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When are furniture sales?

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EBenes Thu 04-Oct-07 23:33:05

Hi there! Not sure if this is the right thread at all. We've finally got a bit of money to buy some furniture (have been using our respective tatty student furniture since getting married) but not that much. Still think it's worth getting as good as we can afford as my mum always tells me 'buy cheap and you buy twice'. Laura Ashley seems to have a sale on from today but there is nothing in it, practically. M&S had a bit in the sale too. But when do, eg, John Lewis and Habitat have sales? Do they all have them at the same time? Or are they scattered through the year?

While I'm here, does anyone happen to know what Habitat delivery policy sort of is? Do they charge lots? John Lewis is free for £100+ orders, which I think is amazing, but I don't really want any of their big chairs.

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