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FLYbabies, Day 10....the power of 15 minutes.

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Jas Mon 03-Sep-07 07:10:36

Day 10 This is the thing that has always stuck for me, and produced the best results. If you set a timer and stick at one job for 15 minutes, you will be surprised how much gets done. smile

For those who aren't getting emails, I thought I would introduce the zones. As it is the first week of the month, and most of the biger children are going back to school, it may help to focus on each zone through the month.
We are in the front porch, hall and dining room. I have no front porch and my hall is so narrow nothing is in it at all, but the dining room is a disater area (also computer room, tool storage, coat rack, and paper work).

When you delutter, start by the door in your chosen room, and gradually work round the room without missing anything, in 15 minute bursts. (or whatever time works for you).

A hotspot is one clutter area which keeps building back up, like the pile of dps paperwork, and needs a little bit of attention every day. Eventually (in theory) you will get on top of the clutter, but you will probably never get rid of hotspots, just keep them under control.

Sorry.I appear to have written a small bookblush

Happ FLingsmile

Jas Mon 03-Sep-07 07:14:14

todays reminders

I will catch up properly later. I hope baby harley had a good first

shouldbe Mon 03-Sep-07 07:45:48

Do you know I've never even seen that list of reminders beforeblush? I really am a pretty poor excuse for someone who posts on the FLY threads blush They make pretty good sense. I do do some of them already as part of my morning routine, but may start some of the others too through the day
I'm enjoying starting with these babysteps again, thanks Jas

FunkyGlassSlipper Mon 03-Sep-07 07:53:40

Morning guys,

DD2 still feverish so have to take her to GP an DD1 t pre-school.

Glad we are stil babystepping. 15 mins can make a big diffrence.

are you all dressed?

have you put the breakfast things away?

good luck to all the kiddies back at school today x

Jas Mon 03-Sep-07 09:19:11

shouldbe - the reminders are all the emails you would get throughout the day if you got them (minus the testimonials)grin

I'm counting cleaning out my wheelie bin asthe front entrance today, so that is done.

I'm going to do two 15 min bursts. One in the kitchen, and one in the bathroom.

I'm dressed, breakfast cleared away and washed up.
Sink is shiny.
Meat for tonights tea is defrosting.
Kids have tried on last terms plimsolls and both claim they still fithmm

shouldbe Mon 03-Sep-07 09:20:44

blush I never signed up for the emails....

Jas Mon 03-Sep-07 09:29:57

You don't need to nowgrin

ludaloo Mon 03-Sep-07 10:38:35

Hello.. I'm lagging behind a bit again...had a migraine yesterday and feel poo today.
I have had to walk up to school to get the uniforms as the car has not done much at all really.

I'll get a grip in a mo!

harleyd Mon 03-Sep-07 10:39:53

hi everyone smile
i am getting later everyday! just had to sit outside nursery for an hour waiting for dd2 - we have to wait for them every day this week even though most of them are running in and not looking back. its holding me up!
i have done pretty well this morning all the same. kitchen shiny, bathroom swished, load in washing machine, floors swept downstairs.
its monday, so its bedclothes day.
and i am going to declutter my bedroom now for 15mins
arent we all doing well grin

harleyd Mon 03-Sep-07 10:40:47

oh and then im going to make a shepherds pie

Jas Mon 03-Sep-07 13:38:59

It is quiet on here today.

Where is everyone?

We'vebeen to the cinema, and will go shopping when ds wakes up. I did my 15 mins in the bathroom. Off to do the kitchen now.

harleyd Mon 03-Sep-07 14:31:25

im just back from getting dd1 from school. am going to do another 15min stint in the bedroom before i go back up to the school for ds1.
i started decluttering my wardrobe - think i have gone overboard, i am left with 2 pairs jeans and 4 tops. oops

blossomsmine Mon 03-Sep-07 16:19:20

smile thanks Jas for your post earlier, makes it so much easier for people like me to get then hang of all this.
Today is towels day for me, they are currently on the line, i decided to make it towel day when i was doing my chart of jobs.
I haven't done 15mins of decluttering yet.....but i will i promisesmile

FunkyGlassSlipper Mon 03-Sep-07 16:33:00

hi everyone.

DD no longer has a high temp but she is grumpy which makes housework hard. Anyway i have done a 2 min hotspot in the living room and have spent 10 mins in the hall sorting out coats & shoes and clearing off a shelf. I even shock wiped down my front door and shook the doormat

ludaloo Mon 03-Sep-07 16:36:01

Hello smile

Well it is 4.30 ish...and I'm now just about to start FLYing blush

I have been up to school, got the kids new uniform....been into town and bought coats, caps, sock, pants, knickers, shoes.
Dd1's uniform and new socks and knickers are all currently in the washing machine (she has sensitive skin so everything has to be washed)

~Read reminders
~Shine sink
~Fold washing
~Put washing away
~Make packed lunches
~Label all the new uniform

First of all though...I have to

~Tidy up after dinner
~wipe DD2 down who looks like an explosion in a spaghetti bolognese factory

BigBearistheBigBear Mon 03-Sep-07 18:53:04

Well, DH is off all this week, so it will be difficult to stick to my new wonderful routines.

