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Help me plan my cloakroom pleeease

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Katsma Tue 25-Sep-07 00:41:50

Cloakroom as in room for hanging coats (cloaks?!) Not a toilet. grin

I'm planning the next room in our painfully slow house renovation, which will be the cloakroom. It's a fair sized room/cupboard with double doors into it.

There is currently only me, DP and DD (1yo), but would like to 'futureproof' it. May have another DC yet, and obv have no experience of parenting past babyhood.

I'm thinking coat hooks at toddler height, shelves for hats/gloves. What about school bags, etc - best 'storage solution' for them? What other stuff will end up as clutter if I don't make a home for it? Shoes will be stored elsewhere.

What would be in your dream cloakroom (if you had such dull dreams)?

Should've asked this about my kitchen before planning in a wine rack at toddler height grin

FGS, I start the saddest threads blush

lilolilmanchester Tue 25-Sep-07 13:27:00

Really envious and wish I had room for a cloakroom. Just some thoughts, not based on experience!
Would definitely have hooks at child height for coats, make them independent earlier. Bags could hang on the same hooks, unless you have room for a little cupboard. If you have room for a drawer unit, that would be good for hats and gloves. Or put hats and gloves in a drawstring bag and hang. Shelf would be easier for gloves etc perhaps, but easy for them to get knocked off/separated??

KTeePee Tue 25-Sep-07 13:33:41

Agree a cupboard would be good - not just for school bags but also for all the after school activities (eg ballet kit, swimming bag, etc, etc).

Tbh I would keep kids shoes in there too as then everything is in the one spot - I mean everyday shoes like school shoes, wellies, trainers plus specialised ones (football boots, ballet shoes, etc) - not you own Jimmy Choos grin

If you do put shoes in there I would get one of those benches with cubby holes or baskets underneath.

How about your buggy - would there be room for that in there? Raincovers, spare car seats, umberellas....

Cappuccino Tue 25-Sep-07 13:34:58


it will be a jumble in a year anyhow

[evil envy emoticon]

LoveMyGirls Tue 25-Sep-07 13:38:48

I have shelves (which have shoes on) but i do also put baskets of hats and gloves. What about something for keys and wallets then you always know where they are before you leave the house and are hidden?

Katsma Tue 25-Sep-07 22:52:27

lol at cappuccino - there's no need to be that envious, when I say room, you couldn't really swing a cat - perhaps a kitten grin

There's some great ideas here thanks. Drawers would be good, for keeping gloves, hats, etc together. Also cupboards.

Key/wallet storage a fab idea - can never find them.

KTeePee - shoes will be right next to the cloakroom in the hall - am getting a bench with a flip up seat to bung them in. My imaginery Jimmy Choos will obviously be stored in my imaginery dressing room grin wink

PeachesMcLean Tue 25-Sep-07 22:54:38

OOh, would love a proper cloakroom. Have even considered getting rid of the downstairs loo to accomodate one.

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