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AgathaRose Tue 18-Sep-07 12:52:04

Not being much a of a domestic goddess, i don't know how to dye clothes. I've got a big pile of babygrows and bibs which DD stained a range of browns and oranges in her youth. I want to pep them up with some lovely bright colours before the new bab arrives. -Any tips? Thanks.

Loopymumsy Tue 18-Sep-07 14:30:46

Message withdrawn

NormaStanleyFletcher Tue 18-Sep-07 14:33:21

You could also tie dye (Flame is good at that I think, or google for instructions)

AgathaRose Thu 20-Sep-07 23:04:17

Thanks very much Loopy and NormaSF. -Will give it a go smile.

suzi2 Thu 20-Sep-07 23:07:20

I did this with some of DS's white stuff for DD using a Dylon machine dye. The only probs is that the bits that are stained can pick up more/less dye than other bits. So tie dying would have been good to hide that. Also I did lilac which really didn't suit DDs complexion and looked like she was in blue in her birth pictures. And the poppers on babygros don't dye.

But worht it anyway.

AgathaRose Tue 25-Sep-07 22:56:58

Thanks Suzi2, -Very useful tips.

fihi Tue 25-Sep-07 23:05:14

i did that machine-dye thing too, it worked well on cream (ish) and white (very ish) clothes. did some between DS1 & DS2, picked a decent mid-shade of blue i.e. not pale baby-blue, and it was fine. Not brave enough to do any for DD after 2 boys hmm for fear of wierd shades of purple

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