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Flapping calmly through lockdown: Fledglings April 2020. Welcome to the Keep Calm Corner!

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LaneBoy Tue 31-Mar-20 10:28:03

Hello all!

Thank you for joining us, please note if we seem cliquey it’s only because it’s a long running thread - everyone really is welcome!

Welcome to (probably) the most bizarre Flylady thread yet... in which we are attempting to impose/maintain some kind of order in our homes, while also many of us are adjusting to working from home and homeschooling the kids for the first time too! Not to mention the anxiety around health and accessing food!

Of course, normally the opening post would talk about banishing CHAOS - Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome - but now we aren’t allowed anyone over anyway grin so, let’s just try and make our homes nicer FOR US. We are spending more time than ever in them, so let’s make them really wonderful places to be, our own safe little nests for our families.

Flylady routines might just help us get through this crazy time, by giving us a little structure to work from when all else is unpredictable - but as usual there is no right or wrong here. All of us follow it only to the extent it helps us - we can take ideas and make them work for us. And the key principle is, YOU ARE NEVER BEHIND. I feel like that is even more evident now, with so many of these outside pressures and commitments suddenly gone, and frankly the days rolling into one!

This is potentially a great time to declutter. Of course, Flylady suggests 15 minutes a day - but perhaps in these unprecedented times we will all do more! But we are all busy getting into our own routines now that school is out, and work too for many, and we’ve lost a lot of the outside structure to our lives. There’s no right or wrong here, we just have to try and adapt.

Links wise, I’ll just post the launch pad, and will add reminders about zones too. If anyone has Flying questions, please ask!

star The Keep Calm Corner star
The lovely SC came up with the brilliant idea of the Keep Calm Corner last month - this is a daily post with things to make us happy! I figured each monthly host can make this their own, and I’m a little worried my taste in art and music would not be calming to most blushgrin so for this month, the KCC will consist of:
star Some memes - either funny (we all need a laugh! Warning though - some will likely be unsavoury grin) or thought provoking/relaxation based. Do PM me (here or FB) if you have any you want to add!
star A daily “ice breaker” type question - obviously answering these is entirely optional, and don’t say anything that will out you, but if you want to join in and create some extra conversations on the thread then treatment, we can all get to know each other better! Again, if you think of any questions please PM!

Thank you for settling in, and of course thank you to SC for making March such a lovely thread. thanks And lastly, a huge thank you also to our key worker Fledglings, who are doing an incredible job of keeping things running! thanks

LaneBoy Tue 31-Mar-20 10:34:43

Yikes, sorry for the ridiculously long post.

Also no idea how the words “please do” turned into “treatment” in the penultimate paragraph hmmblush?!

ExpletiveDelighted Tue 31-Mar-20 10:43:35

Thank you Lane, what a great intro. And thank you so much to SC for guiding us through March so gently and expertly flowers.

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 31-Mar-20 10:47:48

Signing jn

IWillWearTheGreenWillow Tue 31-Mar-20 10:50:28

Huge thanks to SC, who has been locked down longer than we have, for last month, and to Lane for a great intro to this month (almost). Really hoping April is not as bloody long as March has seemed!

KTCluck Tue 31-Mar-20 11:18:22

Tried to post this on the last thread but wa too slow grin. Thankfully copy and paste were cooperative today. Thanks for the new thread Lane. Love the intro and your ideas for KCC.

Morning all!

Day 4 of lockdown for us. DD in complete whingey monster mode but thankfully DH and I are still just about smiling.

Rest of yesterday’s ta das:
✅ upstairs windows and mirrors cleaned
✅ bedding back on
✅ made it out for a walk

This mornings ta das:
✅ breakfast things and dishes from last nights numerous snacks washed
✅ DD dresses by 8am
✅ picked up DD’s clothes that she has gradually shed. Down to just a vest by 10am hmm
✅ LOL in
✅ benches wiped

To do:
- fresh air
- hoover
- read missions and do them
- make a banana loaf with couple of manky bananas. Have been unable to get nice fresh ones that DD will eat.

That I saw on FB yesterday that someone had hidden their DS’s birthday presents and there were FaceTiming relatives to get clues as to where to find them. DD’s is at the end of April and I’m thinking banners, balloons, dancing, a special breakfast and a party tea, potentially in the garden if weather allows.

