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Jas Tue 02-Oct-07 07:17:38


How did I miss the whole book club this month?

I'll go and get the chosen book out of the library this weekgrin

RubyRioja Tue 02-Oct-07 07:20:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jas Tue 02-Oct-07 07:22:58

grin Morning Ruby.
I love cheap toddler groups (mine are both 50pgrin)

I'll be cooking and cleaning (for someone else, so I get paidgrin) this mornin, thn a bi more FLYing and some wallpaper stripping this afternoon.

ludaloo Tue 02-Oct-07 07:52:24

Morning Ladies smile

Ruby your toddler group sounds brilliant! Staining wooden boxes!!! Cool!
We pay £1 per family at ours, but we don't usually do very much creative stuff.

RubyRioja Tue 02-Oct-07 07:53:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ludaghoul Tue 02-Oct-07 07:57:01


FunkyGlassSlipper Tue 02-Oct-07 08:45:49

Morning Guys.

A bit behind today but 1/2 way through morning routine. Need to get rest done before I go out in an hour. And I'm not dressed yet blush

TheMadHouse Tue 02-Oct-07 08:47:09

Morning All

Well I am still feeling under the weather, but must soldier on grin

We are off to our cheap toddler group this morning too, it is not as if we are in bloody Surrey or anything gringrin

Morning routine all done

BiancaCastafiore Tue 02-Oct-07 09:12:32

Good morning everyone

I'm still not well but, like TheMadHouse, will be soildering on grin

I've done most of my morning routine and will also be doing my Tuesday routine which is~
~hoover and dust downstairs
~mop floors downstairs
~recycle old magazines
~clean mirrors and doors

Better go and get started

ludaghoul Tue 02-Oct-07 09:57:54

bianca hope you start to feel better soon xx

I have actually spent most of the morning on Facebook! One of my old school friends has found some photos of when we were all at school.
I HAD A PERM!! shock I forgot all about it! (I was a huge Kylie fan...and had a I could be like her!) I look sooo funny!

I don't have bags under my eys, and I'm thin!!! <<SOB,SOB>>>

yaddayah Tue 02-Oct-07 10:14:58

Morning all

Washing machine broken... tried to see if hose was broken and semi flooded the kitchen as didn't realise tap was always on and couldn't turn the water off


Cue manic phonecall to dh (who naturally was in a v important meeting) with me sobbing down the phone, dc's bawling- yelling wheres the stop cock


ludaghoul Tue 02-Oct-07 10:28:39

oooohhhhh yadd is it ok now?
I could picture the manic-ness!!

I once phoned DH in a panick, while he was in a meeting.... because a ruddy great pigeon had flown in the back door and into the bathroom (which was downstairs in our old house) and at the the time we had 3 cats...2 of which had the poor thing trapped. I couldn't get the cats out and the pigeon was flapping about like a maniac!
In hind sight...phoning dh wasn't the best plan in the world, as he was about 20 miles away, and god only knows what I expected him to do! He was not impressed to be called out to speak to a frantic, squealing, hysterical wife!! blush

ludaghoul Tue 02-Oct-07 10:37:08

......hmmm.....breadmaker has been on all morning...smells delicious...going to eat some nice warm bread now smile

...I'm bored today....hmm

BiancaCastafiore Tue 02-Oct-07 11:29:02

Oh nooo yadda, hope you managed to locate the stop-cock!
I used to be so much better at managing house stuff before I married a practical man who does all the housey things for me - I'm pathetic now and call on dh to do things I'd have merrily done myself in the past!

Luda lol at being bored! Don't you have a hotspot to clear somewhere?! grin

I've been getting on well this morning
~hoover and dust downstairs done
~mop floors downstairs done
~recycle old magazines
~clean mirrors and doors done
~errands have letters ready for posting
~mission have done one hotspot

Have to collect ds soon, then the afternoon routine begins!

Jas Tue 02-Oct-07 12:12:21

Oh,dear, yaddayah I hope you have sorted it all out now, and the washing machine is fixable.

I'm bored today too luda. I'v cooked a load of lasagne ad spag bol for the freezer so I need to go and clean the kitche, then when ds is asleep I will strip some wallpaper. I'm really not mtivated to do much today.
I tried facebook, but don't really bother wih it. I'm too old I think. No one From my age at my school is evn registered, andthe only job I would like to trace isn't listed. I think the hospital is closed down now.

I like the exta jobs for each day plans. Could anyone who has one please post it for me to copy look Mine is way too basic. Today is mop kitchen and that is it. I need to add to it .

Back in a bit.

