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FLYbabies, Day 26.......Who gets the emails?

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Jas Wed 19-Sep-07 06:37:29

day 26 is to read the bit at the bottom of the emails but I don't get them, and the daily reminders link doesn't have the bit at the bottom.hmm

I'm sure it will be something uplifting and inspirationalgrin

Today's mission will also be easy for everyone ho did the hot spot alert at the beginning of the week, toosmile

Jas Wed 19-Sep-07 07:01:59

Babypowder - I noticed the change from Rebus, toosmile

Madhouse - It is a very difficult decision to make re the testing, but I agree asking professional advice before you decide is sensible. My best wishes to your mum and your Aunt right now though.

This is for everyone still in the FLYhospitalsmile Get well soon.

BigBeeristheBigBeer Wed 19-Sep-07 07:54:56

Does FLYLADY mean this:

"You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?"

"Progress, NOT Perfection" in 2007!"

A shorter list today. Have my parents coming to stay later.

1. Get me and girls washed and dressed incl. DD1's hair and my make-up
2. Breakfasts and clear away and drink water
3. DW - DONE
4. Sweep kitchen/dining room and wipe surfaces
5. Start WM - DONE
6. Make beds
7. Empty litter tray or change cat litter
8. What's for dinner? - DONE - TAKEAWAY
9. Take DD2 out
10. Gas man coming to do a "boiler survey"

Afternoon routine

11. Make lunch and clear up and drink water
12. Bathroom cabinet declutter
13. Ebayer coming to pick up a baby stuff bundle sold for a pittance grrr
14. Post office
15. Plan menus/order groceries before 3.30
16. Hang up wet washing/put away dry

Evening routine

17. Tea for DDs
18. Bath DDs and put them to bed
19. Swish and swipe
20. Tidy toys
21. Put out clothes for next day
22. Shine sink, wash up and sterilize bottles
23. Load DW/clear up/feed cat and drink water
24. Read my book

harleyd Wed 19-Sep-07 08:02:05

good morning smile
can everybody be suitably impressed please because im up, dressed, breakfast finished, shiny sink & floors hoovered!
going to get recycling boxes sorted and put out.
then when i get back from school run i will get stuck into everything else.

havent got reading any of yesterdays posts yet, hope everybody is ok x

Jas Wed 19-Sep-07 08:13:04

shockgrin harleyd.

Yes, BigBeer, that sounds

I've done my morning list, toogrin
I've even got all the money for cubs and stuff ready to go into school, and the recorder in the book bag. [smug]

FunkyGlassSlipper Wed 19-Sep-07 08:27:32

well done harleyd

i posted the quote on the other fly thread blush

not done much as we all have to be out early. will catch up later though.

TheMadHouse Wed 19-Sep-07 09:07:13

Good morning all

Thank you all for your support, you are great. My Aunty is in remission and just had an MRI scan and no tumors at the mo - yippee. My mum is more worried about me than anyone else, but I will be OK.

Morning Routine

Up and dressed - Done
S&S - Done
Change Bedding - Done and in the wash
Empty Dishwasher - Done
Breakfast - Done
Wash Breakfast Pots - Done
Hang Out washing/washing in dryer - Done
Sort out lunchtime meal - Done chilli
Swimming with Little Ones

Lunchtime Routine

Feed the boys
Tidy and wash lunchtime pots
Sweep dining room floor and clean table
Lunch for me
Sort Dinner for all
Clean out fridge
Check Shopping list - Done
Mission - Already done

Evening Routine

Dinner for Boys
Load Dishwasher and clean Dining room
Bath Boys
Get their clothes out for tomorrow
Tidy Toys
Load washing machine
Start the dishwasher
Shine Sink
Get my clothes out for tomorrow
Read a book

SlightlyMadSweden Wed 19-Sep-07 09:09:53

Still at FLYhosp here. DTD1 had a temp of 39.8 shock at 6:30am but can't keep paracetamol/ibuprofen down to help. We are just off to see our wonderful (not!!) nurse practitioner.

AT this rate we won't have anything left in my medicine tin (which lives in the kitchen) left to throw....will probably check in thru the day as I am at home sick myself and looking after DTD1.

ludaloo Wed 19-Sep-07 09:26:14

Hello everyone smile

Gosh I haven't actually checked my emails for ages....will sort through them now...

bigbeer have a good day with your parents smile

shock harleyd thats great! Well done you grin

jas hope you get some rest today....poor you, lack of sleep is grim. (sorry...wrong thread!)

