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FLYbabies Day 25.......Babysteps will get you there.

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Jas Tue 18-Sep-07 06:51:28

Day 25

I often don't read all the stuff on the links I put up, but todays is about reminding ourselves how far we have come in less than a month, and congratulating ouselves.

Blossomsmine - "Keep in mind that you are not ever goin to be perfect and we don't expect you to be". I did read your message last night.
We are all better thnkyou, and the dds will be back to school this morning.

Today's reminders and Mission smile

Jas Tue 18-Sep-07 06:59:17

This is for everyone who does a mornig

hippipotami Tue 18-Sep-07 07:59:19

Morning all!

Right, am raring to go today, but will have to do little bits and pieces here and there. I am looking after my friends little girl today.

I do however have a clean sink leftover from last night, the house is hoovered but I need to clear a few surfaces from birthday cards, letters from school etc.

Will do the mission as well, it should only take a minute, so will do that before my friends dd arrives.

Will this morning:
Put on load of laundry
Put yesterdays load away once dry
Wash bathroom bin
De-clutter living and dining room from cards/messages/letters
Make a loaf of bread
Plan dinner and get potatoes par-boiled in preparation

Better go, have to get dressed, take dc to school and then squeeze in the above before mindee arrives. (I am not a proper childminder but look after this particular friends dd once a month for a whole day whilst she has to go into the office)

FunkyGlassSlipper Tue 18-Sep-07 08:24:46

Morning guys.

well done hippi

Blossomsmine. FL says your house didnt get to be a tip in a month and it will take longer than that to tidy it. The whole point of babysteps so keep going.

Babypowder - congrats to your friend.

At the end of babysteps we should go on the main thread and keep the proper routines going. They tend to just do random 'to do' lists which I cant do so I will be grateful of the company of more sructured routines grin

Morning routine
1. Make bed - done
2. Swish & Swipe en suite bathroom
3. Put a wash load in - done
4. Empty dishwasher
5. Feed cat & fish - done
6. Check calendar - done
8. Clear away breakfast things
9. Think about what you want for dinner - take out meat if necessary. - done
10. 2 minute hotspot - done
11. 5 minute room rescue

So I have 2,4,8,11 to do.

Off out this morning but will have it all done by lunchtime.

BigBeeristheBigBeer Tue 18-Sep-07 09:00:03

1. Get me and girls washed and dressed incl. DD1's hair and my make-up - DONE
2. Breakfasts and clear away and drink water - DONE
3. Load and unload DW - DONE
4. Sweep kitchen/dining room and wipe surfaces - DONE
5. Start WM - DONE
6. Make beds - DONE
7. Empty litter tray or change cat litter - DONE
8. What's for dinner? - DONE
9. Take DDs out to Toddler Music Group

Afternoon routine

10. Make lunch and clear up and drink water
11. Kelly's Mission
12. 15 mins decluttering - DONE
13. 2 min hotspot *2
14. Errands and phone calls
15. DD2's physio
16. 15 mins somewhere + 15 mins from yesterday
17. Hang up wet washing/put away dry
18. Take DD1 to ballet

Evening routine

19. Tea for DDs
20. Bath DDs and put them to bed
21. Swish and swipe
22. Tidy toys
23. Put out clothes for next day
24. Pilates
25. Shine sink, wash up and sterilize bottles
26. Load DW/clear up/feed cat and drink water
27. Paperwork/internet stuff (eg finding child trust fund account!)
28. Read my book

Am babysitting tonight for a friend, so planning to take my Pilates DVD with me and ACTUALLY DO IT. We'll see!

ludaloo Tue 18-Sep-07 09:27:30

Morning everyone smile

<<<ludaloo beams at getting a star>>>

I have done this mission already the vague attempt at looking presentable for party people.

Well morning routine pretty much done...
FGS I am going to follow your lead today and start a control journal smile I might be able to keep up with things a bit better (plus I'm a sucker for lists)

FunkyGlassSlipper Tue 18-Sep-07 09:47:19

Luda - follow flylady guide to control journal

It tells you step by step how to make a control journal. I've been typing my lists on the computer and when I'm ready I'll transfer them to a file.

I have now done 4,8,11 on my list so just have swish & swipe to do on my morning routine. I'm going to carry that forward to my afternoon routine as I have friends coming over later and tidying the living room is more important

winemakesmummyclever Tue 18-Sep-07 09:56:20


Did the mission in the main bathroom and downstairs loo yesterday, but seeing as we have 4 toilets (yeah, count 'em...4- think the guy we bought the house off was a bit loo-obsessed) I thought I'd do the other two today. Will do all the bins for today's mission though wink.

Up, washed, dressed - done
Bed made - done
S&S en suite - done
Ds up, tidy cot, prep nightclothes - done
Breakfast & clean up afterwards - done
Unload d/w - done
Load w/m - done
Hotspot:dining room & hall tables - done

Need to take ds to gp shortly. Plan for rest of day:

Soft play after docs.
Lunch (beef casserole in fridge).
Shopping - buy fish & veggies for tonight & curry supplies for tomorrow.
Wipe down doors & skirting boards.
Hoover downstairs.
Sweep & mop kitchen & utility room.

