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EHM Sat 15-Sep-07 06:17:15

Morning All.........

will be back once my eyes are open enough to focus <<<yawn>>>wink

EHM Sat 15-Sep-07 07:03:13

Right back with cuppa in hand & yummy raisin toastsmile

luda hope the party is fab. Happy birthday ds?smile
shouldbe good luck today hope the costumes go down a stormsmile Love the idea for ds'ssmileHope your lip is ok?
tort hope you get a well deserved rest this weekend.smilePoor dd hope she settles soonsad
GF Great to see you around againgrin

I think I've caught up with yesterdays thread. DH is away this morning golf thing in Scotland back tomorrow night. Just me & dd so have a whole 2 days to fillhmm

Have a great day all.x.x.x

Jas Sat 15-Sep-07 07:30:45

Good morning EHM and everyone still to comesmile

I've been up since 5sad Both dds are ill now, but dd1 had a bad episode of croup and just couldn't breathe. By the time she was ok, everyone else was waking up.

Enjoy today luda.

shouldbe I hope you enjoy today too after all the wok that went ito you dds costume. Do you look like you've been in the boxing rig this morning?

Glitter - welcome backsmile Are you still running?
There is a babysteps thread going at the moment if you want to join in. We are on week 3 now, but You know what to do and could pick up what you want. I've found it really helpful and am shining my sink e very day again, after getting really slackblush
Tortose - you too, re babystepsgrin Enjoy a weekend with no shool stress for dd1. I hope she finds next week easier.

Grouchy - I guess I'm too late for you to see this, but I hope you have a relaxing holidaysmile

Big <<wave>> to mlr , Simply, yaddayah, neverenough and everyone else I've missed. smile

shouldbe Sat 15-Sep-07 11:13:16


Have a good day today Luda
Jas hope your household is soon feeling better x
EHM enjoy having the house to yourself

It's been a very busy morning!

Dd has just tried on her costume and for some reason is in a sulk about it No idea what's wrong with her this morning! She says she likes it but something isn't right.
Ds has gone out with dh and I've started on his costume - it'll be very basic but never mind.

I have a massive fat lip Not a good look at all!

SimplySparkling Sat 15-Sep-07 11:18:11

Hello to all.

Thanks for the thread EHM. My dh was away once for a week when the kids were pretty small. They must have been around 1yr and 2yrs old. Then when we moved here, I think I had 6 weeks of him being away from Sun pm to Fri evening. They were 2 and 3 then. With no family around, it was tough. It is hard, isn't it? The days are so loooong.

Jas Sorry to hear that your dds are ill. I hope they feel better very soon.

Well, I must crack on. We had a very late night (dd home around 9.45pm and ds at 11.50pm) so we had a lie in this a.m.

See you later. smile

SimplySparkling Sat 15-Sep-07 11:21:45

Sorry shouldbe, x posted with you there! Perhaps you could do something different with her hair to make it match the costume and she'll forget about whatever it is that she's not sure about? Might be grasping at straws, here! Good luck with ds' costume. I hope your lip goes down soon. I can't think of anything you can do to hurry the healing, unfortunately. I've had it happen to me by my ds, too. I've still got a scar inside my bottom lip.

Bewilderbeast Sat 15-Sep-07 11:27:41

good morning all.

I've been busy this morning making up for a week of inaction through sickness


Kitchen disinfected from top to bottom - a week of no cleaning had left it in a right state
washing up done
WM unloaded and reloaded
DW loaded
yesterdays washing folded
post 'hot spot' sorted - most in recycling bin
3 rubbish bags and the indoor recycling bin filled with crap
living room rapid tidy
sofa throw straightened and tucked firmly into cushions
shopping list written

to do

sweep and vac floors
hang washing out
get showered and dressed! blush

Neverenoughhandbags Sat 15-Sep-07 12:00:01

Good morning everyone!

WM 2 loads done
DW 1 load done
hall decluttered done
dinner planned
car loaded with boxes ready to go to tip

Does anyone menu plan ?

To do:

meat run(vg butcher in next village 7 miles away)
tip run

Check in later-hope everyone has a good day and that Jas your kids are better soon.
EHM enjoy the weekend without DH
shouldbe maybe some ice on your lip if you have 5 mins?

lovely day here!

back later!smile

shouldbe Sat 15-Sep-07 14:36:13


Ds just about managed to take part but was very reluctant!

Neverenough Sat 15-Sep-07 14:58:30

Brilliant shouldbe make sit all worthwhile!

Have shortened name a bit.

gibberish Sat 15-Sep-07 15:05:13

Excellent shoulde Aaw, what did she win?

neverenough Give us a twirl so we can see how much your new improved name suits you!

What a boring day today. Was meant to be going on holiday this weekend but dh has 'manflu' and we are broke so it isnt looking hopeful...

So have been doing bits and bobs but really should be doing lots and lots. Can't be bothered. It's freezing cold and I have practically flooded the dining room floor by defrosting the freezer then forgetting about it and going out shopping hmm Crap.

Okay whine over. Have the heating on so feeling a bit warmer. Dh has gone out so at least he isn't whining in my ear and kids are playing happily upstairs so all is not doom and gloom.

gibberish Sat 15-Sep-07 15:07:06

And have thread killed or been totally ignored on about 15 threads today... so you BETTER SPEAK TO ME!! <growls menacingly>

Neverenough Sat 15-Sep-07 15:08:50

ta da! What do you think-does it suit me? <looks coyly over shoulder>

It's lovely and sunny here gibberish-in fact, might defrost freezer so DDs can paddle and stop whinging about nothing to do!