Hi to FGS and madhouse smile

SMS hope you and your DD are feeling better soon xx

Well my morning routine is pretty much done..
I have hotspots to put out and bits and bobs to clear away, so I'll get on smile

winemakesmummyclever Wed 19-Sep-07 09:43:39

Madhouse - you really should be offered some counselling (your mum too). It will help you to make a decision and help you to move on once your decision has been made. Great news about your auntie though.

SMS - sorry to hear your DTD1 is ill. Hope the trip to the medic helps. Bless her.

Have been up since the middle of the night (well, 6.15) as ds decided that was when we should all get up shock. He's a bit of grumpy monkey as a result. Still managed morning routine though, but with a few bits skipped as were done last night (went a bit manic but kitchen v v clean when we got up this morning grin).

Did today's mission when we first started flying - it was amazing how much nonsense was being kept in there.

So far:
up, washed, dressed - done
s&s en suite - done
make bed - done
ds up - done
cot tidied - done
nightclothes prepped - done
bedtime milk - done
lunch prepped for ds - done
breakfast - done (x2 since we've been up sooo long)
load d/w - done
washing done - just about to go in dryer
flowers cut & put into vases - done
hall table hotspot - done
removing crayons from key holes when ds is really meant to be colouring with them, not trying to gain entry to the utility room - done

Have got my mmu interview this pm, so not planning to do a great deal more until night-time routine kicks in. Dh is making a big curry for tea - fab. The only downside is that the kitchen will be a bombsite afterwards.

Wish me luck!

ludaloo Wed 19-Sep-07 10:01:27

How many days have we got left on babysteps does anyone know?

ludaloo Wed 19-Sep-07 10:02:37

SMS at the risk of seeming like a complete plumb.....what does DTD1 stand for? blush (is it twins?)

SlightlyMadSweden Wed 19-Sep-07 10:17:27

Yep Luda it is TwinDaughter1.

I think there are 31 babysteps so 5 more days.

Nurse was wonderfully helpful hmm (can you tell I don't like her???). She told me to go and buy Neurofen meltlet things...and when I got to chemist they are not suitable for under 12's angry. In know she just has a viral fluey thing and they can't do much but I need to control her temp somehow.

Going to see if she can keep medicine down in a mo, I could have a day washing if she doesn't.

harleyd Wed 19-Sep-07 11:04:30

15 min coffee break, still doing remarkably well.
bathroom cupboard is cleared. have done several 2min hotspots around the place. feeling quite pleased with self
am going to make a big pot of stew now for dinner and then re-read and clear emails

madhouse hope you are ok
sms dt hope you are ok
everybody else hope you are ok too

SlightlyMadSweden Wed 19-Sep-07 11:32:14

Just cleared out my medicine ti grin.

Havn't done much else tho....heading back to bed when DP gets in at 1 as I didn't sleep well last night as I felt so rotten and then was up at 6:30...

May get a bit more done later, but right now I hurt sad....

ludaloo Wed 19-Sep-07 12:34:40

I have been eating cheese cake and gossiping with my friend so I had better go and get on with my afternoon routine....remake my bed, strip the kids bed, and hoover house!

Have a good snooze SMS smile

Jas Wed 19-Sep-07 14:11:12

Yup. 31 days of babysteppingsmile
SMS Don't try and do anything else. Tell dp he has to shine the sink for you, and get some rest.

I've done the errands I didn't do yesterday, and looked after my neighbors baby while she went to the dentist.

No school run til 4, then Brownies at 5. Dinner is made. I really should get moving, but can't motivate myself. All my morning routine is done, and looking at the afternoon one reminded me to take nappies out of the w/mI think I'll hoover now, then I won't have to do it tonight.

ludaloo Wed 19-Sep-07 14:18:36

You are so organised Jas despite getting only a few hours sleep!

I have pretty much done my afternoon routine...
Folded 2 loads of washing
Cleared one hotspot
Remade beds (I love clean sheets on the beds, the upstairs smells sooooo fresh!)
Washed the bean bag...but still not figured out how to put it all back
Tidied round
Decluttered the living room

Got about an hour left before DD1 needs to be picked up....

Then its on to the evening routine!

Oh...and I managed the ironing too!

