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That's DD1 and DD2s bedrooms for the rest of the house..........................

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sparkler Wed 05-Sep-07 13:03:24

First day back to school today and I'm left with a house like a tip!! It's taken me most of the day so far to sort out two bedrooms - I am giving them a thorough clean out though without the girls being here so I can bin lots of stuff.
Now for the rest of the house sad......ah stuff it I'm gonna put my feet up with a cuppa for an hour. smile

smoggie Wed 05-Sep-07 13:58:17

I've just finished a marathon 4 hour clean and I'm knackered! Feel like it's the first time its been cleaned properly in 6 weeks...and even then I haven't pulled stuff out to clean behind iykwim. I'm under no illusion however, and realise that it will be a bombsite within 10 mins of them returning tonight grin Am having a quick MN fix before having a shower and going to the dentists.

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