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blossomsmine Sat 01-Sep-07 16:12:00

My biggest problem is HANDBAGS!! I went through a stage of buying loads of them have stopped that now as money is tight but i still change over which one i am using. My trouble is when i change over i only move the essential stuff in the 'new' bag and then have several bags lying all over the place full of receipts, sweet wrappers, and general rubbish. Does anyone else do this or is it only me who is so lazy??
At the moment i have a lovely creamy coloured almost leather (a good imitation!!) one which i got from River Island whizzing round in the washing machine. Never done this before but seeing as i am trying to 'fly' again thought i would crack down on my handbag problem and give it a go.....What do you reckon it will turn out like then??

blossomsmine Sat 01-Sep-07 21:28:37

Just me thengrin

fryalot Sat 01-Sep-07 21:29:28


me too

RustyBear Sat 01-Sep-07 21:38:11

And me...

blossomsmine Sat 01-Sep-07 21:47:44

Oh goodsmile i thought i was the only one!! It just seems such a boring job emptying an old bag out when i just want to use the nice clean shiney new one!!
Oh by the way washing the bag seems to have worked! Needed to do it twiceblush second time had to do it on a hotter wash to get pen marks off it, but it has survived and ready to fill with c++p again!

glitterchick Sun 02-Sep-07 10:44:31

I totally have the same prob. Need to start Flying as Fly Lady does a hand bag boogie once in a while. Good news about the bag - I chuck anything into the washing machine and hope for the best.

blossomsmine Sun 02-Sep-07 21:19:38

Didn't know flylady did a handbag thing thats good as i have just started on the babysteps threadsmile

SuperMonkey Sun 02-Sep-07 21:23:32

I do it too. Think of it as a filing system.

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