in the seventies!

maidamess et al , thanks for coming to my rescue!

motherteresa1969 Fri 08-Apr-16 18:21:04

I have just had this problem and i found neat fairy liquid a dry flannel and a lot of elbow grease reduced the stain a lot

DangerDad Tue 24-Jan-17 08:44:41

I've just used lighter fluid; It seemed to work really well! grin

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