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************ Thursday FLY *************

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Jas Thu 27-Sep-07 06:39:18


Jas Thu 27-Sep-07 06:41:52

Good morning. smile

I really need to get my act together today. I have yet more errands to do this morning, and then toddler group, but I will do my morning routine properly before we go out, then I will be back this afternoon to look at missions and decluttering.

FunkyGlassSlipper Thu 27-Sep-07 07:57:23

Morning Guys

• Morning routine
1. Make bed
2. Swish & Swipe en suite bathroom
3. Put a wash load in
4. Empty dishwasher
5. Feed cat & fish
6. Check calendar
8. Clear away breakfast things
9. Think about what you want for dinner - take out meat if necessary.
10. 2 minute hotspot
11. 5 minute room rescue

I have done all of my routine except for the bathroom and the 2 and 5 minutes so I'll go and do that now.

Have a nice morning all of you. We're off out and have a friend over later.

harleyd Thu 27-Sep-07 07:59:24

hiya smile
i am tired this morning. where is beer, i copy her stuff lol

Jas Thu 27-Sep-07 08:01:04

Hello FGS

1 Make bed
2 Washing machine
3 Breakfast INCLUDING ME
4 Wash up/shine sink
5 Wipe table/high chair
6 Clear surfaces
7 Packed lunches
8 What's for tea?

I've added breakfast for me to my morning routine. It is the only one on there I haven't done yet. I will eat now, then the w/m will finish and I can hang it outside before school.

Jas Thu 27-Sep-07 08:01:54

xpost harley you'll have to copy one of us insteadgrin

ludaloo Thu 27-Sep-07 08:06:00

Morning Jas, Morning to All smile

I'm at toddler group this morning too...I'm getting through my morning routine quite well. I still couldn't find a full load of washing shock I bought a new brand of washing powder yesterday and REALLY wanted to wash something with it blush Yes sad isn't it! So I have found some towels to bulk the load out!
I shopped at Morrisons...instead of Lidls....BIG MISTAKE!!! There is waaaaay to much stuff to tempt me in there! are in and out and the choice is limited...Morrisons is huge compared...and I am a complete sucker for consumerism. (Plus I had ALL 3 KIDS with me)
We ended up with pretty much everything that had Spiderman on it...cereals and Frubes...for DS, then DD2 wanted Bob yoghurts...DD1 spied Spongebob crisp things.....Good Grief...I had forgotten the perils of shopping with the kids! I also spent a small fortune....(but it feels FANTASTIC!!! It is sooooo much nicer than comming away with things you've never even heard the name of, and pizza's that taste so bizarre you have actually become ammune to the weirdness! Lidls have weird pizza' weird hmm....and I bought Goodfella's at Morrisons and the whole family sat round the table and rejoiced!! grin)

shock blush LOL! sorry...that was a bit of a sycho weirdo rant!...thats what being confined to Lidls does to you! (You see its nice to get out once in a while)

BiancaCastafiore Thu 27-Sep-07 08:07:43

Good morning Jas and all who follow

I've done most of my morning routine already ~
~empty/reload dw
~pack lunches, fill water bottles
~feed cat
~everyone up and dressed
~sort washing, put 1st load in
~breakfast, teeth cleaned, shoes on
~make beds

The next step of morning routine needs doing~
~walk/cycle to school
~mission, I cleared out my underwear drawer before holiday and certainly don't have enough to be needing to do it again already!
~5 minute hotspot

And my Thursday routine~
~dust upstairs
~hoover upstairs
~strip beds
~30mins decluttering in room of my choice

I also need to call into work for a couple of hours this afternoon.

I managed to give the utility room a big clear-out yesterday and have doubled the floor space by simply putting things away!

Better go and get these children out to school.
Hope to get back later. Have a good day everyone

BiancaCastafiore Thu 27-Sep-07 08:09:04

shock took me soooo long to type out my list loads of you have appeared!

ludaloo Thu 27-Sep-07 08:09:47

blush...took so long going off on a mad tangent..I missed FGS and harley!

