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^^^^^^^^^^Thursday FLY^^^^^^^^^^

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Simply Thu 04-Oct-07 08:32:02


Simply Thu 04-Oct-07 08:37:11

Hello to all. smile

I hope I've started the thread correctly. I've just taken a look at the mission and it's an easy one for me as we rarely use the front door. I will tidy up and dust the hallway, though. See you later!

BiancaCastafiore Thu 04-Oct-07 09:12:31

Morning simply Thanks for the thread.

I'm on track with my morning routine and am ready to move onto my Thursday list~
~Hoover and dust upstairs
~change bedding
~30minutes in kids rooms
~clean bathroom

I was feeling a bit glum this morning, but walked to school and back and it's such a beautiful Autumnal morning here in the Cotswolds that my mood has lifted greatly

We have a friend coming home with ds for lunch and a short play today. Then dd is performing in assembly later this afternoon so we'll be going along to watch that

gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 09:13:15

Morning Simply smile

I don't need to do today's mission either, but I DO have to do Monday and Tuesday's. So going to finish off my list from yesterday and do the missions. Really need to do the detailed clean too... is going to be a rush to fit it all in but not going anywhere today.

TheMadScaryHouse Thu 04-Oct-07 09:16:02

Morning all

I have a super busy day today, [plus I have a pile of ironing to do as I need to pack before we go away first thing Sat.
I have carmed down from the pen and sofa incident, BUT insuarance assesor came and ther is no way of removing it without spoiling the leather. SO it looks like a payout. Ideally I would like to keep the one we have and move it in to the conservatory (when we get it) grin

Morning Routine

Up and dressed - DONE
Make Beds - DONE
Empty Dishwasher - DONE
Breakfast - DONE
Wash Breakfast Pots - DONE
Hang Out washing/washing in dryer - DONE
Sort out lunchtime meal - DONE
Hoover and Mop Floors downstiars
Empty Bins
Hoover upstairs
Polish downstairs

Lunchtime Routine

Feed the boy
Tidy and wash lunchtime pots
Sweep dining room floor and clean table
Lunch for me
Sort Dinner for all

Evening Routine

Dinner for Boys
Load Dishwasher and clean Dining room
Bath Boys
Get their clothes out for tomorrow
Tidy Toys
Load washing machine
Start the dishwasher
Shine Sink
Get my clothes out for tomorrow
Read a book

I will try and catch up with all later

ludaghoul Thu 04-Oct-07 09:43:34

Morning smile

I'm just off out to Toddler group, then off to do a food shop...cupboards are bare again!

see you all in a bit xx

spookybatoscar Thu 04-Oct-07 10:02:11

Yay for the return of the Kitty wink

Hello All

Hi Spookybear I've applied for an Educational Teaching Assistant post at Ed's Primary School. I think I've done a good job but I doubt I'll even get an interview TBH. Ed goes full time in January and I really need to join the land of the economically active. Term time only would be great TBH. It's good practice getting into the habit of completing job apps really.

Oh, Ladies, never trust a DH who says 'I'll get up with [DC/s] You stay in bed' Cost the moment you lean over to tell them it's 7:30 is the moment they say 'Oh you don't mind sorting him out do you?' <<Grrrrh Emoticon>>

So my DONE list so far is

Wake DH
Get Up
Wake Ed
Draw curtains
Strip Ed's Bed
Down with laundry
Load and run WM
Empty DW
Put away
Clean Kitchen worktops
Shine Sink (how dare he leave such a mess? He only needed to reheat his dinner)
Make Ed's Breakfast
Upstairs, Wash me and Ed
S&S Loo
S&S Bathroom
Down again, Make DH and Ed's lunch boxes
Wave them off for school
Complete CRB form
Wrap bf's (lovely if I say so myself) birthday present
Make list of things to do
Take delivery of new laptop

*To Do*

Online banking
Organise stuff for dryer
Get showered
Get Dressed
Make Ed's Bed and tidy his room
Tidy his drawers
Make lunch
Hand in Job App
Go to Reading Friends
Collect Ed
Go home
Play with Ed
Make Ed's tea
General Tidying round.
Empty TD
Fold and put away

And I think that's enough for today. TTFN x

yaddayah Thu 04-Oct-07 10:06:56

Maaaawwwwwning !

Awaiting arrival of w/m repair man and delivery of my new dining room table (just hope it will fit through the door hmm

Have done my morning routine and now having coffee and sorting through some pta stuff

yay for cat return !

gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 10:51:19

Hello all you late arrivals grin

Well, dd1 is away at my sis's babysitting. dd2 has just left to spend the day with my other sister (I am sure they will learn loads educationally today lol) so am left with dd3 and dd4. dd3 on the computer, dd4 watching tv hmm Need to get her to do some reading in a sec... don't know how she managed to get the tv on without me noticing!

Downstairs and upstairs is tidied and kitchen has been cleaned. Dusting was done yesterday. Off to hoover, swish and swipe bathrooms, do some work wit the little ones, get all the washing finished and think about preparing diner.

Really need to do missions and detailed clean but will be struggling hmm

Simply Thu 04-Oct-07 10:52:28

I need to keep cracking on so I'll keep this short.

Hello to all.

BC Thanks for doing the link to the Weds thread. I forgot that bit!

Funky I've adapted your routines to suit me and have printed them off and put them in my control journal. Is that cheating as we're supposed to build it up gradually, aren't we? Ooops.

gibberish I'm sure I owe you an e-mail. Will write soon!