RubyRioja Tue 02-Oct-07 12:43:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BiancaCastafiore Tue 02-Oct-07 12:59:17

grin Jas I have my weekly jobs laid out like this ~

write meal plan
clean fridge
do weekly shop, unpack and put away
write letters/thanks you notes/birthday cards etc for the coming week
file bank statements/letters from school etc

dust and hoover downstairs
mop downstairs
clean cloakroom
recycle old magazines
clean mirrors and doors

Help at school
ironing/repair clothes
30minutes in room of my choice (utility at the moment)

dust and hoover upstairs
clean bathroom
change bedding
30minutes tidy up in bedrooms

catch on missions/zones
garden chores/water and feed house plants
return library books

Nothing at the weekends

It's pretty basic but it works so far

TeenyBearistheTeenyTinyBear Tue 02-Oct-07 13:06:12

The toddler music group thingummy I take the DDs to on Tuesdays costs .... £9. £6 for DD1 and £3 sibling rate for the little one.

Am I being ripped off then...

RubyRioja Tue 02-Oct-07 13:10:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spookybatoscar Tue 02-Oct-07 13:22:19

Afternoon All

Big ups to Bianca and Madhouse Get really well really soon

Yaddah sad what a bummer, hope it's getting sorted for you

Hope everything is steady for everone

Me well


Ed up
Ed washed
Down with laundry
Load and run WM
Empty DW
Put away
Make breakfast
Tidy away
Get dressed
Wave 'bye' to Ed
S&S loo
S&S bathroom
Take bottles to recycle bin
Exchange bf's wedding pressy
Collect my prescriptions and have them made up
Emergency shopping
Put shopping away
Collect Ed
Start making minestrone
Make lunch
Load DW
Up to office to complete job app [hmmn]

To do

Finish soup off
Take Ed to MIL
Start college course
Sort out stuff for morning


I'm procrastinating. I must crack on with this application form...byeeeeeeeee

FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead Tue 02-Oct-07 13:37:55

yadd - shucks! hope you dry out!

teeny shock £6 for a toddler group!!!

For Jas -


• Morning routine
1. Make bed
2. Swish & Swipe en suite bathroom
3. Put a wash load in
4. Empty dishwasher
5. Feed cat & fish
6. Check calendar
8. Clear away breakfast things
9. Think about what you want for dinner - take out meat if necessary.
10. 2 minute hotspot
11. 5 minute room rescue

• Afternoon routine
1. Clear away lunch things
2. Empty/reload dishwasher
3. Hang out/collect washing
4. Swish & swipe downstairs loo
5. 15 minutes
7. Kelly’s Mission

• Night time routine
1. Take clean clothes upstairs & put away
2. Swish & swipe children’s bathroom
3. Load dishwasher & put on
4. Wipe kitchen surfaces and shine sink
5. 2 minute hotspot
6. Brush teeth, hair and wash &#61514;
7. Get clothes out for tomorrow

• Monday - Home blessing
Vacuum upstairs & Dust
Purge magazines
Water Plants
Polish Mirrors
• Tuesday
• Wednesday
Zone clean
Clean fridge
Write Menu & shopping list
Thank you letters / celebration cards / bills
Empty all trash
• Thursday – Errand Day
Take library books back
Vacuum downstairs & Dust
Post letters
Wash towels
• Friday
Mop floors
Change Sheets
Clear out car
Clear out handbag
• Saturday - Nothing
• Sunday - Supermarket shop
Check calendars for week ahead

TheMadHouse Tue 02-Oct-07 13:39:26

Jadda I feel for you. Hope you managed to find the stop cock.

well what can I say. I ahave had the morning from hell. DS1 found the pen for the magic track car we have and proceeded to draw track all over the furniture, TV, Walls, leather suit, doors and walls whilst mummy nipped to the loo angryangryangryangryangryangry - So it was a very mad house this morning.

I have managed to get it off the floor, TV, and units with a spray called grafetti remover, but it is still on the suite, walls and doors. No where on the packaging does it say it is a permenant marker - oah, so I have rang the UK import company and am waiting for a call back.

Regarding the suite (which I love) I think I am going to have to resport to ringing the insurance company.

I am a seething mass of hormones at the moment.

ludaghoul Tue 02-Oct-07 13:51:49

Pah....went to pick up ds, and got roped in to write the minutes for a meeting hmm

Had an arguement with DH angry he's an arse angry

Came home and found we have run out of bin bags, but everyone was still merrily throwing rubbish in the (EMPTY) bin

Have gardening club after school

Bored and peed off now angry may go and do some good old ANGRY FLYing grin

ludaghoul Tue 02-Oct-07 13:53:15

Madhouse I'm a seething mass of hormones too! How very well put!!
(Dh is still an arse though)

yaddayah Tue 02-Oct-07 14:24:14

Stop cock for the w/m was a little blue one partially obscured by a pipe NOT the big copper one I was frantically turning blush

Thanks for the tea and sympathy grin

W/m repair man coming on Thursday, even though I can't afford it sad

Have mopped, and mopped, and mopped again.. luckily water was clean straight from the gushing tap so at least I can say I have a clean if soggy floor !

bianca and fgs very impressive lists !
madhouse shock and I thought I was having a bad morning ! Hope you find a magic cure !

Need to hoover the rug before school run so must dash.. (have a playdate this afternoon and the mum's coming over for the handover)

Have had a mad dash round ala crisis cleaning I really need to start following your lists !! blush

Have a good day all

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