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Which vacuum should I buy

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MyCatTibby Wed 19-Feb-20 15:05:15

I've got a GTech Air Ram at the moment and I've had it four years but I'm getting a bit fed up of it, the suction doesn't seem very good. I'm thinking of getting a shark corded - the anti hair wrap, true pet one I have a cat so it would need to be good sucking up pet hair! Would you recommend your hoover?

LurpakIsTheOnlyButter Wed 19-Feb-20 15:07:59

I just bought the shark. It is bloody marvellous. Great bit of kit and we'll worth the money

MyCatTibby Wed 19-Feb-20 17:27:16

Thank you! I think my mind is made up! I’m going for a shark!

ckcats Fri 21-Feb-20 19:07:42

Can you help me- i read in an advertisement abt a vacuum for £50 thats equivalent or better than a dyson but cant remember the name of it ???

Babyg1995 Fri 21-Feb-20 19:12:25

Shark definitely I got a Henry and hated it so big heavy and bangs and gets caught on everything angry worst purchase ever wasn't long in changing to a shark .

MyCatTibby Fri 21-Feb-20 20:26:26

@ckcats ooh sorry I haven’t heard of that. @Babyg1995 I’ve had a Henry before! Never again! So cumbersome!

EllyDellgato Sun 08-Mar-20 09:53:04

Definitely don't get a Henry and a dyson is only worth it if you get the really expensive ones, I'd recommend a moosoo, better price than the dyson and just as reliable

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