SC thank you for being such a lovely thread leader. You’ve done a brilliant job - it’s been a tough month to lead!

Zoo. The co-op at then end of our street has also just closed to become a Nisa. It’s a big miss so far and I’m guessing the planned opening next week will be delayed. I am also struggling with my English. Not so much typing but I am definitely losing the ability to speak in coherent sentences.

Sounds like a lovely walk Bower. People do seem to be much more friendly at present (from a distance thankfully!)

Waves to Willow, Hazel, Too, Foxes, Lisette, Expletive, We3, Giveme, Cineraria and whoever I’ve missed off this time.

Sizeablecontours Tue 31-Mar-20 11:22:26

Hello everyone! There were obviously fewer posting slots available than I had counted on March thread, as it has already gone "poof", so posting this morning's "round up" here if that's ok ...

First of all, thank you hugely to Lane for setting up April thread (and with a great op!). Love the sound of the KCC links to come! (Equally, pls don't give yourself too much work! ) flowers cake brew flowers bear So glad that you got a decent night's sleep for once!

Lisette sorry to be so late to respond! Thank you hugely @Tinselette1940 for volunteering to run thread in May! That is really kind of you and very much appreciated flowers flowers

So sorry to hear of the dc who are anxious. It is a very testing time for them. sad

DD comes downstairs every morning reading out very grim statistics from her telephone. In fact I asked her to sweep the terrace today to distract her. It's important they feel they can "off-load" too though and that's quite a tricky balance to get right I find. Anyone else?

Zoo you never need to apologise for venting on here! And please, please don't be reluctant to ask for help! Maybe someone at your church could drop off bread and eggs? Or lend a bread machine? Ours is on every couple of days and it's been a godsend. Maybe post on Facebook to see if someone local has one stashed away somewhere that they would be willing to leave on your door-stop? Your muffins sound yum btw; lovely comfort food!

Willow Great list yesterday star and sending lashings of fledgling fortitude to assist with your list and busy day ahead! And hats off for coping with multifarious meals! star star Just to warn you, we started off with a hamster, then had guinea pigs and rabbits (who I still really miss <sob<), then one dog, then another dog and now we have a ruddy great horse grin grin. So beware, beware wink grin Never regretted having any of them though of course grin Lovely to have forsythia and cherry blossom in sight!

Pets are particularly good in this sort of crisis I find ...or during any sort of mental stress actually ... because they live in the moment. With horses in fact, if you are stressed, angry or upset before you go to see them, you actually have to make a mental effort to exhale and calm before you approach, else they will pick up on your anxiety and react to it. So they are very good mind trainers smile

Bower I love pom-poms! Lovely that you saw the spring lambs!

Hazel fingers crossed your lovely dog picks up in a few days or so x

Foxes/Giveme in my (admittedly rather limited!) experience, dc never play in play rooms or play with toys the way they were intended!
And that's the way it should be really! DD always followed me around and played where I was and always mixed up bits of puzzles with Playmobil and other bits and bobs until it was one almighty jumble that ... (look away) took me about 12 years to sort out grin grin In fact, I am still finding the occasional box of jumbled Playmobil even now!

Giveme your boys are absolutely adorable! And bravo to them for playing so beautifully in tandem! Your breakfast looks scrummy too!

That When dd was tiny, I used to make 12 or so Nigella's fairy cakes (mahoosively easy peasy recipe) and ice them in very basic pink or white icing with hundreds and thousands or whatever and stick a candle in each one, and then neatly cover a big rectangular tray with foil or some sort of bright plain paper table cloth/napkin type material to make a good back drop (which you sellotape to back of tray) and arrange the individual cakes to make the letter "two" or "three" etc and it looked quite good! Also, very easy to serve, no slicing up! Also works with same mixture in tiny muffin tins for littlies.

Hope you are ok Toostressy flowers gin

Foxes sorry your ds fell but glad he bounced back! smile

KTCluck hope your dd is more energetic today (but not too energetic grin) and boy I am with you on the weight loss! I lost a stone and a bit last Sept and now I have piled it all back on and am the heaviest I have ever been! blush This situation is a good opportunity to do something about it hopefully! Good luck with yours!

