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Monday Fly*********************************************

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EHM Mon 10-Sep-07 08:07:49

Morning All

shouldbe Mon 10-Sep-07 08:09:38

Morning EHM

Got to dash to get kids to school and then need to try to track down the bits I need to make dd a costume for a carnival parade this weekend...

See you all later x

EHM Mon 10-Sep-07 08:11:22

Morning shouldbe

Hope you had a restful night. Good luck with the costume Have a good day.x.x

Flamesparrow Mon 10-Sep-07 08:30:23

JAS has sent me a text to tell me her broadband is dead shock

scattyspice Mon 10-Sep-07 09:33:13


Good day today.
DD slept through in her own bed for the first time!! (she is 2.5). I feel GREAT! grin.

Have even done my bless this house hour in... an hour (well almost, skipped a few things).
Can't see how she really does it in an hour.

Have a good day everyone.

ludaloo Mon 10-Sep-07 09:39:19

Morning ladies smile

Jas hope you are back up and running soon...hope you are feeling better today too xx

Thanks for the links EHM smile

shouldbe good luck with the costume! smile

I have to tidy round before picking DS up...then I'm off to shop for some party bits (In Lampeter!) smile
DD1 and DS's party is on Saterday. I am sooo not organised (as usual!)
DD1 is 6 on Wednesday shock I cannot believe she is 6!!! Where has all the time gone!?
DS is 4 on Saterday....he is getting too big too quick too!
We have bought them a bouncy castle. The plan is to let them have the day off school on Wednesday, so they can all play on it for DD1's Birthday...
Then Saterday...put it back up again for DS's birthday...and the party of course!

Fingers Crossed for good weather!!!! GULP!

ludaloo Mon 10-Sep-07 09:46:13

ooooh looks like it is going to be dry all week...tomorrow looks nice...wednesday says sunny idea for saterday hmm

deegward Mon 10-Sep-07 09:48:59

Have shined sink, hoover house, made beds, made soup for lunch, taken tea out of freezer, going for bike ride later. Going to check today's task

EHM Mon 10-Sep-07 10:22:55

sorry girls remember that I hadn't posted the Mission when cleaning bathroom this morningblush

EHM Mon 10-Sep-07 10:31:48

Thanks Flamesparrow hope all is well with you?
jas hope you are up & running again soon.Also fingers crossed that you & lo are
luda dc's must be so excited a bouncy castle, day off school & birthday party all in one weekgrin
scattygreat news about dd sleeping in her own bed all nightgrin
deeqward you are doing well this morning, enjoy the bike ridesmile

quickly s & s kitchen(didn't take long as done last night)
empty dw
hand wash pan & casserole dish not cleaned properly in dw
reload dw
s & s downstairs loo
strip&change cot sheet due to nappy leakage(feckin pampers nappies i hate them.give me lidl nappies anyday)
strip & change flat sheet on our bed(further pee incident on our unmade bed whilst washing/dressing dd0
shower/dress & blow dry my hair
clean bathroom

To do:
shopping for shoes which ellie can use in swimming pool to stop her slipping again
baby present
small supermarket shop
park on way home from town with ellie

Right have a great day all. see you later.x.x.

FunkyGlassSlipper Mon 10-Sep-07 11:23:37

Lovely mission as I have an integral fridge grin

AufishFeQueen Mon 10-Sep-07 11:31:48

Morning Girls!

My done list:

4 kids washed, dressed and fed
washed up and dried up breakfast dishes
washed and dressed
pegged out
school run
been to staples for plastic backing for school books

To do:

put washing on
put away the ironing from last night
put away the towels
dust and hoover
put clean table cloth on dining room table
fill in application form for Chrimbo job
make a pudding that my other half is trying to find the recipe for, but failing miserably! grin
clean the bathroom
mop the floors

Right I had better get on with it as I'm just sat down doing nothing at the moment.

collision Mon 10-Sep-07 11:47:38

Ooh I might have to join this on a Monday just so I have a real excuse to turn on MN!!

so far I have

breakfasted and taken ds1 to school
tidied and washed up in the kitchen

done a bit of computer stuff for work

cleaned out fishtank with ds2

tidied living room

made beds

washing in tumbledrier

put washing on

RubyRioja Mon 10-Sep-07 12:11:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Mon 10-Sep-07 13:27:54


\Finges crossed that this weather is in for a fortnight...we're on holiday next week

Being a rubbish mum. Letting Ed be entertained by films so I don't have to do much. I've gone all cold and shivery again I'm not so steady on my legs either

Up and showered
Do hair
S&S loo
S&S sink
Give ed his clothes for the day
Sort out dry v damp washing
Make breakfast for me and Ed
Walk him to school
Stay til he settles (15 mins)
Show my face at toddlers
Go home (feel rubbish)
Empty WM
Bring in dry washing
Peg out
Empty DW
Put away
Call round relatives to let them Know about the Edventure
Collect Ed
Changge him
Put Surf's up on for him
Make ed's lunch

Ressume shaking like a s**y dog.

At least he's sleepy (thank you nursery)

Oh good news, Ed has kicked the night time nappy grin

MrsFogi Mon 10-Sep-07 13:31:51

So I'm taking it that if you have an integrated fridge you get to clean on top of the fridge the cupboard is in? I think there was a thread about cleaning on top of cupboards a while ago.

FunkyGlassSlipper Mon 10-Sep-07 13:47:55

My fridge is under the worktop in the kitchen. The door is effectively like a cupboard door and there is no specific fridge top

shouldbe Mon 10-Sep-07 14:05:14

Hello again

I've been out and about and think I have all I need to make dds costume. We know what we're planning to make, we just need to think through how to actually make it now hmmgrin

I've also been and done my weekly shop and unpacked it all

I did my ironing last night so have put that away.

Now I plan to put some washing in the wm, sit down and have a cuppa, then
~we have to go and collect dd
~take her to her after-school club
~come home/kill an hour hanging around somewhere
~go and collect dd from her club
~come home again
~have tea
~have a bath
~go to bed!

Luda I use for weather forecasts, it's usually pretty reliable and you can see 14 days in advance (I think..)

yaddayah Mon 10-Sep-07 14:53:35

hi all

bit of a quickie as off out to school run in a mo

back tommorrow proper (promise)

As a concession to fly I have just cleaned and vacummed the stationary drawer and chucked out all the old broken biro's grin

grouchyoscar Mon 10-Sep-07 14:58:54

Back again

I'm dosed up with lemsips, anadin ultras and my hardcore meds. Apologies for my last rambling post blush

I suppose I overdid it this morning. It was Ed's first day back at school and I wanted to take him and collect him.

Normal service may resume shortly

tortoise Mon 10-Sep-07 21:30:01

Evening all. Doubt anyone is about but never mind grin
DD1 has school in the afternoons this week. Its 1.30-3.15. She cried yet again sad.
By the time i walk home it will be nearly time to pick her and DS's up again! Took DD2 to the park for an hour today instead of walking home. I really need a bike! grin

DD2 has her 1st morning at pre-school tomorrow. She is very excited.

I think i will go to bed in a mo. I am shattered and my legs ache from all the walking i have done today (and running around the park with dd2!)

Jas Tue 11-Sep-07 06:31:28


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