Round it off with the night-time routine (pretty much the morning routine, but in reverse) & a nice glass of red whilst having a hot bubble bath grin.

babypowder Tue 18-Sep-07 10:18:54

My first priority today is to start selling maternity and new baby stuff, so something will have to give on the routines. Not sure what yet! I'll maybe leave the 27 fling thing till tomorrow.


1 Get me and girls up, dressed, breakfasted DONE
2 Pack everything DD1 needs into school bag (forgot teaspoon yesterday blush) DONE
3 Clean bath whilst in shower DONE
4 DD1 to school DONE
5 Clear up DONE
6 Write up day's to do list while feeding DD2 DONE
7 Swish & swipe DONE
8 Clothes into WM DONE
9 Clothes into TD DONE
10 Sort out tea DONE

1 Make tomorrow's lunches for DH and DD1
2 Iron, put clothes away
4 Make after school snack
5 Pick up DD1
6 Help with homework
7 Prep tea
8 Tidy livingroom after playtime
9 Make tea

1 Tidy kitchen, sweep floor, start DW, shine sink
2 Get DD2 ready for bed
3 Get DD1 ready for bed
4 Put out clothes for tomorrow
5 Swish & swipe after toothbrushing
6 Into bed with Rebus

hippipotami Tue 18-Sep-07 10:58:00

Hello again.

Right, the laundry has been done and hung out. Mindee is in living room watching Pingu, so am grabbing 5 mins on here to get ideas for hte control journal. Then I can sit in living room with her and try to get my journal sorted.

So am not really here.

BigBeeristheBigBeer Tue 18-Sep-07 11:44:30

Morning routine all done.
Mightily pissed off with our Chaos Kitten who has scratched my poor Baby DD's forehead. She cried and cried and I feel terrible for leaving her unattended with that damn kitten.

babypowder are you 100% certain you will not need your maternity clothes and baby things again? I can't quite bring myself to part with mine!

winemakesmummyclever am envy of your massive many-toileted mansion.

Afternoon routine

10. Make lunch and clear up and drink water
11. Kelly's Mission
12. 15 mins decluttering - DONE
13. 2 min hotspot *2 - DONE
14. Errands and phone calls - DONE
15. DD2's physio
16. 15 mins somewhere + 15 mins from yesterday
17. Hang up wet washing/put away dry
18. Take DD1 to ballet

Evening routine

19. Tea for DDs
20. Bath DDs and put them to bed
21. Swish and swipe
22. Tidy toys
23. Put out clothes for next day
24. Pilates
25. Shine sink, wash up and sterilize bottles
26. Load DW/clear up/feed cat and drink water
27. Paperwork/internet stuff (eg finding child trust fund account!)
28. Read my book

Jas Tue 18-Sep-07 12:47:31

babypowder - congrats to your friend. I agree with BigBeer....I got rid of all my baby stuff after dd2, and had to get morefor ds, so if you aren't 100% certain you won't need it, I'd keep it.

Alsoenvy of multiple toilets Winemakesmummyclever

sad @ baby BigBeer. I hope she is ok now.

I did all the morning routine before the school run, and then went to work. I also walked to the bank to pay in dps wages only to find that he has my cardangry so I couldn't. I'll have to go back tomorrow now.

I'm goin to print up a routine list to go on the fridge with my weekly plan today I think.

babypowder Tue 18-Sep-07 12:48:31

Bigbeer I'm positive I won't need them again! DH will be 66 by the time DD2 finishes school, so he's decided enough is enough! Hope your LO is OK after the catscratch. I think they feel betrayed when things like that happen - I know DD1 wore that betrayed look after our nearly-dead cat scratched her.

I've popped a load of matty clothes on the for sale board, if anyone's interested ....!

Off to start afternoon routine now.

winemakesmummyclever Tue 18-Sep-07 12:54:32

You guys wouldn't be so envy of loos if you had to clean them all. I seem to spend much more time than is actually healthy with my head stuck near a u-bend. hmm Some days I feel like sticking a tabard on and charging 50p for dh to use them.

Getting back to the strange guy we bought our house off, every single room had lockable doors apart from all the toilets blush. I don't even want to know what he was thinking!

Right, lunch break over.....back to the day's plan.

ludaloo Tue 18-Sep-07 13:01:43

Ah...thankyou FGS smile

Well I'm doing quite well today...

I've done my morning routine, which was:

~Get up, get kids up, washed and dressed
~Pick up all the dirty clothes
~Make brekkie
~Put a load of washing in
~Clear brekkie things away
~Get kids to school
~Feed animals

Have also :

~Hoover (just about to do)
~3 loads of washing
~Wiped kitchen
~Picked up DS
~Been to get diesel
~Emptied the bins
~Made lunch
~Cleaned the george forman
~Folded 2 loads of washing
~Hung one load on line
~Watered plants

My afternoon routine

~More tidying
~2 Min hotspot
~Chat on MSN a bit grin
~Collect DD1

My evening routine:

~Make supper
~Tidy supper away
~Tidy up after kids and dh who come in and leave a trail behind them
~Empty the T/D and fold contents
~Make packed lunches
~Put washing away
~Load and run D/W
~Get kids in PJ's, washed and in bed
~S&S bathroom
~Empty and put away D/W contents
~Sit and veg for a bit
~Have wash etc.



