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getting rid of the mothball smell

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legalalien Mon 24-Sep-07 10:19:41

In the past, I have had a lot of bad experiences involving moths munching holes in my carefully packed away winter clothes - notwithstanding my diligent use of lavender / cedar wood things - so last year, I decided to use proper moth balls.

The good news is that the moths haven't munched any holes over the summer. The bad news is that my clothes smell like camphor. Any ideas on how to get rid of the smell, apart from washing the clothes and sticking them all outside to air for long periods of time (which worked on some, but not all of them).

midnightexpress Mon 24-Sep-07 10:27:21

Would dry cleaning do it?

Am watching this one with interest as have ongoing moth trauma. Little buggers have eaten all my favourite Jigsaw jumpers and keep reappearing no matter what I do. It's war.

robinpud Mon 24-Sep-07 10:35:00

legalalien- I have been living in a house in which everything was lovingly packed with mothballs; the smell of which I loathe. Nothing apart from washing drying and airing works to get rid of the smell.

midnightexpress- if you are really infested, you may need proper help. If you have packed the jumpers away properly over the summer ( ie clean, dry, in bags with lavender or cedar balls and then sealed) and you still have problems, then it might be worth calling in an expert. The buggers ate my wool carpet over the first two years we were in the house and didn't realise what was going on. I had hideously expensive smokebomb treatment which has meant no problems since.

legalalien Mon 24-Sep-07 10:37:15

I will let you know re the drycleaning as have a few things that I plan to take in tomorrow....

I too, now really loathe the smell of mothballs. but they do work.

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