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Stairgates for victorian house

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Redmonkey Fri 28-Sep-07 09:13:16

My house has slightly wider than average stairs and a decorative newel post so can't find stairgates to fit. Any ideas please? DS about to tackle stairs any day now!!

fluffyanimal Fri 28-Sep-07 09:17:19

I don't know what a decorative newel post is, but we got extendable width stair gates from Mothercare because we have an open plan kitchen / dining room and wanted something to fit across the wide opening into the kitchen. These were fine. Also, I believe that BabyDan do a gadget which can be a room -divider or fire guard or closes into a circle to make a play pen - you might be able to adapt that some how.

Redmonkey Fri 28-Sep-07 09:19:52

Thanks for that.
The newel post is the post at the bottom (or top) of the stairs that the bannister attaches to. It doesn't have any flat surfaces to attach the gate to.

themildmanneredjanitor Fri 28-Sep-07 09:20:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tamdin Fri 28-Sep-07 09:20:57

would this work?

Tamdin Fri 28-Sep-07 09:21:52

ah x posted red. guess it wouldn't work as needs to screw into something

Tamdin Fri 28-Sep-07 09:27:15

does this one require a flat surface for the pressure to work properly i wonder?

fryalot Fri 28-Sep-07 09:29:39

We have ridiculously wide stairs and couldn't find a stairgate to fit.

It's not an ideal solution, but we fitted stairgates to the doorways instead, to keep the kids contained in the living room downstairs, and in their bedroom upstairs... that way they never got near the stairs unless they were with one of us.

As I say, it's not ideal, but if you can't fit a gate to the stairs, it may be worth thinking about.

mustsleep Fri 28-Sep-07 09:45:52

have you tried the kiddiguard one it's like a roller blind and is quite wide

we have one and once you've ot used to opening and closing it it's great like it's not even there whenit's open

mustsleep Fri 28-Sep-07 09:46:49

oh and it comes with rounded bits for if you need to fit it to that rounded post on the stairs

Piggy Fri 28-Sep-07 09:49:23

We had ours made specially - they look like the bannister and are really good. They are completely in keeping with the house. We have 2 toddlers so will end up having stairgates for a while and thought it was a worthwhile investment.

ledodgy Fri 28-Sep-07 09:50:37

we had the same problem and have this one

preggersagain Fri 28-Sep-07 11:55:11

you can get Y spindles for round bannisters

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