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Kitchen ceiling - paint it white or same as walls?

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Toots Fri 28-Sep-07 14:49:49

Have this thing that the cool thing to do would be to paint ceiling, walls and woodwork all the same colour in new kitchen. Deffo will do woodwoork and walls the same but the ceiling????

Thinking of a stony, buffy, not very dark Farrow and Ball colour like Stony Ground. So - all over, or an off-white on ceiling to match ivory units? Ta!

Cashncarry Fri 28-Sep-07 14:50:58

Paint in the whitest shade you can - it reflects the light better and makes the room look bigger.

<disclaimer: I don't actually do DIY and therefore may be talking bolleux>

dalmatianbabe Fri 28-Sep-07 14:51:24

White, always white!

MamaG Fri 28-Sep-07 14:51:26

What c said

Beenleigh Fri 28-Sep-07 14:51:54

white ceilings, always, it really does make a difference to how light the room feels, and you never notice the difference

Mumzarello Fri 28-Sep-07 14:56:04

Definately 100% white

hanaflower Fri 28-Sep-07 14:57:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

snowleopard Fri 28-Sep-07 14:59:08

To completely go against everything everyone has said, I once visited a house with a dark midnight blue gloss kitchen ceiling with tiny stud lights set into it, like stars. It was fab and I've always wanted to do the same, but DP not into it - so ours is white but I can understand the wish to do something a bit different.

Toots Fri 28-Sep-07 15:41:49

My builder is telling me I will regret white because ceiling/wall line is a bit wonky - not his fault - and that I should only go white if I have coving. I don't want coving. Pretty sure I don't want midnight blue gloss either but it sounds....arresting. Is big kitchen/diner and quite a bit of light.

Ramble, ramble. Should be working, really.....

tissy Fri 28-Sep-07 15:46:23

go for white it will look fine.

If it doesn't then you haven't made an expensive mistake and you can cover up the white with another colour.

tissy Fri 28-Sep-07 15:47:19

anyway since when did builders become experts in interior design hmm?

Sounds like he just wants you to pay for coving, tbh

noddyholder Fri 28-Sep-07 15:55:34

I think if you have no coving painting it all one colour if a light buff tone would look good.If there are imperfection it will have a wonky join.

mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 28-Sep-07 15:58:46

Got to be white!

Toots Fri 28-Sep-07 16:09:37

Really don't think he's after the money. They've been here four weeks and haven't asked me for a penny yet. Weirdos.(The gaffer has just told me he's got 48 pairs of shoes!!!!!)

Feel like that Paulwhitehouse character in the pub who agrees with whoever has the last opinion.

Here's the coat in white and if it looks white but starting with an 's' then switch to plan B (which is sort of plan A if the pub bloke is sitting next to Noddy not Tissy, Cash, etc....)

KTeePee Fri 28-Sep-07 16:22:48

Depends on how bright the room is too... I tend to go for white ceilings but made an exception for the landing - no way could I have reached the ceiling/wall line to do a neat job.

You could always keep your walls white too of course!

BrownSuga Fri 28-Sep-07 16:24:03

you could paint it a shade or two lighter than the wall colour, that looks good.

Toots Sat 29-Sep-07 10:05:21

Yes, am thinking of going a bit lighter all over actually having done a little test area. The line between the ceiling and wall really isn't great. Colour on hold as just found out the floor I've coveted for months has been withdrawn for some reason.

glitterchick Mon 01-Oct-07 07:04:19

What colour is it at the moment?

Toots Mon 01-Oct-07 11:26:04

New plaster. But was F&B No 3 before Old White.

glitterchick Mon 01-Oct-07 21:13:57

You see....if it were me I would go with white because (a) I am boring (not saying that everyone who choses white ceiling is boring by the way - it is just my reason for picking white) and (b) if botched up the ceiling with a non white colour I would not be arsed re-painting it white. So if you are the risk taking kind then go for it. You can re-paint if you don't like. All in all it prob wouldn't be my cup of tea though. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

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