Hmmm as a general rule thats how it goes but the things I do change from day to day...
i.e, I dusted today, so I won't need to do that tomorrow etc.

God...its soooooo repetetive!!

ludaloo Tue 18-Sep-07 13:02:13

Oh and made beds in morning routine...

harleyd Tue 18-Sep-07 13:04:49

hi i have been out all morning at opticians and baby clinic and library. i have a lot to catch up on once i finish my lunch. i will report back later smile

TheMadHouse Tue 18-Sep-07 13:41:02

Afternoon all

They boys are having a nam so I am running around like a lunatic. Lasagne in the oven for tonight.

Beer we have a cat or should I say cooking fat at the moment - the boys torment hime. Hope the scatch is not too bad.

Morning Routine

Up and dressed - Done
S&S - Done
Make Beds - Done
Empty Dishwasher- Done
Breakfast - Done
Wash Breakfast Pots - Done
Hang Out washing/washing in dryer - Done
Sort out lunchtime meal - Done

Lunchtime Routine

Feed the boys - Done
Tidy and wash lunchtime pots - Done
Sweep dining room floor and clean table - Done
Lunch for me- Done
Sort Dinner for all - Done
Mission - Done and the Cabinet

Evening Routine

Dinner for Boys
Load Dishwasher and clean Dining room
Bath Boys
Get their clothes out for tomorrow
Tidy Toys
Load washing machine
Start the dishwasher
Shine Sink
Get my clothes out for tomorrow
Read a book

I have also been to the post office and bought my mums birthday pressie (4 bone china cups and a dressing gown).

I am a bit down sad at the moment as my aunty has cancer sadsadsad and my mum is having her ovary's out as a precaution, but we also got a leter at the weekend confirming that we have a genetic speeling mistake in the gene for ovarian and breast cancer. My mums other sister diaed of cancer, as did my gran and also loads of mums older and more distant relatives.

So now is the decision to have a blood test or not. - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

BigBeeristheBigBeer Tue 18-Sep-07 13:55:43

sorry about the health worries madhouse. I would have the blood test. It's probably better to know, if there's something unpleasant to think about, and you might find that in your case there is no need to worry. I'd take any extra tests/screening you are offered. My mum's sister had ovarian cancer 20 years ago (made a full recovery) and now mum has regular screening.

luda you've done about a week's worth in a day!

ludaloo Tue 18-Sep-07 14:01:48

sad madhouse I'm sorry to hear that sad It must be awful to know its genetic. I would have a blood test though, there is plenty which can be done if these things are diagnosed early. Best of wishes for your mum, hope it all goes ok smile

bigbeer I do that much everyday! Its depressing! Wake up and start all over again!

blossomsmine Tue 18-Sep-07 14:19:38

Jas thanks for the star!! and for reading my message, nice to know i am not talking to myself late at nightsmile Right going to be positivegrin!!

Today i have
S&S kitchen and bathroom
done brekkie and cleared away
load in machine then on line
hoovered through
dusted living room
made dinner in advance as out this afternoon
Been to work this morning for a few hours
cleaned bathroom bin (new so didn;t take long!)
made all beds, oops forgot mine, do that in a min!

afternoon mission, will:
give kids early dinner
get washing in
try and do bathroom cabinet

will do evening routine
also loads of ironing, not just mine loads for someone else aswellsad

Think that might be all today

blossomsmine Tue 18-Sep-07 14:21:02

madhouse - so sorry to hear of your families health worries, i would have the test, big decision i know. Hope you are feeling ok.

TheMadHouse Tue 18-Sep-07 14:42:04

Thanks everyone for the support smile - my only issue re the test, is that if it comes back positive will it hinder in getting life insurance or crital illness cover in the future?????? I have had my babys now so am not too worried re ovarys.

Since last on I have done the ironing nad spent 15 mins in the spare room (read dumping ground). I think I am going to have to ask for someone to look after both the boys whilst I attack it.

ludaloo Tue 18-Sep-07 16:24:56

blossom I've just read your post from last night....don't you worry! You are doing your best, you are not supposed to be doing everything to the one is allowed to be a perfectionist...Kelly says so grin
I think you are doing great, so don't give up. Just doing the basics, like you are is something positive smile

BigBeeristheBigBeer Tue 18-Sep-07 17:01:31

Afternoon routine

10. Make lunch and clear up and drink water - DONE
12. 15 mins decluttering - DONE
13. 2 min hotspot *2 - DONE
14. Errands and phone calls - DONE
15. DD2's physio - DONE
16. 15 mins somewhere + 15 mins from yesterday - CHANGED SHEETS IN OUR ROOM
17. Hang up wet washing/put away dry - DONE
18. Take DD1 to ballet - DONE

Just need to dust the living room for 15 mins (including leather sofas) then up to date.

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