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Any tips for cleaning an Amby Hammock mattress?

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ProfYaffle Fri 07-Sep-07 21:30:08

That's it really. It needs cleaning, I'm tempted to put it in the washer but am too scared incase I ruin it. Any tips/hints gratefully received.

(Feck my life is dull, This on a Friday night hmm)

Jenkeywoo Fri 07-Sep-07 23:52:40

I think we washed ours a couple of times as it only a bit of foam - could remove it from the cover first? if it does go funny Amby do sell replacement mattresses - for our dd2 we bought a new mattress as dd1 left a dd shaped indent in the old one! (p.s if you do look at the website my dd is in there - in a hammock holding a little grey doggy)

ProfYaffle Sat 08-Sep-07 08:07:12

Thanks for that. Dd2 will be going into her big cot this weekend and I'll probably be Ebaying the hammock sometime soon so want it to look respectable for selling.

Will go and look at your dd!

AussieSim Sat 08-Sep-07 08:31:01

You can take your old foam mattress to a place that does foam and rubber and get a new piece cut and it costs next to nothing! As I am in Oz I don't know any shop names to be more precise, but I did it here and couldn't believe how simple and cheap it was.

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