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What to do with unwanted but good toys?

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satine Wed 03-Oct-07 12:02:45

My very lucky children have far too many toys, and I'm keen that they should donate some to a good home. Local charity shops etc seem to be overflowing and I'd ideally like to give something to children who have very little. Has anyone got any ideas?

NotAnOtter Wed 03-Oct-07 12:03:21


Mercy Wed 03-Oct-07 12:04:59

I sometimes give toys to our local Parent & Toddler , playgroup and nursery school.

addle Wed 03-Oct-07 12:06:31

why not try to give to your local women's aid/women's refuges. children must turn up there with nothing?

northstar Wed 03-Oct-07 12:06:31

Womens Refuge?

northstar Wed 03-Oct-07 12:07:02

Great minds addle....

satine Wed 03-Oct-07 12:13:22

I had thought of Freecycle (we already use it quite a lot) and we have donated things to a children's hospice but I wondered about sending things abroad. I've found a website for a Surrey based scheme called Containers4Africa, but you never quite know if these things are legit. A refuge is a great idea, I'll look into that.
Thanks, ladies!

MerlinsBeard Wed 03-Oct-07 12:15:18

charity shops, toddler groups/playgroups, womens refuge, DRs surgeries sometimes have boxes of crappy broken toys which look like they are covered in germs so a box of clean good condition ones may be welcomed, save them up in case there is MN xmas appeal again?

MerlinsBeard Wed 03-Oct-07 12:15:43

theres the shoebox appeals as well,do toys go in there?

glitterchick Wed 03-Oct-07 13:36:27

My friend brings hers to local childrens hosp

spiderbabymum Fri 05-Oct-07 15:01:26

theres a toy library in the town where i live ,. free . ithink its a genius idea.

Fizzylemonade Sat 06-Oct-07 18:14:38

Womens Aid who support women who have left abusive relationships. They are coming tomorrow to me to collect not only toys but highchair, bedside cabinets etc Feel it is a worth while cause, plus they bring a van to you.

GreatHauntieWurly Sat 06-Oct-07 18:15:35

what about holding on to them for the MN christmas appeal??

littlelapintofbloodmwahaha Sat 06-Oct-07 18:16:04

Ooh Wurly beat me to it

GreatHauntieWurly Sat 06-Oct-07 18:16:34


Anasta7553 Wed 05-Nov-14 16:14:26

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

LuckyLopez Wed 05-Nov-14 16:20:54

You have to pay to advertise here hmm

pudseypie Wed 05-Nov-14 21:26:03

Give the plastic or wooden ones that can be cleaned down easily to the children's ward at your local hospital. My ds spends a lot of time in a couple of hospitals and both of them are always grateful for good quality toys. Just for infection control they need to be cleanable with wipes, so no soft toys etc.

kansasmum Fri 07-Nov-14 20:22:43

Local toddler group are often grateful for toys- I know I am when people donate to mine!

poorbuthappy Fri 07-Nov-14 20:32:36

Yes yes to women's refuge.
Esp at this time of year.

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