Expletive well done for braving the shops yesterday! I went out earlyish (after slot for elderly customers) and I must admit - ridiculous though it sounds - my legs were a bit shaky as it all seemed a bit tense. Managed to get yeast which I was happy about though! I am very grateful to, and admiring of, those working on tills atm because it must be worrying for them to have so many people file past. Just had a massive swab down of shopping/handles/taps/light switches etc.

Mahoosive waves to Cineraria We3kings Honu and everyone else I have missed!

Hang in there folks! We can do it!

Sizeablecontours Tue 31-Mar-20 11:25:18

Oooooh and thank you so much for the lovely thanks on this new thread and on March thread! Much appreciated! It was my pleasure smile.

The month seemed to whizz by actually ...but I suspect that it felt far longer for those of you with multiples/littlies etc etc! smile

foxessocks Tue 31-Mar-20 11:28:31

Thank you*sc*! smile

foxessocks Tue 31-Mar-20 11:28:52

And lane smile

Sizeablecontours Tue 31-Mar-20 11:36:52

x post KTCluck I see your dd has woken with more energy! I hope she is not going down with something if she is whingy though. Well done re: yesterday's and today's lists! Those are fab party ideas btw! What is a Nisa?

Lane I meant to add that I love the thread title!

Sizeablecontours Tue 31-Mar-20 11:37:18

Thanks Foxes smile

givemeacall Tue 31-Mar-20 11:39:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fluffiest Tue 31-Mar-20 11:59:05

Hello, is there room for a newbie on this thread?

I lurked a bit in March and thought this looked like a nice corner of Mumsnet. I've just moved back in to our house after having it rewired. After 10 weeks of living with my parents (who are lovely) we are really glad to be back in our own home.

Because we gave the house a good clean before we moved back in, the house is in pretty good shape right now, but I know I am a woman of lazy habits and want some motivation to keep it nice. Which is where this thread could be good for me, if you'll have me!

IWillWearTheGreenWillow Tue 31-Mar-20 12:00:21

Hi Fluffiest, always good to have another flegling with us [waves]

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 31-Mar-20 12:46:54

fluffiest welcome aboard!hope you like natter.theres no vipers here,we offer friendship and LOTS chitchat(with occasional bursts cleaning!)
SCI'm still finding Playmobil crates...nisa is like a corner shop franchise,they pay around £6000 a year(or it was few years back,prob a lot more now) to the company,then get more offers than average corner shop does(think half price soap powder,cheaper multipacks certain brands crisps etc.offers change every few weeks do it's more competitive to a supermarket than basic corner shop,but still not as cheap iyswim

KT our corner shop next door being closed a week due lack stock I am worried for those elderly who didn't realise.nearest shop for them will now be a good 20 minute walk(moderate speed)there's a lot flats/council properties locally so most vulnerable people without basics.the flats also have dodgy alleyways(where someone got stabbed last year as part drug deal/ gang thing) so it's not somewhere they want be loitering around or having keep coming out hoping shops now openedsad
If we had family that's a really cool idea about facetiming for clues to gifts too!

Lane classy opener,loving the bit about trying make it nice for us!

<Waves everyone>

Got my bum into first gear
*Apple puree made.i left huge pan on very low an hour.its now mush,and cooling!
*Try and chivvy dd2 into some school work<epic fail as caused her panic attack>
*Oven on,broccoli,last oven chips and some sad peppers now roasting for lunch for dd2 and oven on pop couple frozen pitta in and can lamb and veg big soup in a dish and Chuck that in too
*Help lil zoo clear up as had been doing some painting as part of history in middle living room floor
Food dry washing and put away
More wash on

Once puree is cooled need bag up,bake and then I am itching return to my blankie crafting.i knit VERY fast,so I'm told,but I dofind any length time j get tension in my shoulders/neck and I can't seem mindfully slow down!crochet as a new skill isn't causing such problems,even as I develop a rhythm,although I do find hand with hook in the thumb gets stuff after an hour or two!!(old age🤣)

I need find a jigsaw board on line do we can crack out 1000 piece puzzles and I am going to need more wool,much more wool

Also dd1 has got free Disney+ trial and loving it,anyone had any downsides?I must admit being very tempted as there's national geographic which I suspect would keep D's very entertained

DS has started a word of the day,which I shall share with you
Sloupermeans some who tries to get away without being noticed.hes acquiring these from haggard hawks website!!

