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Can you make 'natural' antibac

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Katymac Tue 04-Sep-07 20:59:58

OFSTED want me to use antibac on the changing mat

I really worry about antibac next to the babies skin

Can I make a spray with water lavander & teatree oil?

Or am I in cloud cuckoo land?

NannyL Tue 04-Sep-07 21:11:10

hot soapy water and ebow grease is naturally antibacterial

startouchedtrinity Tue 04-Sep-07 21:14:33

You can, lemon essential oil is my favourite. Use it neat on a damp cloth to wipe over mats, work surfaces etc. Tea tree shoudl be okay but my dh has a big allergy to it so I tend to avoid.

Alternatively Anthony Worral Thompson has a natural antibac spray that you can get in Waitrose. Called Fresh and Green or something.

BBBee Tue 04-Sep-07 21:15:45

I use lavendar and teatree oil in water as an antibac.

Katymac Tue 04-Sep-07 21:23:16

I may 'opt' out & use the fresh & green (if it smells OK)

I wonder if anywhere other than waitrose do it?

startouchedtrinity Tue 04-Sep-07 21:25:48

It smells quite pleasant. You could try googling it, although I may have got the name wrong.

Katymac Tue 04-Sep-07 21:26:49

I have found it (mail order)

But waitrose is miles away from me

(you had the name right)

NannyL Tue 04-Sep-07 21:35:53

Asda do fresh and green by Anthony worral Thomspson

£1.99 per bottle

Katymac Tue 04-Sep-07 21:37:58

Asda here I come - Thanks

Katymac Wed 05-Sep-07 08:25:42

I was thinking

Do you think it would be OK on changing mats then putting the baby straight on?

Because that's why I need it very natural

startouchedtrinity Wed 05-Sep-07 10:29:14

Katymac, <deep breath>.

I am probably a shocking housekeeper but in five yrs of nappy changing I could probably count the number of times I have antibac-ed a changing mat on one hand. Generally I use a wipe or washing-up liquid and hot water. I only use antibac when there is a tummy bug going and we don't seem to get many of those.

Katymac Wed 05-Sep-07 11:39:39

I know - I wouldn't either - but it's OFSTED

fizzylemonade Wed 05-Sep-07 13:45:15

there is a mail order company who do all things natural but hopefully your clients pay you lots of money as it is steep, think asda may be a better bet!!!

I use their kitchen cleaner as I used to anti bac the worktops but then roll pastry on it etc

nursery cleaner

lorca Wed 05-Sep-07 14:37:36

Katymac - how are Ofsted going to know if you anti-bac the mat? So long as it looks clean, and you have a bottle of anti-bac sitting close by, they are not likely to test it, like Kim and Aggie does?

sparkybabe Wed 05-Sep-07 14:41:42

I wouldn't anti-bac the worktops and then roll pastry out - doesn't it make it taste of chemicals? I think the anti-bac sold in bottles only kills off the weak bacteria anyway, and leaves all the strong ones to survive and multiply. Just use bleach and rinse well.

Katymac Wed 05-Sep-07 14:52:53

When they come they observe you changing a nappy (I know you could cheat - but I am a good C/Mer & I want to follow the rules.....MY WAY)

ProjectIcarusinhercar Wed 05-Sep-07 14:59:45

Eucalyptus and tea tree. Bit of alcohol in water. Kills mrsa.

Katymac Wed 05-Sep-07 15:12:42


Is there any evidence I can print off - to back me up with OFSTED

That would be so fab

ProjectIcarusinhercar Wed 05-Sep-07 15:25:16

will have a look later. It was trialled in hospitals somewhere.

startouchedtrinity Wed 05-Sep-07 20:47:58

Oh, now I understand. How annoying.

I know tea tree is used a lot in New Zealand.

I got so mad recently when I read about OFSTED rating so many CMs as 'failing' when it is just this sort of nonsense that they fail on! angry

Katymac Wed 05-Sep-07 20:55:54

I'm a bit bloody minded and anal - I have decided (in my mind) that antibac is not 'good' & I want a natural alternative

I will of course have a massive row with OFSTED about it - but I will need ammunition

I will also win - several of my previous arguments with OFSTED are now 'good practice' andexpected of CMers (prob co-incidence but I like to pretend it's ocs of mewink)

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Wed 05-Sep-07 20:59:37

ok so is it bad that as a parent i have never anti-baced my changing mat?!?!

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Wed 05-Sep-07 20:59:56

oh and id say teat tree/lavender and a touch of vodka would be fine!

startouchedtrinity Wed 05-Sep-07 21:00:25

I couldn't do it, fair play to you, you must really love it! (I find dealing with the regulations about dd1's lunchbox hard enough to swallow!)

Katymac Wed 05-Sep-07 21:10:28

After the day I have had I'm not sure 'love it' is the right termhmm

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