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Jas Thu 06-Sep-07 06:47:18


Jas Thu 06-Sep-07 07:03:09

Good I hope everyone is well today.

EHM you sounded positive last night, I hope you have another good day today.

tortoise - I hope dd1 is happier at school today, and you feel a bit better, too.

Aufish - I've just read your list from yesterday nd realised I haven't got any bread for dd1's lnchblushangry I will have to borrow a couple of slices.

squatchette - Icna't believe you binned scuffed shoes! I am a mean mummy and would make dd wear thm anyway, particularly if she was going to play football and ruin more.

Ruby - what are your future career plans? (Nosey....I need inspiration, though)

GO I hope things go ok with your ML today and you get to work.

blossomsmine - you are supposed to just do what youcan each day ad not stress about the stuff you ca't get done. I often don't do the missions, but just havng a routine at all helps me.

scattyspice i often let mine go to school without coats.blush If it rains they are kept in anyway, but if it is cold they suffer. I'm hoping it is teaching them to take responsibility for their own clothes hoiceshmm

mlr ho long have you got with one on 1/2 days? I used to hate all the hanging around that causes.

shouldbe I have similar issues with dd1 and the perfecionist thing.....I encourage her to do things I know she will fail at, so she is learning it is ok to not get everything right first time.

<<big wave>> to everyone I've missed. smile

ludaloo Thu 06-Sep-07 07:41:10

Morning... Hope you are all ok smile

I didn't get a minute spare to even turn the comp. on yesterday!

I am opening up for the toddler group today, so I'll be out most of this morning.

Hope you all have a good day smile

scattyspice Thu 06-Sep-07 07:46:54

Morning Jas. You're morning summary is great. smile

I love Fly lady because...
Yeserday I cleaned my front door for the first time in years. I thought right I've got a few mins while the tea cooks and just did it.!!

Hope y'all have a good day today.

shouldbe Thu 06-Sep-07 08:04:29

Morning all

Can I just copy and paste Jas's morning round up of hellos please? I agree with everything she has to say anyway.....grin

I need to get some more jobs done today and have an urge to clear out the wardrobe in my room (partly to see which other clothes I have forgotten which may fit me now, but also just because it's a terrible mess) so I may try to do that.
I have to be at the school at 8.30am, mid-day and then 3pm so am limited as to which larger jobs I can tackle with so many interuptions (it's a 15 minute walk each way to school plus all the waiting around so much time is lost just to-ing and fro-ing)

Better go and dry my hair before we head out the door. See you later x

SimplySparkling Thu 06-Sep-07 08:40:18

hello to all. am typing with dog on lap. can't even see the keyboard. am having to type slowly using touch typing skills. my fault for asking large dog for a cuddle. oh, dear, she has now relaxed completely onto my left arm. anyway, good to be back on this thread. will go and get showered and think of my list of stuff to do today. see you later.

mylastrolo Thu 06-Sep-07 08:44:18

jas you are so good to remember everyone.

Morning everyone,

Have read your babysteps too and laundry is a big issue with me at the moment.

To do:
mission from yesterday infact want to do them all to catch up.

need to sort out paper work
sort out spare room

Got girls room organised yesterday and that was some doing.

REad stories last night instead of tv shock I know i used to do stories but with d/h being away i used tv so it was cold turkey last night and they loved the stories. tv only at week-ends now.

my d/h has left d/d's to school today I got up made porridge and lunch and fruit for d/d2. my friend is collecting her at 12.15 taking her to play with her little boy and i will meet her back at 3.25pm .
we are hoping to do this in the long term. take turn about

I am really hoping they will let her go full days asap hopefully it will soon be 3 full days by mid term and then full days after that we shall see depends on child. She loves time with me and will soon prefer costa and library and park than school angry. It is costly hanging around.

they don't have to officially take her full-time until jan. Really like teacher and she taught my d/d in reception so she knows i travel a good distance. so hopefully when all the class start on monday she will decide then how many full days she can do.

ok this is an essay sorry have a good day everyone. all pleased i got a mention this morning

EHM Thu 06-Sep-07 09:10:26

Morning All

jas thanks for the thread once again. THank you for your comments. It must have taken you ages to do the individual responses, very impressed. You save the kindest things, and always gave great

Hi to shouldbe*,*scatty, MLR*,*SimplyS.

I am running late this morning as I've managed to do a few chores before getting dress.

s&s kitchen, including clean floor & shine hob.
load dw
s & s downstairs loo
clean hall floor(dh spilled tea from kitchen into livingroom)
long over due wipe of coaches(removed cushions yesterday & hoovered lots of cheerios)
breakfast me & dd

To do:
wash/shower & dress me/dd
make bed/cot
s & s bathroom
meet friend

NO washing today I've washed/ironed everyday/night since coming back from my Mums on Saturday afternoon.

Right must dash get me & dd ready meeting friend 1030/110. Have a great day all.x.x

EHM Thu 06-Sep-07 09:12:08

oops and luda have a great day at toddlers.

Jas Thu 06-Sep-07 09:21:53

grin I always smile when I get a personal response, so I thought it would be nice to make the effort.

I am ahead of myself today. I took the dining room rug (a very large offcut of carpet) outside and scrubbed it before the school run. I need to rinse it and get it in the sun to dry now.

I need to clear out under my bed, too. All the leftover stuff has crept under there while I have been cleaning the bedroom outblush

I am taking ds to the farm today,too, so need to get moving.

Bewilderbeast Thu 06-Sep-07 09:23:00

morning all

It's DS's first day at nursery today (he is usually with my mum) I stayed with him for breakfast but am just letting him get on with it. Not going to work though so that I'm closer if he gets upset.