I've discovered a list of important school dates in ds' room so I'm going to spend a bit of time putting them on my calendar and sending them to dh's work for him to put them in his work calendar 'cos he's away so much he needs to know them well in advance to try to work around them. See you later!

gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 10:52:56

Good grief, my typing is crap on this laptop. Sorry for all the typos... bad grammer is due to my not having had breakfast yet! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! grin

gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 10:54:14

Don't worry Simply. I know you are one busy woman smile

SpookyBearistheSpookyBear Thu 04-Oct-07 11:26:55

Everything's become chaotic. The whole family is ill apart from me!

It may just be coincidence, but in case it's not can I recommend Vicks First Defence - you squirt it up your nose a few times a day if you think you're at risk of getting a cold, and so far at least it's working.

DH is off with man flu.

Morning routine

1. DD1's hair and my make-up
2. Breakfasts and clear away and drink water
3. Load and unload DW
4. Shine sink, wash up and sterilize bottles
5. Sweep kitchen/dining room and wipe surfaces
6. Start WM
7. Make beds
8. Empty litter tray
9. What we eating?
10. DD1 to nursery

Afternoon routine

11. Make lunch and clear up and drink water
12. Kelly's Mission and yesterday's and Tuesday's
13. 30 mins decluttering
14. 2 min hotspot *3
15. Errands: thank you cards; birthday present for nan; library book to pick up
16. DDs physio
17. 30 mins housework
18. Hang up wet washing/put away dry
19. DD1 from nursery

Evening routine

20. Tea for DDs
21. Bath DDs, read books and put them to bed
22. Swish and swipe
23. Tidy toys
24. Put out clothes for next day
25. Xmas list
26. Load DW/clear up/feed cat and drink water
27. Childminding form; child trust fund form; another form
28. Catch up on reading: 30 pages tonight i think.

BiancaCastafiore Thu 04-Oct-07 11:30:51

Bear hope everyone gets well soon

I've been doing OK~
~Hoover and dust upstairs done
~change bedding in washing machine/tumble drier/on line
~30minutes in kids rooms done 10
~clean bathroom done

Have to go and collect ds and his friend now. Probably won't get back on till much later, have a good day everyone x

gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 11:50:14

Bear OH NOOOOOOO! Not the dreaded MAN FLU!!!

You poor thing - you are in for much suffering. dh had this last week but has made a miraculous recovery... and here was me thinking I would need to start planning the funeral hmm

Right, I would like a BIG round of applause please. I have finally....


grin The house is looking lovely again. I can feel my stress levels reducing as I can once again see the carpet.

Just got two loads of washing to do, clean the kitchen floor, swish and swipe the two bathrooms and put all the clothes away. Have tidied a bit outside the front door so have almost done a mission for this week hmm

Jas Thu 04-Oct-07 12:41:51

Morning(afternoon) all. Thanks for the thread, Simply I would've read your post last night, too. Plus I always read the end of the thread before I start thethe new one, too.

Loved your post last nightSMSsmile

Yay! forthe hoovering *gibberish.

I've done nothing. My morning routine failed me today. There is washing up inthe sink (at least it is todays not yesterdays though, and I am currently eating breakfast.

My parents are on their way here, the toilet handle snapped of yesterday, the hardware shop is shut, ds is asleep so I don't want to drive yet so as soon as I've finished eating I'm going to get the house back under control, and go out as soon as he wakes up

SpookyBearistheSpookyBear Thu 04-Oct-07 12:58:51

Well done gibberish!!!! grin

Jas sympathies. I find it doesn't take much to put me off course.

I have finally finished my morning routine! shock.
DH has sat around all morning watching cash in the attic and coughing weakly.

yaddayah Thu 04-Oct-07 13:04:28

Afternoon all

W/M broken angry needs a new part from Italy .. great (especially due to postal strike just starting) ARghhhhhhh

Still table has arrived .. sigh its gorgeous.. keep stroking it .. dd has been warned not to go anywhere near it .. have hidden all the crayons.. have just worked out, table was made when Oliver Cromwell was in charge shock

gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 13:08:59

Thanks Bear grin I may actually get around to swishing and swiping, you never know shock

yadda Oooh the table sounds fab! And almost as old as me! grin

Okay lunch done, so can't justify sitting on here much longer... off to do a bit more. Hmm, sun is out, wonder if I should risk hanging some clothes out...

What an exciting life I lead!

BTW, does anyone know how you highlight text to copy and paste on a laptop?

yaddayah Thu 04-Oct-07 13:18:55

Has bear ever been beer ? Because I distinctly remember apologising to her for calling her beer and thinking I must be a raging alcoholic....

grin at the elderly gibbber you don't look a day over 349 me dear...

Gawn .. I'll s/s too...

gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 13:34:25

lol yadda you know how to make a girl feel good grin

Washed the kitchen floor. Off to swish and swipe - come on yadda I'll beat you to it!

yaddayah Thu 04-Oct-07 14:03:06

hoovered and s/s .. ner ner ner ner ner grin

gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 14:03:27

Done! Off to hang another load out (has turned into a beautiful day) and wash the mirrors and windows.

gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 14:03:45


gibberish Thu 04-Oct-07 14:05:02

grin Enjoy your small victory yadda... but I'll win in the end!

<bad loser emoticon> wink

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