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How do I get mildew out?

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jabberwocky Mon 03-Sep-07 14:18:12

Somehow a wet washcloth made its way into the laundry basket and ds2's cute little Hawaiian shirt has a mildew stain on it I've tried oxyclean and shout advanced and it's still there

jabberwocky Mon 03-Sep-07 14:52:45


saythatagain Mon 03-Sep-07 14:53:52

From biter experience, I don't think you can sad - sorry.

jabberwocky Mon 03-Sep-07 15:02:12

I was afraid of that.


Madwelshwoman Mon 03-Sep-07 15:43:08

Ok, wash it in bio powder hang it on wash line to dry if that doesn't work then soak it in a mild bleach solution, same thing happened to me not long ago with dd's pyjamas and they were covered in mildew and it worked!

Madwelshwoman Mon 03-Sep-07 15:43:58

Forgot to say the sunlight will kill the mould spores, might take a few goes but it will work you need to do it asap

jabberwocky Mon 03-Sep-07 16:51:17

Thanks! Will try that now.

Madwelshwoman Mon 03-Sep-07 17:30:01

Seriously it will work if the stain is fairly new. I did it with dd's fave new pj top the same as you, a wet flannel and I'm not kidding you it was covered in the stuff but I tried that and it was as good as new. Let me know if it works

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