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How can I trap dog hair in my washing machine?

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MsVestibule Wed 26-Feb-20 23:08:03

We have a dog who casts a lot. The washing comes out the washing machine still covered in his hair! I know there are products which you can throw in the washing machine that attracts the hair, but has anybody tried one that works well?

Franticbutterfly Thu 27-Feb-20 06:51:58

This is meant to be very good: Vamoosh - Pet Hair Dissolver for Washing Machines - 4 x 100g

MikeUniformMike Fri 28-Feb-20 17:16:57

A cheaper alternative is to put in a piece of fleece. Cat hair and human hair seems to weave itself into it. I think you can get the pet hair dissolver in £ shops, B&M or Wilko.

I bought a colour catcher not to catch pet hairs but it just seemed to be a flannel with a funny edging.

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