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§§§§§§§§§§§§Flybabies Day 29 - Pamper yourselves!§§§§§;§§§§§§

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BigBeeristheBigBeer Sat 22-Sep-07 07:46:29

Jas hope you enjoyed your meal out.

Day 29

BigBeeristheBigBeer Sat 22-Sep-07 07:51:49

Looks like I'ver done my pamper mission for the week. Going out to see Prince ticks all the boxes!

<<BigBeer remembers her rare thrilling night out and (having been roused early from her bed by the fluting tones of her dear children) collapses to the living floor, weak at the knees, amid the teetering heaps of toys and hungry infants>>

SlightlyMadSweden Sat 22-Sep-07 08:07:36

Morning...DP has swiped my ward bed angry...I was comfy there.

FunkyGlassSlipper Sat 22-Sep-07 08:17:52

Morning Guys, Well done on the thread Bigbeer

I have tuned my car stero into the radio as opposed to nursery rhymes - meets the pamper mission criteria.

Halfway through morning routine...

ludaloo Sat 22-Sep-07 08:21:08

Morning smile

Kids up early here too....

bigbeer ROFL @ poo incident...I've been there...infact on two seperate occasions, I have litterally been IN there....[grim emoticon]

I'm off out to buy some bits and bobs today, need some paper for my welsh lessons, DD1 needs a new halloween costume and we need bread.

My morning routine is going well, despite the fact it's saterday, we are all still in PJ's though, so will go get dressed soon.


ludaloo Sat 22-Sep-07 08:22:01

Oh...and the pamper mission will be to buy myself some lurverly stationary.......

SlightlyMadSweden Sat 22-Sep-07 09:38:16

Pamper mission....does it have to be musical?
a) I can't hear a thing my ears are blocked (which is great as DP can't talk loud cos of throat - so great convos in this house!!!)
b) I don't really do music.

I think I might buy myself some nice cookies when I pop to Tesco

alycat Sat 22-Sep-07 09:45:48

Morning all

Am doing well (for me) on the morning routine, 2nd was on, dw un/loaded - although still in PJs but even washed kitchen floor (I know thats not part of routine, but DS was helping feed himself at breakfast!

My pamper mission is to get dressed up and take my dd to the ballet for some well needed mummy and DD time!

My other 'me time' mission is to finish painting the hall bench, I wish I had a mobile/digital camera you would not believe this thing. I fell in love with a small white bench with a cushion on top and baskets under from The Cotswold Co - £200!

Then I was visiting a charity furniture shop and saw this telephone table/bench. It was dark brown wood with a really lovely shaped back, with a flip down door, a horrid tapestry style fixed cusion and a bizarre shelf on top of bench for phone. I removed shelf, cusion and door, filled holes rubbed down and it has had 2 coats of white - although needs more - have found 3 baskets that fit perfectly in old cupboard space.

See this is what I meant the other day about the FLYing teaching me to love my home again, a few weeks ago I wouldn't have cared that the entrance hall was a mess - until it was the zone!

Hope all the FLYer get discharged from the FH this weekend, have a fun, pampering day!

BigBeeristheBigBeer Sat 22-Sep-07 12:08:04

1. Get me and girls washed and dressed incl. DD1's hair and my make-up - DONE
2. Breakfasts and clear away and drink water - DONE
3. Unload and load DW - DONE
4. Sweep kitchen/dining room and wipe surfaces - DONE
5. Start WM - DONE
6. Make beds - DONE
7. Change/empty cat litter - DONE
8. Decide what's for dinner - DONE

Afternoon routine

9. Eat lunch and clear up and drink water
10. 15 mins decluttering
11. 2 min hotspot *2
12. Errands
13. DD2's physio
14. 15 mins cleaning somewhere
15. Hang up wet washing/put away dry

Evening routine

16. Tea for DDs
17. Bath DDs and put them to bed
18. Swish and swipe
19. Tidy toys
20. Put out clothes for next day
21. Shine sink, wash up and sterilize bottles
22. Load DW/clear up/feed cat and drink water
23. Admin job
24. Read my book

winemakesmummyclever Sat 22-Sep-07 15:00:11


Hope people are feeling better - the bath-time poo incident made me feel quite funny myself shock.

Was up, morning routine done and out of the door by 08.50 this morning. Yes, I know it's Saturday, but ds had to go for immunisations. Went for a nice long walk with ds & dh afterwards.

My pamper treat was to have a nap for an hour and a half with ds. Bliss grin.

Dinner is cooking (no slow cooker yet, but may well get once back off holiday) and the washing is in the dryer. The house is tidy and calm....for now.

Off to a mysterious restaurant on the Wirral tomorrow for FIL's birthday, so no flying planned apart from morning & night routine.

Hope that everyone has a relaxing weekend.

Jas Sat 22-Sep-07 19:19:32

Good evening all

Thanks BigBeer for the thread. I had a lovely night out last night, and spent the day at Brownie day with the dds today.

I am shattered, but will do my evening routine and veg out a bit before an early night.

FunkyGlassSlipper Sat 22-Sep-07 19:55:30

Hi Guys.

I've a lovely afternoon out shopping with DD1. House is a bomb site blush

Have a nice evening.

TheMadHouse Sat 22-Sep-07 20:24:50

evening all

Hope everyone has had a good day. I managed to have an hour in the bath this morning with a book whlst DH looked after the boys, got them dressed and did the morning routine.

we have had a fab day at country show and FIL 60th BBQ, so evening routine done.

DS2 is cutting a tooth and is a little grumpy (really unusual) and DS1 has a bad chest so is in his inhauler (he was ventilated as a baby so has some issues), but they were really well behaved - yippee and are in bed, so a sherry for me now (as I was des driver and a movie with DH)

See you in the morning

babypowder Sat 22-Sep-07 23:01:59

<<BP dashes into the room, completely out of breath>>

Evening all! DD1s been running a really high temp all day, so I seem to have spent much of the day ministering to her! I did manage to remove some tiles in the bathroom (along with some of the plaster blush) and replace them with shiny new white ones, though. And finally got to the bottom of the tip that is our bedroom. No routine, though, and certainly no pampering!

Must do better tomorrow!

<<BP dashes out again, and collapses quietly onto her bed>>

Jas Sun 23-Sep-07 07:18:20

Day 30

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