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FL babies, day 12.....just do what you can and start again tomorrow.

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Jas Wed 05-Sep-07 06:12:48

Please read todays stepsmile

Jas Wed 05-Sep-07 06:39:45

Todays reminders

Today is a good day to remind ourselves how well we are all doing. I'm keeping up my evenig routine, but am not so good at the morning one yet.

The lovely thng about FLYng is you don't have to try and catch up. As she says, just jump in where we are. And delete everything at the end of the day if you are getting the emails. All the jobs will come round again.

TheMadHouse Wed 05-Sep-07 09:39:33

Morning Jas

Today I have

Got dressed
Done 1 load of washing and hung on the line
Emptied the dishwasher
Sorted out lunch

To Do

Breakfast washing up
Another load of washing
15 min
Sort Dinner

Today I go swimming with the boys, so a busy day for me and not much time whilst they are asleep, as I have to shower - no way can I manage that and my two at the baths!!!!

Catch you all later

winemakesmummyclever Wed 05-Sep-07 10:13:05


Wow, Jas you are up and active so very early. Feel very slovenly getting up at 8 blush.

So far I have managed:

dress to shoes
breakfast for me & ds
unload & load b/fast things in d/w
s&s bathroom, kitchen & utility room
2 loads of washing (just about to go out on the line as the weather has perked up a bit )
hotspots of dining room & hall tables
evening meal half prepped (just need to buy spuds)

Think I deserve a cup of tea and a bit of MNetting before I do the hoovering grin then head off out.

Have a great day everyone.

BigBearistheBigBear Wed 05-Sep-07 11:18:41

Today I have:

got dressed and put on make-up
helped DD2 with her home visit with the physio
unloaded and loaded DW
washed up and shined sink
wiped surfaces and swept kitchen and dining rm floors
finally spoken to the cat behaviour line about Mog the Kitten of Doom
started the WM
swished and swiped

To do:
Take the wrongly delivered Daily Mail back to the paper shop
Clear up toys at end of day

ILs just arriving to help DH swap our bedroom with the DD's room. Laters!

harleyd Wed 05-Sep-07 12:07:47

hey there everybody!
sofar today i have showered, dressed, kids to school/nursery, shiny sink, swished, brushed floor, 2 loads washing and sorted and put out the recycling boxes.
cant really be bothered to do much else today. dont want to crash and burn grin
am still running round the house in my socks though, cant get my head around the shoe thing.
jas how do you get up and organised at 6am - thats still practically the middle of the night, lol

Jas Wed 05-Sep-07 13:34:19

All the children are up at 6grin I have no choice. DP gets up early and is incapable of getting up, showered and out without waking at least one of us up.

I've got used to the early starts over the years, and actually find I get more done in the mornings. I can't make myself go to bed early (I would get no adult time at all) so I am constantly tired, and am often found dozing in front of the tv with the dc at 4 o'clockblush

blossomsmine Wed 05-Sep-07 14:43:30

Hello to everyonesmile
Jas i am the same,i stay up so late at night, i feel the same i don't get any 'releaxing' time if i don't have abit of time on my own at night.

Haven't done much today, just morning and evening routines will be done i think.
Still haven't done a pile of ironing i have been looking at for a couple of days.
Out tonight so won't feel like doing much later, might try and make myself catch up with the ironing.
Have to say though, i needed to find a letter today before we went off to school and i knew just where to find it thanks to flying and hotspotting! That would never have happened a couple of weeks ago as it would have been mixed up in a load of documents and papers on top of the fridge freezer! So this system is starting to work for mesmile

Hope you all have good days.

alycat Wed 05-Sep-07 16:43:11

Hi all,

I was so good last night put out clothes for the dcs and myself, shined my sink the works!

This am kept sink shiny, s&S my bathroom,unloaded/reloaded dishwasher, dressed to the shoes, laundry on, deilivered my 2 to 2 different schools by 8.45 am(!) and after hanging around at DS' new school for a while in case he was stressed, went for coffee with a gf (her bday) then did a vast supermarket shop came home put it all away, hotspotted the kitchen dresser, zoned in the porch, went to pick up DS from school and he threw up in the way home in the car and hasn't stopped since!

I, my leather sofa, my car, my hall, my wood floor and nearly every towel in the house is covered in dark green vomit. <yuck emotion> Then as I was carrying a bucket of hot disinfectant water out to the car the handle broke, spilt all over the floor, noise woke DS up. By the time I had calmed him down and cleared up more sick all the water had soaked into the wood floor making it a funny colour. I'd shoved Ds' new uniform into wash all together turning his shirt pink, bother, not running it with some colour run remover.

Had to get a freind to pick up dd from school - first day at new school and no mummy, poor dd.

Do you think Kelly will mind if I don't do the rest of my FLY today as I'm exhausted!

pobletsmum Wed 05-Sep-07 17:45:01

Oh alycat you poor thing. I'm sure that you're well and truly relieved of any other FLYing until your DS is better. Poor little chap, and after his 1st day at his new school too. I hope the sickness doen't last too long, and that you can salvage the furniture, wodden flooring etc.

I've had a busy day today, and managed a bit of FLYing although not enough really. I have

dressed to shoes
shined sink
tumbled a load of washing & folded
took overflowing basket of washing upstairs to be put away (a job for later!)
taken DS to swimming lesson
tried to buy DS shoes, but after a 14-mile journey there, and an hour of waiting (I thought I'd missed the back-to school rush), they didn't have anything in his size so will have to try a different shop on fridaysad
cleared hotspot in kitchen
spent 45minutes picking dried playdoh off my living room carpet (does this count for anything FLY-wise?)
put another wash on
had lots of cuddles with DS who seems to be coming down with a really snotty cold
put dinner in the oven

SO... much improved since the last few disastrous days, but still not perfect. Babysteps, babysteps...

Jas Wed 05-Sep-07 20:33:53

sadalycat. Poor you (and ds) I hope he is bettter soon.

I didn't do that much today, and the dds had Brownies and Rainbows this evening, so not the best FLY day for me. I have the dds clothes ready for tomorrow, and the sink is shiny thoughgrin

SlightlyMadSCAREYthing Wed 05-Sep-07 21:39:43

Oh dear alycet...dark greenvomit really is vile isn't it?

Well I have done my usual - maintained by clutter free areas but hotspotting, shiney sink clothes out etc. Oh and I finished the 15miner that I started on Mon.

Tomorrow is my 1/2 day so I am determined to do a 15 miner in teh hall...although could well turn into a 2hr'er blush. If you are lucky you may even be treated to before and after piccies....

tibni Wed 05-Sep-07 22:20:20

Im doing ok on morning routines but falling behind on evening. DS got up and stayed up at 4am so by evening I am shattered! Maybe I need to do my evening routine earlier! (if thats possible?)

Will drag myself off PC and go get DD uniform out for tomorrow.

Alycat hope your ds is soon better

Jas Thu 06-Sep-07 06:40:18

Day 13

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