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FLYing - baby steps - day 10 - Fri

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CindersNeedsHelp Fri 05-Oct-07 07:53:18

Morning ladies.

Today's reminders
Today's babystep (Which is to add 15 minutes decluttering and 15 minutes to ourselves to our routines.)

CindersNeedsHelp Fri 05-Oct-07 08:09:49

This list seems a long one today for some reason. Feel really daunted by it actually. Might be because it’s gone 8am and I’m still in PJs for the first time in ages! sad

Morning Routine
Get dressed
Check control journal
Read today's reminders
Turn negative voices into nice ones
Bathroom swish and swipe
Eat breakfast and clear up
2 minute hot spot
5 minute room rescue
15 minutes decluttering
15 minutes to myself

Evening routine
Shine sink
2 minute Hot Spot
Pick out tomorrow’s clothes

SuperMonkey Fri 05-Oct-07 08:56:03

Morning all.

Now I'm going to show off because DS slept through again grin. So we're all full of beans and raring to go:

Get clean, dressed and make up on Done
Give DS breakfast Done
Put washing machine on Done
Empty dishwasher Done
Get my own breakfast Done
Clear away breakfast stuff Done
2 minute hotspot (stairs) Done
Hang out washing
5 minute room rescue (lounge) Done
15 minute decluttering
15 minutes to myself (too much of this probably got me where I am in the first place!)
What's for tea? Done (chicken risotto)

Cook tea
Load dishwasher

Put dishwasher on
Rubbish out
Shine sink grin
Put all dirty washing in basket
Put clothes out for tomorrow

flowerybeanbag Fri 05-Oct-07 09:20:34

Monkey now that is showing off! DS was awake at (are you ready for this...?)


Have done nothing yet this morning except put washing on and get dressed, so will sort myself out and come back in a bit with my list, hopefully with some of it checked off.

Cinders sorry you're having a rough time - just saw your post from last night.

SuperMonkey Fri 05-Oct-07 09:34:28

I'm sorry blush.

flowerybeanbag Fri 05-Oct-07 10:00:52


s'alright, we'll live!

flowerybeanbag Fri 05-Oct-07 10:17:42

Sink shiny - done
Dishwasher emptied - done
Check control journal - done
Read reminders - done
Dressed to shoes - done
Washing on - done
Kitchen worksurfaces cleaned - done
Hotspot - done
5 minutes room rescue in utility room - done

Still need to do 15 minutes decluttering, with rubbish, and 15 minutes to myself, both of which I'm hoping to do when DS is having his nap later.

Bienchen Fri 05-Oct-07 10:31:10

Cinders - so sorry to hear about the row! So much harder to motivate yourself when things are not going well at home...

SM - well done. Good on DS to sleep through. Baby slept though too but DP was coughing all night and retching with it. He brought up a tiny bit of blood as well, so needs to get an appointment after work. Don't need more worries.

Didn't play badminton either, no stamina due to this cough that is afflicting adults in household. But spent half an hour searching for a job.

OK, routine, here goes
Get dressed and make up - done
Read reminders, will achieve movement today as walking to post office to collect parcel. Also drinking water - done
Empty washing machine - done
Get my own breakfast - done
Feed & change baby - done
Clear away breakfast stuff - done
Walk dog - done
Hang up washing - done
2 minute hotspot (my pile next to stereo which is nearly gone now!!!) - done
Phone calls (order diary inserts) - XXX
5 minute room rescue (shoes in hall)- XXX
SureStart at lunchtime - XXX
Plan dinner - done (mushroom risotto)

15 min declutter
15 min free time
Bring washing in
Fold and put away where possible
Cook tea
Write shopping list for small w/end shop
Load dishwasher
Load washing machine
check calendar for tomorrow

Put dishwasher on
Rubbish out
Shine sink
2 mins hotspot (bedroom)
Put clothes out for tomorrow for myself and baby

daisyandbabybootoo Fri 05-Oct-07 10:55:12

Morning....I'm with you on the tiredness flowery. DD woke up at 4:30am...had a feed then wouldn't go back to sleep. she was playing in her cot and gurgling and kept turning herself around and getting her legs stuck in the bars. After an hour of getting up to her every 10 mins I lost it, shouted, gave her a fright and she started crying blush so feeling a bit shitty about that. then DS woke up and started playing with his toys in a noisy fashion....<sigh>

DD has now been spark out since we left for the school run, and I have got lots done but feel like crawling back to bed now.


dressed to shoes - done
reminders read - done
control journal updated - done
negative voices into positives.....trying
2 min hotspot - done
5 minute room rescue - done

15 minute do this afternoon.

sink still shiny and a load of nappies just finishing in the machine. will get them hung out and dried today.

I'm really pleased that things are starting to come together and that my house isn't nearly as chaotic as it was. Just doing the little things has kept me motivated, and I've been gradually improving upon what was my previous (very) lax routine. And it does all revolve around the shiny sink. I feel like I'm letting myself down now if I don't keep it pristene.

Cinders...I hope things are better with you and your DH this morning smile

oops, babyboo awake after her 2.5 hour nap (lucky lucky her)....I'll tr to check in later!

daisyandbabybootoo Fri 05-Oct-07 10:57:38

bienchen, sorry about your DP and I hope he's OK....if he's been retching he may have burst a blood vessel or something rather than anything more serious.

spiderbabymum Fri 05-Oct-07 12:27:31

No offence meant ....And i really dont want to take the shine off your sink .
( In fact i am thinking of joining you guys )
Isnt all this fly baby stuff just a recipie for how to become neurotic about house work .

What happens at the end of the 30 days ?