And Hi Bianca smile

ludaloo Thu 27-Sep-07 08:10:06

LOL! grin

BiancaCastafiore Thu 27-Sep-07 08:10:23


scattyspice Thu 27-Sep-07 08:11:00

Mornin all,
IKWYM about Lidl Ludaloo DH goes thee sometimes and the cupboards are full of uidentifiable tins and packets LOL.

I daren't do todays mission, I'd have no undies at all shock

BigBeeristheBigBeer Thu 27-Sep-07 08:13:38

Hello! And a special hello to HarleyD.
If you copy me though, do you have to start taking schoolage children to nursery and emptying litter trays for a non-existant cat? grin

1. Get me and girls washed and dressed incl. DD1's hair and my make-up
2. Breakfasts and clear away and drink water
3. Load and unload DW
4. Wash up and sterilize bottles, shine sink
5. Sweep kitchen/dining room and wipe surfaces
6. Start WM
7. Make beds and open curtains
8. Empty litter tray
9. What's for dinner?
10. Unpack groceries
11. DD1 to nursery
12. Take DD2 to look round another nursery

Afternoon routine

13. Make lunch and clear away
14. Tuesday's and yesterday's and today's missions
15. 15 mins decluttering
16. hotspot
17. Package up returns parcel and take to PO
18. DD2's physio
19. Change girls' sheets
20. Hang up wet washing/put away dry
21. Pick up DD1 and library

Evening routine

22. Tea for DDs
23. Bath DDs
24. Read stories to DD1
25. Swish and swipe
26. Tidy toys
27. Put out clothes for next day
28. Load DW/clear up/feed cat and drink water
29. Find an ethical CTF
30. another hotspot
31. watch Diary of a Call Girl on telly
32. Read my book for a bit

BigBeeristheBigBeer Thu 27-Sep-07 08:17:58

Also planning to make a heuristic play box thingummy for DD2 like this

TheMadHouse Thu 27-Sep-07 08:39:56

Good Morning ladies

Is there a bed in the Fly Hospital avalable for DH. He is not well, can not even swallow so is off to the doctors this morning - first time in 10 years and I thought it was just man flu hmm

Morning Routine

Up and dressed =- Done
S&S - Done
Make Beds - Done (Bar mine as DH in)
Empty Dishwasher - Done
Breakfast - Done
Wash Breakfast Pots
Hang Out washing/washing in dryer - Done
Sort out lunchtime meal - Done
Nursery - going in a mo
Hoover and Mop Floors downstiars
Empty Bins

Today s a busy day for me as I only have one mini mad, the other goes to Nursery, so I will try and look in again later.

Luda I shop at Aldi just like Lidli - he he he

TheMadHouse Thu 27-Sep-07 08:42:52

Beer My two loved trasure baskets and the younger one still does at 15 months old. They are brillant. His fav thing at the moment through is two wodden spoons and the pans. Loud, but lovley smile

harleyd Thu 27-Sep-07 09:21:31

yay beer is here, i had to start without you and i got confused grin
(i do a nursery run too, and i replace your cat with my rabbit!)

hello everybody else too & have a good day

i went into the babies thread and was envy

blossomsmine Thu 27-Sep-07 10:59:13

Morning all! Just slowly working my way through morning routine. Then off to work, first time since i have had this cold thing...don't know how i will get onsad
Then i am not gonna do much elsesmile
I quite like Lidl i find all the weird stuff quite exciting!!

BiancaCastafiore Thu 27-Sep-07 11:00:11

I have ~

~empty/reload dw done
~pack lunches, fill water bottles done
~feed cat done
~everyone up and dressed done
~sort washing, put 1st load in done
~breakfast, teeth cleaned, shoes on done
~make beds done
~walk/cycle to school done
~mission, I cleared out my underwear drawer before holiday and certainly don't have enough to be needing to do it again already!
~5 minute hotspot done
~errands none today

And my Thursday routine~
~dust upstairs done
~hoover upstairs done
~strip beds done
~s&s bathroom done
~remake beds
~30mins decluttering in room of my choice done in my bedroom

Afternoon routine~
~collect ds
~have lunch, clear away and s&s kitchen
~hang up wet washing done
~5 minute hotspot
~what's for dinner? Salmon and pasta
~collect dd
~snack, drink and chat about school
~wash lunch boxes
~make supper, clear up as I go
~clear away supper, wipe table, load dw
~bedtime stories, kids to bed
~put away dry washing

I also need to call into work for a couple of hours this afternoon.

ludaloo Thu 27-Sep-07 12:25:59

harleyd why envy at the babies thread? (which babies thread?)