Neverenough Sat 15-Sep-07 15:10:40

Already felt bad about seemingly ignoring you a few nights ago gibberish!sad

Know what you mean about killing threads though-have the touch myself-it's a gift!

gibberish Sat 15-Sep-07 15:11:36

Looks beeeeyoootiful! Wish I had one but it wouldn't look as good on me envy

Lol well make sure that freezer isn't on a carpet when you decide to defrost it... hmm NOT a good idea. It's in the dining room for a bit until we can sort out the space where it is MEANT to be going. Ah well. It's looking lovely and frost free now. Cooking four lots of dinners in a bit so that I can freeze two.

gibberish Sat 15-Sep-07 15:12:48

I'm always up too late never - one of the downsides is being on when all the sensible people are tucked up in bed. Don't feel bad grin

Neverenough Sat 15-Sep-07 15:21:02

Well I look forward to some late night chats then gibberish!No matter how I try, I cannot make myself hit the sack early.
Often it's the only time I get to myself!

Hey ho! Off to start dinner, and do a spot of ironing(or may sit in the sun for a while and read the paper....hmm tough decison)grin

gibberish Sat 15-Sep-07 16:01:56

Excellent - will hold you to that!

And stop bragging about the sun envy

Have tidied all downstairs. Off to hoover then start dinner.

glitterfairy Sat 15-Sep-07 18:32:29

HI EHM, jas and everyone.

Yes went for a run today! Long run tomorrow. My life has totally changed and so getting into a routine is hard work. Even unpacking has not really happened yet.

Anyway so far today have:

Washed up x2
Washing x3
Drying x1 online x2
Filing, notes and letters all done and up to date including bills! smile
Tidying house
Putting away washing
Taken kids to ballet

Am now about to cook dinner and then relax hurrah! This is a day off LOL

EHM Sat 15-Sep-07 20:57:02

Evening ALL

Had lovely day with Ellie, despite her awaking at the crack of dawn she only had 30 mins nap today. So she was sound asleep in her cot by 705shock I gave an early bath at 530 as she was flagging. Then after her bath she helped me change the sheets on my bed & her cot & hoover upstairs. As I did no flying this morning I've managed to do lots since she went to bedgrin Had to stop as I've just had a nose bleed, have rotten head coldsad

jas sorry to hear both dd's are poorly. Hope things improve soonsad
Shouldbe Fab news 1st PrizegrinHave a great time with your brother & silsmile
simplyS The days can be long,Ellie was a little treasurer todaygrinIt must have been hard for you, especially with no family. I managed to stay out of the house with Ellie from 915 until about 330ish today. So the day went quickly. I've done all my flying tonight so I can do the same tomorrow as DH wont be home until after 7.
bewilder hope you are all well nowsmile

Done after dd going to bed:
s& s downstairs loo
s & s kitchen, shine sink & hob
bleach & clean cats feeding area
sweep & mop floors
wipe down highchair
2 loads of washing, now on clothes horse
have nose bleed
receive call from dh mid nose bleed.he is in Scotland golfing with his mates EasyJet have lost his golf clubshock
neverenough suits you sir!
gibberish I thought it was only me that killed threads. It puts me off postingblush
GF hope you have a nice relaxing evening

DH is very angry these are custom made golf clubs, made by his friend in Italy who is a golf pro. They where expensive despite his friend making them.

I'am off for a quick shower, S& S bathroom & to bed. Night Night.x.x.x

SimplySparkling Sat 15-Sep-07 22:01:33

Please excuse me being only half with it. It's a bit late for me but I didn't want EHM to think she was thread killing. smile

EHM I'm glad you've had a good day with Ellie. I hope your dh's golf clubs turn up. If not, can your dh claim for the full amount they cost to replace?

shouldbe Well done on the first prize! smile

Right. I'm going to head off now. Nos da pawb. Good night all. See you tomorrow!

gibberish Sat 15-Sep-07 22:03:57

I hope your dh gets compensated for the lost clubs EHM! That's terrible shock

Yes I'm very good at killing threads or being completely invisible. I think I may start being incredibly controversial at any given moment and may raise my profile wink

Made the most gorgeous meal tonight! Took forever to cook and billions of pots used, but it was still worth it. Chicken with garlic and lemon casserole. YUM!! Everyone loved it. Will make it again (when I have 3 hours to kill hmm)

Not done much in the house to be honest, although I should have. But am on holiday so just want to chill out.

Anyway you are prob all in bed by now and I am here chuntering to myself again like a sad 'un so speak to you tomorrow.

Neverenough Sat 15-Sep-07 22:58:06

I'm here gibberish!Still pottering after catching Hell's Kitchen. Dinner sounded lovely! I did a Greek thing , basically slow cooked lamb in a tomato sauce with pasta-can't remember what it's called!

EHM your DH must be livid about the golf clubs-hope that hasn't completely spoiled his weekend!

This thread must be getting to me-vaccuumed the whole ground floor this evening before dinner! Saturday evening! usually on the gin by then!

Goodnight all.

gibberish Sat 15-Sep-07 23:08:29

Yum, sounds nice. You'll need to give me the recipe! Night smile

glitterfairy Sun 16-Sep-07 08:22:05

Yum they both sound nice gibberish and neverenough*.

hope golf clubs turn up. How annoying! Also hope your cold gets better. Am up early and off to tidy the kitchen whihc I left in a right mess last night as I was so tired because of getting up at 5am.

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