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Flaming June 2020 Thread #2

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JigoloHarMegiddo Sat 27-Jun-20 12:29:14

Afternoon all! This is Fledglings June 2020 Thread #2 as we've run out of space with a few days to go.

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Studycast Sat 27-Jun-20 12:35:55

Thanks again Meggido just parking my bop and mucket wink

Lisette1940 Sat 27-Jun-20 12:52:31

Yarf at bop and mucket 🤣🤣🤣. Reminds me to do DIY on my mop which is falling to pieces.

Lisette1940 Sat 27-Jun-20 12:52:52

Ta muchly meggido

xmummy2princesx Sat 27-Jun-20 12:55:15

Thank you meg

THATscurryfungeBITCH Sat 27-Jun-20 13:47:42

<place marking if anyone remembers me>

LaneBoy Sat 27-Jun-20 13:56:27

<brings KFC to the naughty corner, plonks self down in huff>

<opens insulated bag revealing ample supplies of Ben and Jerry’s>

THATscurryfungeBITCH Sat 27-Jun-20 14:04:37

<slides over to lane>

LaneBoy Sat 27-Jun-20 14:17:56

<shares food around>

I am skirting ever closer to DidLMS 😳🤬

DD1 has apparently started work at school so can’t do it at home (she did do history in full at school though so that’s good), got in a grump when we suggested (yes I shouldn’t have got involved at all as I wasn’t meant to, I am a fool to myself) reading through the art work again in case she could do anything at home (the way the teacher presents it makes it quite hard to see what the actual task is, and she’s sometimes misunderstood), or maybe even try some maths to mean less needs doing next week. And then we are pure evil for not giving her an advance on her pocket money and suggesting that she really really thinks about her planned purchase (NOT banning her, and also not giving the advance doesn’t make a difference because it’s a preorder) as £60 is a fucking huge amount to spend on this particular thing and it would mean all her birthday money is gone... she’s totally fixated and moody, I actually had a stomach ache from the tension by the time she skulked off, and at that point had read about two paragraphs of my book between Cagletini’s wandering in and out of the bedroom, because she can climb over the stair gate in the living room now.

I have ordered myself food which is not something I’d normally do when others are here too but I had no lunch because of trying to deal with everyone else’s crap, and it is basically my own tiny way of saying FUCK YOU LOT.

This may explain my weight issues 🤣 but right now I do not care and am looking forward to shutting my door and putting on some comedy and ignoring everyone.

Lisette1940 Sat 27-Jun-20 14:23:00

Sorry to read all this Lane. Glad you ordered sustanence. I'm in awe of Cagletini. She will continue to be formidable as she grows. She's very much herself.

KTCluck Sat 27-Jun-20 14:42:37

Any of that Ben and Jerry’s left? <clutches spoon hopefully>

Minimal flying here. I normally do downstairs home bleurgh on a Saturday. I’ve tidied and done the dusting but I am currently ignoring the sticky/crumby floors. I did do a big shop at 7am though, and that’s all put away with the larder tidied and the fridge wiped out.

Re: travel plans, we were going to go abroad this summer but have decided just to forget it. DH has wanted a bar/pool table/man cave type thing in the garden for ages and he’s decided to just do it this summer instead (means I’ll get my decking in the garden too, although I’ll lose a chunk of lawn).

We were supposed to be clamping with family next weekend but as the campsite doesn’t open til the Saturday we’ve rebooked for next year. Possibly going to do something similar in September instead.

The only other potential event is our anniversary on a few weeks. We’ve had a table booked in a fancy restaurant in Newcastle for months and it looks like they’ll be reopening, so we may book a hotel too. Although undecided as a taxi home would be about the same price.

SC you sound like a lovely mum. Vent on here as often as you need.

Waves to That, Bower, Zoo, ED, Chic, Princes, Lisette, Awol, Foxes (my DD also does the shout-from-bed, your DS’s whimpers sound much cuter!) and apologies to those I’ve missed, I know I have.

JigoloHarMegiddo Sat 27-Jun-20 14:44:30

Oof, that sounds hard Lane. Sorry DD1 is being painful, good for you for fixing food for yourself and taking space and time.

👋 to Lisette, SC, That and 2Princes who have found the new thread safely.

I have not done anything useful today and feel all grump and out of sorts because of it. Not sure what to do now. I'm sure there's something to clean, somewhere!

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KTCluck Sat 27-Jun-20 14:53:03

Oh and thread leading, I dont mind taking a turn if we are ever leaderless once I’ve learned to do fancy links

LaneBoy Sat 27-Jun-20 15:09:29

Thanks. Onto my third consecutive episode of Better Things and haven’t spoken to anyone else in the house in a whole 45 minutes 😱

By the way the ice cream is the new Netflix and Chillld flavour. It’s yummy and on offer at Tesco. Had some last night and not sure I can wait till later for today’s helping 😅

ChicCroissant Sat 27-Jun-20 20:42:48

puts down plate of leftover birthday cake and waves to all fledglings

Evening, thanks for the new thread! Had all the weather here today, sun/rain/wind - glad the weather was lovely yesterday as we were outside for a socially distant celebration hence the cake (not our birthday).