TheMadHouse Wed 19-Sep-07 16:04:46

Hi all

SMS I hope that you have had a good sleep and are feeling better. What is it with the FLYbabies.

I am doing OK. No Ironing at lunchtime, so will do it when the babes are in bed, but I have sorted out my side of the fitted wardrobes and dropped off all my suits to my mums for her to store.

babypowder Wed 19-Sep-07 16:42:05

Hullo, all. I can't believe its 4:30 and I'm just posting my first messsage of the day. I must have been busy!

SMS hope temperature settles soon.

MAdhouse I meant to say yesterday (in my rather bossy post - sorry, I didn't mean it to sound that way blush) that you should really ask for some counselling (which sounds bossy again blush blush)

1 Get me and girls up, dressed, breakfasted DONE
2 Pack everything DD1 needs into school bag DONE
3 Clean bath whilst in shower DONE
4 DD1 to school DONE
5 Clear up DONE
6 Write up day's to do list while feeding DD2 DONE
7 Swish & swipe DONE
8 Nappies into WM DONE
9 Nappies hung out DONE
10 Sort out tea DONE
11 Swim DONE

1 Make tomorrow's lunches for DH and DD1 DONE
2 Iron, put clothes away
4 Make after school snack DONE
5 Pick up DD1 DONE
6 Help with homework DONE
7 Prep tea DONE
8 Tidy livingroom after playtime
9 Make tea

1 Tidy kitchen, sweep floor, start DW, shine sink
2 Get DD2 ready for bed
3 Get DD1 ready for bed
4 Put out clothes for tomorrow
5 Swish & swipe after toothbrushing
6 Into bed with David Nobbs (I did finish Rebus - it was an old one, as I'm waiting for DH to buy me the new one I'm reading Going Gently now, which should be mandatory reading for all women)

I haven't done very well with this week's missions. I WILL catch up tomorrow. I did manage to clean out all of my baking cupboards today, so I'm very pleased about that.

TheMadHouse Wed 19-Sep-07 16:44:22

*Babypowder) Dont worry bossy is good. I need a kick up the backside sometimes grin

SlightlyMadSweden Wed 19-Sep-07 17:21:59

I slept for 2 1/2 hours shock. Woke up and felt great for a whole 10 mins. Now feel uber rubbish again.....

DP isn't going to work until 6pm tho so has just done food for DDs

Then DP reminds me that his friend is coming to watch footie tonight and friends new DP (who I have never met) may come and 'chat with me' in conservatory as she doesn't like footie. Just what I need. Then friends has just texted to cancel smile.

MUst make an effort to read with DTD2 though...but there is no chance of me facing the recorder.

On the plus side we are managing to keep DTD1s temp below 38, and she is keeping meds down...are we the only ones left in FLYhosp?

blossomsmine Wed 19-Sep-07 21:17:06

Managed morning and evening routine, not really done afternoon one as not in, but think i had most things under control anyway!!
Did ironing tonight so caught up on that, which is good.
Tomorrow i have the day off work, but got to go shopping for dd's birthday pressies and a friends ds's birthday pressie so won't get too much done. But thats ok as things are starting to get abit more under control round here smile
See you all tomorrow!

alycat Wed 19-Sep-07 23:20:49

SMSSorry you guys are still in the FLYhosp.

Also Jas had a poorly one too, last time I read so hope lo ok now? In fact anyone who has had a poorly LO, or been ill themselves, in the last week whilst I've been absent I hope you are all well now.

I've been lurking and catching up! Am now on about day 20, so still a way to go.

Ds' head has healed up nicely, magic that glue! And he has stopped clinging to me as well.

Have a shiny sink, empty laundry basket (although have not ironed since Sat) and have boogied my car! (although it won't show in a few days)DS' bathroom is S&S, have not managed a zone or hotspot today though.

My clothes are out for tomorrow, ditto DS', although I'd set myself a bedtime of 11pm norty me!!!

Night, night I hope to be a more prolific poster on here as I catch up!

alycat Wed 19-Sep-07 23:27:38

SMS I forgot to add, go to your GP and ask for some paracetamol suppositories - very common in Sweden I understand!

You can get them over the counter but they are £16 for 10. I always have them in stock for my DS (and DD when she was younger) as they always vomit meds up if have a high temp (just when they need them!).

Takes a bit of getting used to, but I swear by them.

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