Everyone is getting on well...

I have just got back from toddler group, and had some lunch. I've lit a nice fire was freezing when I got in.

I hate the winter months, but I do love a nice fire smile

Well...better get my skates on...a mum from the toddler group is comming for a cup of tea this need to tidy lunch things away and have a good hoover and pick up.

scattyspice Thu 27-Sep-07 12:30:09

Busy Bees!

Seem to be alot of colds about sad.

Am at work.
Managed to wash up, swish and swipe, and put sheets in Washer before school. smile.

After school / work need to take DS to haircut hmm.
Dry sheets
Another load washing
Ds reading book
K and B floors
Usual eve stuff.

Must phone my sis!!

yaddayah Thu 27-Sep-07 12:54:29

Afternoon all !

Have been out shopping with dd this morning

3 lots of dr who stuff for upcoming birthdays and managed to get ds a new winter coat for half price in Woolies smile

luda grin I get strangely overexcited by new packaging so I can understand you Morrisons/lidl cosmic overload

MIL coming over this afternoon [groan] so better get a move on!

Decluttered dd's underwear drawer and bought new wooly tights (pink and sparkly.. why can't I be 3 and wear stuff like that envy)

dones up to 12
1. Up and dressed
2. Breakfasts and clear away and drink water
3. Load and unload DW
4. packed lunch for ds
5. Sweep kitchen/dining room and wipe surfaces not done
6. Start WM
7. Make beds and open curtains
8. Feed cat
9. What's for dinner?
10. Unpack shopping
11. Entertain dd as not at nursery
12. dd's underwear decluttered

Afternoon routine to do

13. Make lunch and clear away
14. Mission
15. 15 mins decluttering
16. hotspot
17. Change dd's sheets
18. Hang up wet washing/put away dry
19. Pick up ds
20. MIL over.. smile politely
21. Evening routine

22. Tea for DDs
23. Bath DDs
24. ds read school book and practice key words
25. Swish and swipe
26. Tidy toys
27. Put out clothes for next day
28. Load DW/clear up/feed cat and drink water
29. Get rid of MIL
30. Dc's to bed
31. Breathe and watch mean girls on DVD (DH away so watching girly film with glass of wine)
32. Bed .. zzzzz

ludaloo Thu 27-Sep-07 13:16:41

grin I always shop at Lidls (we actually only have a Lidls, Somerfield and a Morrisons...used to have a quicksave but it has closed down) it keeps the cost of the weekly shop down (although I do sneak to Iceland which is just next door too) I hardly ever really go to a big supermarket these days, so when I do I can't resist the packaging grin
When I visit reletives in Coventry I always go to the Tesco Extra hypermarket thingy...and can literally spend a whole morning in there...I am like a kid in a sweet shop!! It really is just as well I don't have that much choice on a daily basis...we would be skint!
(It helps the bank balance when you live in the arse end of nowhere!)

SlightlyMadSweden Thu 27-Sep-07 13:28:18

I just came on and followed the link on my last FLY thread and then realised I missed a whole day blush as it was taking me to Weds....

Well, I need to dig out my routine from pre FLYhospital days....but I have to say that I have been procrastinating over doing my knicker draw for a few months....and yes I have nursing bras in there that should be chucked....I even have pre-DTD bras in there which are a size too small (well 1/2 a size depending on time of the month!!!)

My immediate job though - decluttering kitchen draw as that is what I have started as a result of switching things around....catch yo ulater.

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