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Net Curtains - Please tell me they're not old fashioned!

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RGPargy Thu 01-Nov-07 08:59:58

Morning ladies!

We have recently moved into a house (well, July actually) and they have left behind their vertical blinds, which we have been using until we decorate room by room. However I do feel that they dont offer much privacy when open and would really like to stick some nets up - nothing with big flowers on or anything, but more of a modern subtle thing.

Are nets still ok to have or are they only for people over 60? wink


whomovedmychocolate Thu 01-Nov-07 09:00:38

Voiles are still okay I think.

Budabeastie Thu 01-Nov-07 09:01:15

Simpler the better. Voiles are good.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 01-Nov-07 09:02:55

Have had a think. Might be more stylish to hire a hooker to parade outside to draw people's eyes away from your windows than have anything with frou frou netting. grin

TheMadSparkleyHouse Thu 01-Nov-07 09:02:57

God - I hate nets, we had to have something up a the last house, as it was on a main road and everyone could see in.

In the end opted for plain muslins in a cream colour - still wernt that nice but it had hughes windows.

In this house we have put in old fashioned venision blinds, which are a bit better

chopchopbusybusy Thu 01-Nov-07 09:14:18

I think nets are old fashioned and not very nice - although I do have them in some rooms blush. Voiles are nets. It's just the word you use when you don't want to use the N word.

I'm gradually switching to wooden venetians which I prefer.

SueW Thu 01-Nov-07 09:38:57

We have nets/voile in our front windows as our windows are huge (3m wide by approx 1.5m) and everyone on the road can see straight in.

At the back we have wooden venetians -they block the sun quite well when it's v bright - but for the moment, the nets are a better solution for the front.

WorkingClassScum Thu 01-Nov-07 10:06:47

I think they're old fashioned, but that's why I like them! I'd love it if those old flowery ones would suit our house but it's too modern.

EffiePerine Thu 01-Nov-07 10:09:24

They do cut out a lot of light, which is why I don't like them. Just stick a scary looking doll in the window to put off the nosy passers by

manchita Thu 01-Nov-07 10:39:16

They are old fashioned. remind me of people with cleaning disorders until you have a lovely delicate lace...sigh

ChippyMinCEDtonGUE Thu 01-Nov-07 10:49:57

I'd happily go without but DH insisted as we are quite close to the road at the front. I found some with a delicate sprigged pattern which aren't too bad. They look more like cotton lace than shiny polyester granny curtains. I'd say avoid anything with scalloped bottoms, or a patterned border, or big flowers, or colours...

southeastastra Thu 01-Nov-07 10:51:33

we have some really plain ones, don't want everyone seeing our stuff and making off with it

rantinghousewife Thu 01-Nov-07 10:52:17

All this talk of nets being old fashioned and passe', really makes me want to buy some to hang at my windows.grin
I'm obviously wilfully perverse.

themildmanneredaxemurderer Thu 01-Nov-07 10:57:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

manchita Thu 01-Nov-07 11:32:39

we believe you

rantinghousewife Thu 01-Nov-07 11:33:54

Am I the only one now rather fond of mmam because she has nets?!!

southeastastra Thu 01-Nov-07 11:35:15

one thing though, they're a pita to wash and iron!

themildmanneredaxemurderer Thu 01-Nov-07 11:36:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iota Thu 01-Nov-07 11:39:59

I have very plain nets on teh front bedroom windows.

I am very old though

NineUnlikelyTales Thu 01-Nov-07 11:41:19

All this ire for nets and nothing about the vertical blindsshock Why oh why do people insist on importing the 1980s office look for their homes?

RGPargy nets are old fashioned but what the hell, if they do the job and you don't mind them, who cares? I am about to put up a voile in our dining room because I don't care to have strangers watch me eat (or see the state of the room, ahem).

southeastastra Thu 01-Nov-07 11:42:18

ha i have to iron my ones

EricL Thu 01-Nov-07 11:42:38

Net curtains are vile. Only old people have them in our estate.

I have bamboo blinds in the bathrooms for privacy but no nets.


themildmanneredaxemurderer Thu 01-Nov-07 11:42:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lilymaid Thu 01-Nov-07 11:43:02

There are some lovely voiles (and here I'm referring to cotton nets rather than nylon) in John Lewis, but they do cost considerably more than the not so nice nylon net curtains.

themildmanneredaxemurderer Thu 01-Nov-07 11:43:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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