Waiting in for a man to come and fix the oven after DP blew it up on Tuesday grrr

To do

Menu plan
clean kitchen
washing (as many loads as is humanly possible)
put all clean clothes away (there are loads I still haven;t unpacked my things since we moved in January)
file or shred all post

shouldbe Thu 06-Sep-07 09:31:36

Right, I've done my basic morning routine and am now ready to tackle mine and dh's wardrobe and chest of drawers. I dread to think what I'll find lurking in there - it's been quite some time since I gave it a proper clear out. I have had a quick read through FLY lady's decluttering advice and am ready to go!
See you as and when I emerge from the pile of clothes and junk.....hmmgrin

shouldbe Thu 06-Sep-07 09:39:30

simply I got your message the other day but have deleted it without writing down your phone number (doh) I'm home till 11.30ish today and then will be around later (3.30ish) if you'd like to call again...

blossomsmine Thu 06-Sep-07 10:16:35

Jas thanks for the assurance that i am doing alright......time is the problem isn't it. But not stressing at least i am keeping things better than they were beforesmile
You all seem to be doing so so well. My bedroom is a nightmare.....would you believe i started decluttering it on the .....May bank holiday (the first one!!!) i worked through piles of paperwork and piles of rubbish i was keeping...but never got it finished. I did have another go during the summer holidays but something always got in the way. I am off to work now so it won't get started nowsad Still I think i could use my hotspotting and decluttering time to just do the bedroom gradually, that would be ok wouldn't it??[blush0

EHM Thu 06-Sep-07 10:19:39

jas I always smile when I get a personal message toogrin
shouldbe good luck with the wardrobes
bewilder Hi, aww hope ds enjoys nursery

Chnage of plan friend has cancelled so I am taking ellie swimming. Then picnic lunch at the little orchard which we can pass on the way home. Enjoy the sunshine & have a great day all.x.x

EHM Thu 06-Sep-07 10:20:38

x posts Hi to blossom

AufishFeQueen Thu 06-Sep-07 10:22:36

Morning fellow flyers! Am in a good mood today, though the early mornings are killing me!

My to do list:

washing up and drying up
mop the floors
hoover the front room -it seems to be more messy since the kids have gone back to school hmm
washing - need to do the kids clothes for the fundraising event at school tomorrow. Now they are getting older the demands of what they want to wear has started!
general tidy up

Not doing much else today as I am absolutely shattered as even though I went to bed early last night the other half who was staying up in preparation for his night shift, kept waking me up with him talking to his friends on X box Live! He got in trouble when he finally came up to bed at 6.30 this morning.

EHM Thu 06-Sep-07 10:23:12

x post aufish hello!

RubyRioja Thu 06-Sep-07 10:27:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shouldbe Thu 06-Sep-07 11:37:23

I've done as much as I can with my wardrobe for now and it's looking heaps better I'm sure the battle to try to fit clothes in there has been leading to laundry being piled up everywhere instead of being put away! I've hardly taken anything out and yet just re-folding/hanging everything has left me with more room Need to collect ds now then hope he'll entertain himself while I finish up...

SimplySparkling Thu 06-Sep-07 12:22:01

Hello to all.

Thanks for the thread, Jas.

Good to see you EHM. I hope you enjoy your picnic lunch. I've just had my elevenses! blush

luda I've been neglecting you lately, I fear. Hopefully we can catch up soon now that the children are back in school and life's more routine again.

shouldbe I'll try ringing this afternoon, then. smile

Ruby My dh is like that, too! He is supposed to write on the kitchen calendar if he is going to be away from home but often forgets. I've learnt to print off his work calendar and put it on the kitchen noticeboard. I can then take a look and prompt him to put it on the week to view calendar. I thought I'd have to find a new career a few years ago as there was a problem with my employer and so I thought of alternatives and now I'm left with itchy feet!

<<waves to everyone else on the thread>>

Right. Done list:-
~ unloaded d/w and put away
~ 3 loads of washing
~ 2 loads on the line
~ cleaned the shower
~ emptied dd's bedroom bin
~ moved dd's bed around to prompt a furniture move to make her bedroom more usable. The walls are shocking and they were only recently painted; well a year or two ago. Dh found the Laura Ashley paint pretty hard to use and it looks so patchy it needs to be re-done.
~ stripped all the beds
~ showered and dressed
~ had a phonecall with a customer service person from a mail order company who apologised for the poor service and understood why I'd asked to be taken off the mailing list. He's credited my account with £20 as a goodwill gesture. Dilemma - do I use it or not? I won't mention the company as I mentioned MN during my conversation as my complaints are those expressed by others and are often mentioned on here. It's a clothing company that advertises on here a lot. wink

To do:-
~ keep going with the laundry
~ finish hoovering upstairs and put hoover away
~ water houseplants or ask the kids to do it
~ cook the salmon joint ready for an early tea as ds has football practice at 6pm. He has written it on the calendar. It's the training, you know. Catch them when they're young! grin

yaddayah Thu 06-Sep-07 12:36:06

hi all, typing one handed as dd is currently sittng on me as i'm a car

broom broom

done list

one wash
unloaded d/w and run empty with cleaner

er thats about it

I have to get a move on i've just wasted most of the morning


RubyRioja Thu 06-Sep-07 12:52:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SimplySparkling Thu 06-Sep-07 12:55:09

yadda Beep, beep! [sniggers kindly] smile I'm not wasting time, oh no, I've just won a chess game on the PC. [hangs head in shame] I'm going to go and do something useful now. Do you want to join me in a busy half hour?

yaddayah Thu 06-Sep-07 12:58:20

screech of brakes (traffic light) smile

revs engine


half hour it is


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