Tidied our bedroom a bit today, it was the bedroom zone but I focused mainly on DD's still lots of work to be done and have vacuumed again today. With the lovely weather we have the doors open and the dust blows in, so vacuuming more frequently ATM. We had a stir-fry for teac and DD had a McD's which also means a coffee for me

I can always run a thread if needed, add my name to the list of potential posters.

Almost time for wine, better do some of the washing up so I can cook breakfast tomorrow grin

JigoloHarMegiddo Sat 27-Jun-20 21:20:01

Argh. Have reached end of tether. Have realised today that I cannot accept myself as fat as I am, and need to Eat Less Shit. Am drinking wine and trying to work out how to reduce bulk while still dealing with dietary issues. Am concluding repeated plates of ice cubes is the way to go.

When I was 21 (useless boyfriend, degree course I loved, no kids, fast metablism) I lost weight incredibly quickly because it was the only thing I had to focus on. At 46 (Dh, countless kids, endless things to worry about, metabolism shot, food allergies, no idea about menopause due to hysterectomy at 39) I can't shift anything because I eat (and drink) my feelings. Fear I need Flylady's patronising Body Clutter Worksheets For Fat Girls.

I'm going to bed. Probably with a chocolate orange.

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xmummy2princesx Sat 27-Jun-20 21:36:44

Evening all.Sry I haven’t done any personals i will catch up tmo.

xmummy2princesx Sat 27-Jun-20 21:54:06

I’ve had a bit of a wobbly day 2day. I got a fb message off the kids auntie callin me all the names under the sun and sayin I ent letting ex see his kids and stuff. Then found out that he’d actually been posting all that over fb!. I’m trying to keep out of it obvs I no the truth but it’s just annoying that he’s lying. The only things I’ve said is that I don’t want him 2 have them other than in my house cuz I no he isn’t obeying lockdown guidelines and also has lots of mates that do drugs and I don’t want them near the kids. But it’s just we have mutual friends that are thinking bad of me.

That’s my rant over!!. Not done much flying but I unpacked all the shopping and then decided to clean the cupboard out. I’ve cleaned the floors to cuz they’re sticky. Also if anyone has any activity ideas for me 2 do wiv the boys could u let me know. They’re 2 and nearly 6 months, we don’t have a car but will walk to parks and stuff. But just want some things to do inside cuz it’s meant to rain this week and there getting bored!.

Will catch up wiv every1 in the morning!. Nigh all!!.

ChicCroissant Sat 27-Jun-20 22:07:20

I am still on the sofa/laptop, no washing up and no wine yet, but will get some now Not being my future friend for tomorrow morning, but I will get over it.

Trying to think back to what my DD used to like at that age. Pretend baking, mixing sugar and flour very messy , painting, play doh modelling, treasure hunt round the house, a theme for the day (from a favourite film or tv show). At that age, DD would not watch a film so sitting still for a long period of time was not an option!

LaneBoy Sat 27-Jun-20 22:39:39

Oh prince I’m sorry that’s really rough about the bitchy message! 😰 activities - my 2yo looooves sensory play which I like because it’s very little effort for me 😂 well except the clean up, but the tuff tray (cement tray from building shop like wickes, under £20) contains a lot of it! Would need to be more careful with the baby though.

Just dried lentils or rice or even cereal that’s been languishing in the cupboard is good. It entertains her a surprisingly long time if I put a couple of pots, scoops etc in. I’ve not been brave enough to do wet stuff like shaving foam, at playgroup they’ve had angel delight too 😂 or we might do “soup” with water and flowers, leaves etc. A tub of water and a load of floating/sinking toys went quite well. She also loves it when I bury little toys in the lentils etc too, and I’ve also made matching sheets where you put a picture of the toys on so it’s like a treasure hunt. Good excuse to use the laminator. 😳😂

The other day she also loved a road map on a big bit of paper. And can be entertained a while by a box with a slot cut out and stuff to post through. I did another one with a hole punch so she could push pipe cleaners through (and coloured round the holes so she could match them). Also setting up ramps with books, cereal boxes or anything and rolling cars etc down. Basically I just go for stuff that is really simple to actually play, so I don’t have to do much 😳

I should continue making a few activities for her really, I’d started a few at the start of lockdown and then got caught up in the other stuff. I enjoy making them more than playing TBH 😳 I’m not very good at playing children’s games 😳

Comforting food and drinks and naughty corner blankets for all who’ve had shitty days.

ta da
🦠LOL (haven’t even put it in dryer yet though, DH is going to shortly I hope)
🦠asserted my needs, eventually, and DQuiteLMS thanks to copious time on Netflix etc, and I banned myself from doing any home ed planning too. I really shouldn’t have even asked DD1 about schoolwork though. 🙄
🦠finished the novel I was reading (Elizabeth is Missing - really well written) alongside the ADHD book, I think from now I’ll just stick to one book at a time though and maybe alternate fiction and non fiction!

