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How often do you tackle the non-daily/weekly housework tasks?

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webchick Tue 25-Sep-07 23:20:44

such as:

cleaning fridge and clearing freezer
shampooing carpets
clean skirting boards
washing windows and blinds
washing cushion covers
polishing wooden furniture etc etc

I had a really busy weekend doing such tasks and although glad to be done am not looking forward to it anytime soon so I will prob put off until just before Christmas ;)

What is everyone else's routine for such random tasks?
And what else do you put in this category of irregular cleaning?

Katsma Tue 25-Sep-07 23:34:41

Fridge - once a week before doing a big shop, then you can chuck things that are out of date and see what you need to buy.

Freezer - About every 4 months.

All the other things on your list I just do as and when needed, no particular routine as such.

Other things I do once a month though
Descale kettle/kitchen tap/coffee machine.
Go through food cupboards checking dates and cleaning.
Extractor hood clean.
Oven clean.
Wax furniture (lots of wooden stuff).
Clean washing machine.

I like to look after my appliances, so that they look after me smile

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