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mites or something in my house - help

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TLV Mon 24-Sep-07 14:30:32

I noticed ages ago that we had teeny hover flies in the house ie lounge, bathroom and dd bedroom and since then I've noticed teeny tiny crawling things too (which I think are the flies before they have grown) can anyone please tell me what they are and best way to get rid (I've squished about 4 in the last half hour on dd wall and dresser, size of a needle head) is there something homemade I can use to get rid of them instead of spraying raid, they are a pain the in butt (found some in the kitchen this morning too) arrrgghh tia

Katsma Mon 24-Sep-07 23:57:44

They sound like fruit flys. Hang around damp places such as fruit/veg, plant pot compost, etc.

You need to get rid of the dampness to get rid of the flies.

Don't spray Raid though - very bad for you to inhale.

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