givemeacall Tue 31-Mar-20 12:59:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

givemeacall Tue 31-Mar-20 13:04:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KTCluck Tue 31-Mar-20 13:08:33

Hi Fluffiest, plenty of motivation to go round and we also have the naughty corner if it’s running low

SC definitely more energy! I’ve worried she’s coming down with something myself, but I’m not sure if it’s just the change in routine, no nursery, extra time with us, and not being able to visit her grandparents who she keeps asking for sad. Nisa is a chain of local convenience type shops. Should hopefully open next week although I have my doubts. We do have plenty of other options within walking distance and a new supermarket opening this week, but this was just so close and convenient. Loving your easy cupcakes idea! A friend is supposed to be doing my DD a cake but as that might not now go ahead I’ll have to produce the back up, and natural cake decorator I am not!

Sorry to those of you coping with anxious DC - I feel quite lucky that DD has very limited understanding of what’s happening. If we tell her it’s ok she believes us!

flowers to those of you struggling. I don’t want to sound overdramatic, but I really feel we’ll look at life so differently when this is over.

LaneBoy Tue 31-Mar-20 13:12:14

Welcome fluffiest! That’s such a relief you managed to get into your house before lockdown.

ta da
✅emailed DD1’s maths teacher to ask if she can slow down a bit - he’s setting loads and it’s all different topics which she’s finding really hard to keep up with
✅little walk! Teeny bit further than the other day, and not so slow and wobbly either.

KTCluck Tue 31-Mar-20 13:17:42

Cross posts with a few there.

Oh that’s a shame about the shop Zoo. Are there any local facebook groups to help the vulnerable? Someone has set one up in our town with a list of (db checked) volunteers delivering to those in isolation / vulnerable. There are also a few local shops doing door step deliveries.

I’m crossing my fingers Giveme. I’m also slacking on the shaving front. DD asked why my legs were prickly the other day. They are waaay past that now grinblush

Forgot my ta Das:
✅ lunch eaten and washing up done (why does everyone expect to be fed so often?!)
✅ hoovering
✅ banana loaf made
✅ benches wiped. Again.

KTCluck Tue 31-Mar-20 13:21:07

Oh and sorry about the financial stresses
Giveme. It’s such an uncertain and worrying time.

KTCluck Tue 31-Mar-20 13:35:01

No downsides to Disney+ that I’ve come across Zoo. National geographic is good.

LaneBoy Tue 31-Mar-20 13:43:37

I was fairly lax on shaving my legs already to be honest grin especially the last couple of months as I wasn’t using the gym blush ironically I probably have more time and energy for self care now! I do need a shower today.

Need to come up with a rule for my soap dodging kids and have a daily very quick shower either when they get in from their daily walk, or just before dinner if they don’t go out (weather etc).

Absolutely love that FaceTiming for clues idea from the previous thread!

About to enjoy a bacon sandwich, then DH is going out to brave the shops (food, and his medication).

Also need to discuss house rules for lockdown with DH. Bit more routine etc and making sure DD1 actually does spend time with us! I think she’s probably taking this the hardest in our house, although at least she can FaceTime whereas DS is getting bored and watching even more TV than usual. Hence we need to add in more family fun.

We have some stuff that I’ve never got round to using so it’ll be nice to “declutter” those! One of the reasons I never get round to these things normally is that I always wait for “the perfect time” - there’s always more important stuff that needs doing, or I feel like I want to wait until I know I’ll enjoy it more etc. But actually that time doesn’t exist does it? We should just do it.

DS has ended up with a couple of weeks off home ed, between all of us being ill. He’s got some work to finish off this week but then it’s the holidays so we will focus on craft and chores I guess. Need to figure out if/when DD needs a melatonin break too.

TooStressyTooMessy Tue 31-Mar-20 13:56:27

Welcome fluffiest smile.

Hi everyone.

Thanks so much SC for March cakeflowers and thanks for doing April Lane gin. Loved the intro. Very appropriate.

I’m not sure I will be on here much this month. I have heard that I am going to be working somewhere different for a lot of my hours - not remotely unexpected (NHS) but challenging and will take up a lot of mental energy. That combined with home learning with the girls and what seems to be 12355 emails and notifications arriving daily for various things then I can’t cope with trying to follow everything! So if I am not on much then I am thinking of all of us.

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