Are any of you worried that you will become hooked /addicted to cleaning ....and will never feel at ease in your home again if everything is not in its place.???

Surely that is one of the dangers of being a SAHM.

The strange thing is i find the flying stuff strangely attractive....but shouldnt we all be getting out more . I am almost afraid to start doing the baby steps routine .........

Thanks for listening

purpleturtle Fri 05-Oct-07 12:38:28

I am never going to become neurotic about cleaning. grin

Fly helps me keep going, doing little bits here and there, so that gradually most things are covered.

If you get through all 30 Babysteps, you have a pretty good routine going - I usually use the 15 mins decluttering to do the daily mission - and then you're free to go out and enjoy life, knowing that your house shouldn't be a dump when you return!

Does that help spiderbabymum?

spiderbabymum Fri 05-Oct-07 13:04:38

YES purple turtle It DOES help.
Strangely i am beginning to understand things a bit more ....

My partner works away from home at present . I am a first time mum . LO is only 5 months ( and was 5 weeks early) . I am home alone a lot ..... Essentially I feel like a single mother .
Thats why I am worried I may get too focused on the housework .( i am also a bit obsessive).

(Now I know what you are all gonna say ....get out more , meet other mums.........RA Ra Ra . Heard it all before . No need to repeat it here thanks .)

I AM Gonna give this tidying thing a go . Fed up looking at PILES of Paperwork and junk . Finances are a bit of a mess also . But just feel I CANT tackle the complicated stuff( Money , Tax ) unless i get the straightforward daily stuff right . And look forward to sitting down in the evening with a cuppa when baby asleep ...In a tidy Room .

all the best to you all

flowerybeanbag Fri 05-Oct-07 15:39:25

spider I am finding this very useful, not becoming obsessed at all, and sticking to
baby steps rather than trying to do it all at once is also a good idea.

Feel free to join us if you would like

Have now done my 15 minutes of bin emptying etc
Ironed sheets from yesterday
Folded and put away this morning's washing.

Hope everyone's having a good day

SuperMonkey Fri 05-Oct-07 15:58:59

Spider - I'm feeling far more relaxed about cleaning than I used to, I used to waste time stressing about how much I had to get done, now I don't worry about it because I know it will all get done in due course. It's given me some faith back that I am capable of keeping the house in some kind of order.

Feel free to join us, it won't take much to catch up, the first week was very much about getting in the right frame of mind.

purpleturtle Fri 05-Oct-07 16:05:43

Spiderbabymum - if you're home a lot, and it's a bit messy, it does your head in doesn't it? I find that a tidier house gives me more headspace.

By focusing on little tasks, one at a time, I find I have more time to myself. Without it, I seem to try to find housework to fill however many hours I've got. Now that would be sad! grin

unknownrebelbang Fri 05-Oct-07 16:07:46

ROFL at the thought of becoming neurotic about housework. That just aint gonna happen in the rebel household, lol.

And some of us work.

Come and join know you want to, lol.

spiderbabymum Fri 05-Oct-07 17:00:45

Ok you nutters ...Im in !

I already did the first few days very earnestly a couple of weeks ago prior to a Vacation .( now that were all speaking American ).

SO ...I have caught up on the extra days today . You should have seen me go .

A bit knackeered now and No i dont know whats for Flippin dinner .

However Im opting out of sticking reminders in the bathroom and kitchen . Too cringy .

Regarding your replies ...Full of warm-fuzzies whilst reading them .( I think im just gonna get addicted to mumsnet instead ). Thanks for the welcome !

SuperMonkey Fri 05-Oct-07 17:09:14

I don't have post-its either, would be the cause of much ridicule in this house! I just keep reminders on Outlook instead.

unknownrebelbang Fri 05-Oct-07 18:15:52

Ok........not done much at all yet, but my plan is:

Exercise bike and ready (no shoes, lol)
Reminders, routine and journal, etc
Deleted emails (day 12)

shiny sink - DH can do that tonight, but I will have sorted loads of washing out, seems to be everywhere, lol.

Hot spot - bedside table.

Five min room rescue - quick flirt around the bedroom.

15 mins - self-indulgently sorting out my handbags etc. May stretch to sorting a bit of stuff ready for half-term hols.

My personal 15 mins will be stretched to 3 hours lazing, watching x factor and ugly betty...after I've done the babysteps.

beautifuldays Fri 05-Oct-07 18:27:44

hello everyone, welcome spiderbabymum (did you really call your kid spiderbaby?) wink

anyway, not done much FLYing today, dressed to shoes, shiny sink and put the washing on, is about all i've done, so lots to do when the kids go to bed.

had a busy morning taking dc's to soft play and then they were all tired and grumpy and vile all afternoon so haven't managed to get anything done. ah well, weekend tommorrow

<<<<ponders, do we have to dress to shoes at the weekend?hmm>>>>>>>>>

SuperMonkey Fri 05-Oct-07 18:31:34

Can I make a suggestion?

Days 11 and 12 look pretty straightforward (thinking inspirational thoughts and deleting emails) - would it perturb anyone if we did these over the weekend and kicked off with day 13 on Monday?

flowerybeanbag Fri 05-Oct-07 18:38:00

ooh, steady on Monkey, that's a bit radical winkgrin

I will put my hand up and say I can manage inspirational thoughts and deleting emails which I don't get anyway over the weekend, and I'm game to get cracking with Day 13 on Monday!

beautifuldays Fri 05-Oct-07 18:38:23

fine by me SM

unknownrebelbang Fri 05-Oct-07 18:47:10

sssssh, I'll be on Day 13 tomorrow anyway, lol.

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