I am now ill again so I’ve only just come downstairs. Temp raised all afternoon, I need to look up the COVID rules I guess, in case I need a test. Fun.

merryhouse Sat 27-Jun-20 23:16:19

woeful tada list, mainly comprised of Made Mulligatawny

It's my birthday tomorrow but I suspect I will need to put on some washing and iron the two loads already sitting there (serves me right really)

Lane for a moment in the last thread I thought you had defrosted your legs...

xmummy dignified silence is the way to go smile

ExpletiveDelighted Sat 27-Jun-20 23:19:16

Found you all.

Xmummy - sorry about the shitty FB stuff. Afraid I can't really remember what my two liked doing at those ages now they are teens but Lane has some good ideas there.

Lane - hope you feel better tomorrow.

Meg - I hear you on the body clutter blush

A bit envy of all the KFC and McD consumption (10 miles to either for us and no reason to go to that town ATM) - probably just as well given aforementioned body clutter.

Talking of clutter, after reaching the end of my tether with kitchen clutter and lack of free counter space yesterday we have made some changes. Out goes the virtually never used Nespresso machine (we use an aeropress now) and lots of other random crap that had crept in - no kitchen needs three pen pots. A bit of rearranging and so much space has been liberated. Need a cupboard sort out next.

TooStressyTooMessy Sat 27-Jun-20 23:27:14

Hello all, thanks for new thread Meg. True body clutter stuff seems to get rave reviews from Flylady but does indeed look very twee.

I’m finding it hard to keep up at the moment and I only have two kids That so I’m not surprised you are not on here that much!

Lane, I’m afraid if you have a temp the guidelines are you should isolate and get a test. The rest of your household need to isolate too flowers.

princes, do you prefer princes or mummy or something else?! It depends what you have on the house but my two loved Happyland / little people / anything like that at those ages. You often find it for sale fairly cheaply on Facebook selling sites. Obviously it was really only the older one playing properly with it but lots to get younger ones involved with too. Or Duplo / megablocks. Painting and play doh as Chic says if you can tolerate the mess. Colour wonder or water painting is mess free colouring but not really great for a 6 month old.

Have you seen the Facebook group ‘Family lockdown tips and ideas’ if you are on there? It is absolutely amazing for ideas. Sorry your ex is being so shitty.

I won’t pretend to know anything about parenting teenagers SC but I do think the Coronavirus has been extremely difficult for them (as I appreciate it has been for many) - as you say they should be getting more independent and they are now stuck in this unnatural situation flowers.

Holiday plans: we were very lucky in that we had not planned a big holiday this year as are hoping to go next year. We did have a hotel booked for a few days in London but we cancelled it a while back. I feel so sorry for the hotel as we now could officially go but the whole point was to go and see a musical at the same time and take DDs. Musical not happening now so can’t justify the trip as we would want to save the money until we could go and see that. We definitely intend going back to the same hotel if they are still in business when we do go back whenever on Earth musicals etc can happen again sad.

Re. thread leading. Tbh I would be perfectly happy to be leaderless if that is easier for people. I never look at the zones or missions unless I am leading myself or they are the Christmas ones and if I do want to look at them am fine to go on the website by myself. Really I am just here for the chat and the lists grin. I do think the KCC has been lovely though so can understand the benefit of having a leader. I love the new thread per month as it always feels like a fresh start smile. I am finding it really hard to keep up with the thread atm so don’t want to offer July or August - thanks to those who have kindly offered already flowers. It’s a bit far in the future but would be happy to do September (or October if someone already suggested September- can’t keep up!). Hopefully kids back in school to some degree by then or at least I might be more efficient / enthusiastic with home schooling with a new term hmm.

Must go, nearly my bedtime. Big wing flaps to all.

LaneBoy Sat 27-Jun-20 23:48:13

I feared as much. Dang it.

ta da continued
🦠reread Covid info and test ordering bit <wibble>
🦠got DS to TKD 🥋 (obv that was earlier not just now lol)
🦠wrote list of things I’ve achieved under lockdown to give myself a boost. I may not have painted the house or learned a new language or solved world hunger but I’m quite pleased really. I know there are a lot of little things that may not seem significant to outsiders but they are big to me! And it’s been nice to be able to share stuff on the thread too. 💕

LaneBoy Sat 27-Jun-20 23:54:44

Oh and I did the same double take earlier, re defrosting my legs 😂 definitely not needed in this heat 😂

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