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Washing machine making awful banging noise when its spinning. Is it about to die on me?

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tortoise Tue 30-Oct-07 20:06:25

It bangs and clonks and shakes on spin. Awful noise! Is it the end of my machine? I really can't afford for it to die this time of year. sad

SenoraGruesomeCatastrophe Tue 30-Oct-07 20:08:37

it could just be that it needs levelling properly- you know, setting the little feet so that it sits dead level on the floor. it makes a huge difference. I suppose the banging could mean one of the little feet has fallen off though.

EmsMum Tue 30-Oct-07 20:09:51

Afraid so. Ours did that - the bearings had gone. Sorry.

The death of ours coincided with DD's stopping-bedwetting treatment which of course involved ditching PJ pants and having loads of bedding to wash. They never go at a convenient time.

tortoise Tue 30-Oct-07 20:12:49

SenoraGruesomeCatastrophe Its a much worse noise than that.

Emsmum Thats what i was worried about. sad Is it even worth paying anyone to look at it?

SenoraGruesomeCatastrophe Tue 30-Oct-07 20:14:38

right, yes, bearings.

depends on the make. have you googled fix bearings and the make of the machine?

tortoise Tue 30-Oct-07 20:20:16

I looked on one but it had more than one type of bearing and they are cheap. I thought bearing were expensive. Also i can't buy online. No card to pay with!

SenoraGruesomeCatastrophe Tue 30-Oct-07 20:21:55

I just meant that the availability and price should give you an idea of what a washing machine repair person might charge. if they are available separately then it probably is worth getting fixed, but don't use it in the meantime.

southeastastra Tue 30-Oct-07 20:24:01

i've always got mine fixed when the bearings went. it wasn't that expensive (iirc!)

ParanoidPetra Tue 30-Oct-07 20:24:54

sounds like i had a similar problem to you it went mental on the fast spin cycle.Thankfully it wasnt broken just over loaded(ooppss)and the wet washing had got unbalanced in the drum which made it bang like mad.It even moved across the floor!Have you tried another (smaller)load in case that the problem with yours?

tortoise Tue 30-Oct-07 20:25:30

I will ask in local electrical shop in the morning.
Thanks for dvice. smile

Psychobabble Tue 30-Oct-07 20:30:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoise Tue 30-Oct-07 20:40:01

Lol Psychobabble! grin

popsycal Tue 30-Oct-07 20:55:41

drum you tend to overload it?

popsycal Tue 30-Oct-07 20:56:48

psycho - at least it wasn;t washable sanitary wear

tatt Tue 30-Oct-07 21:06:33

if its fitted under a work surface it may have come off its plinth. They do make a terrible racket if they are lopsided.

Also check ths out

nannyL Wed 31-Oct-07 09:48:07

It may be that it is unbalanced... does it only happen for for eg you just have a few towels there...

IE heavy things but the drum isnt full? that can cause it to bang

tortoise Wed 31-Oct-07 14:09:44

I probably do overload it sometimes.
NannyL It only does it on spin. Last time was on a normal size load.

Asked in local electrical shop and was told £95 to fix it if its the model he is thinking of. If not it could be more like £150!!

No way i can find £95 this time of year. i need that for kids christmas pressies.

Tatt i will look at that link now. Thanks.

ludaghoul Thu 01-Nov-07 07:59:04 might not be the bearings...we bought our washing machine last year..only had it a while and it did just the same as you discribe. It banged and shook something awful when it spun. All it was, was as it was spinning it had loosened a bolt on a bracket which holds the drum central. Inside the washing machine...just under the drum is a huge slab of concrete...which acts as a weight. The bracket had come loose and the huge slab of concrete was literally swinging against the drum. DH opened the back of...tightened the bolt...and it has been fine ever since.

ludaghoul Thu 01-Nov-07 08:00:32 could also be an underwire....our old washing machine had a strange knocking noise...which turned out to be an underwire from my bra blush

lailasmum Thu 01-Nov-07 08:14:26

ours did this and it was the bearings, that only cost £40 to get fixed-so much cheaper than your quote. It can also be a bit noisy if you put in an uneven load, like a really heavy jumper amongst a load of small light things.

jalopy Thu 01-Nov-07 20:27:38

One of the brackets that holds the drum might have broken.

tortoise Thu 01-Nov-07 21:02:08

By the sounds of it i need someone to look at it and find out whats wrong with it lol.
Bet that won't be cheap either!

Thanks for

nickToD Thu 01-Nov-07 21:16:01

My washing machine did the exact same thing 3 weeks ago. Drum bearing went. Very reliable washing machine man told me £90 for the part (I looked it up on line and he was spot on) and £50 for labour (he did not charge me to come out either.) New washing machine (Bosch) cost me £270 including delivery (Co-op electricals would highly recommend them £70 cheaper than anywhere else and delivered when they said they would)

tortoise Sun 04-Nov-07 13:00:52

Well, i now know what the problem was!
There is(was) a counter balance brick on the bottom of the drum. It has totally snapped off.shock Have been assured it will be ok without it but to use lighter/smaller loads.

edam Sun 04-Nov-07 13:02:16

Something similar happened to ours - think whatever it was that holds the breeze block in place had snapped. We got it fixed and it is a. fine and b. much quieter.

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