Today I have:

got dressed and put some makeup on
washed up and shined sink
emptied and loaded dishwasher
hung up wet laundry
changed the cat litter (bleurgh)
been to Ikea and spent way too much!
read my reminders.
put up new funky purple curtains in the dining room (but they need hemming, agh.) purple curtains are better than they sound, honest.

so looks like i need to spend the evening finding hotspots and decluttering wildly. Not to mention blessing my lurvely home.

BigBearistheBigBear Mon 03-Sep-07 18:57:12

Jas thanks for posting the reminders, they are useful.

FGS good to hear your DD is on the mend, and sounds like you've done well to manage the mission with a sick baba.

ludaloo hope you have recovered from your migraine.

I told DH i wanted to buy a laminator today but he told me it wasn't allowed and was too "strange"!!!! hmm I said I could laminate lists of jobs for him, but he claims he'd just frisbee them out the window shock.

TheMadHouse Mon 03-Sep-07 19:02:59

Hi All

Can I become a flybaby too?

I have two DS (2.4 and 14 months) and cleaning is not something I really do well, although, I would like to have some order. On the surface the house looks OK, but open a cuboard and you will be buried for days blush.

ludaloo Mon 03-Sep-07 21:29:09

Hello all smile

Bigbear I've recovered...thankyou smileI get them far too often theses days...but I'm ok this evening.. smile

Themadhouse Hello smile come and join us, (I have a few cupboards that fit that description!)

Did I have a list today??...

Oooooh yes I did...

~Mission .... didn't do
~Hotspot .... didn't do either
~Decluttering .... oh I did a bit in my DC bedroom
~Read reminders .... just done it a minute ago
~Shine sink.... done
~Hoover.... done
~D/W.... done
~Fold washing.... done
~Put washing away.... done
~Ironing.... did just the bits needed for the morning!
~Make packed lunches.... done
~Label all the new uniform... did what DD1 is wearing tomorrow

Ah not done too bad in the end! smile

SlightlyMadSCAREYthing Mon 03-Sep-07 22:03:49

Well I got home from work at 5:30 and

my sink had been vandalised shock



Other than reshining my sink I have had a light day today blush.

I got dressed (obvious as I went to work) to lace up shoes today

I have just read my reminders

I didn't do a hotspot at home (but did a couple at work if that counts grin)

I didn't do a 5 min room rescue

I didn't do a 15 min de-clutter (well I started doing the paperwork and then poorly DD3 needed TLC so I stopped - but it is in 3 piles ready to start again tomorrow)

Havn't looked at zony wacthmajigs...but I don't have a dining room, don't have a porch adn have a hall 1.5m*1m (although it is my next de-clutter zone to tackle cos its a tip)...does that mean once I have de-cluttered it I get the rest of the week off grin?

Despite being a bad girl I am still happy that I am keeping on top of the areas that have already been hotspotted. I am putting washing straight away, I am taking things straight upstairs etc - so I am smile

alycat Mon 03-Sep-07 22:41:41

Hi all,

Just to say I'm going back a few days as I feel I'm not keeping up/understanding - sorry I know Jas (and FGS and Luda) have been working really hard to keep us on the path to FLY.

My when my DS was home today he wouldn't let me let go of his hand. He went back to his special needs nursery this am - I couldn't come home and get on as he doesn't settle well there and it was first one back, so had to sit in the parents room so I was onhand if the screaming got worse.

So I got nothing done today at all and it all went to pot at the weekend, so I'm feeling really miserable. Lets hope for a happier day tomorrow!

blossomsmine Mon 03-Sep-07 23:13:43

Right well i did my usual morning routine, and a hoover through.
decluttered a drawer (does that count as a hotspot?)
did the ironing, to me that is a hotspot!!
cleaned the outside/top of the fridge, it is a big one, honest!! Needed doing anyway.
Oh and cleaned a handbag out!! Amazing for me to do that, i hoard stuff in my bagsblush
Is that enough or am i missing something? Oh just thought was is the mission.....? I am still getting confused here you knowhmm

blossomsmine Mon 03-Sep-07 23:15:55

Sorry, meant to say luda sorry you have not been having migraines abit much lately...I am lucky i don't have them but grew up with my mum and dad both suffering from them so i really do sympathise. Hope you are feeling better nowsmile

blossomsmine Mon 03-Sep-07 23:17:02

Oh FGS...i meant sorry you HAVE been having migrainesblush Think i am suffering from cleaning exhaustion..............

Jas Tue 04-Sep-07 06:43:54

day 11

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