February Flying for Fledglings, No More CHAOS here

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ExpletiveDelighted Thu 30-Jan-20 17:14:58

Welcome to February! This is a friendly ongoing thread where we follow (n some cases, very loosely) the Flylady method for sorting out our homes and lives!

Newbies are always welcome here! It’s a long running thread so please don’t worry if we appear cliquey. There’s a lot of chatter and support for all sorts of things, alongside the housework stuff.

Every day I will post a link to the Flylady launch pad, which is where you can access the information for that day - babysteps, missions, daily focus etc. But if you’re confused about anything, please ask!

Check out the website too - but we suggest not signing up for the millions of emails.

The great thing about Flylady is that you jump in where you are. Everything you do is progress. Don’t worry about not “keeping up”. Any achievement, however small, means progress.

More info to follow.

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Bowerbird5 Thu 30-Jan-20 18:58:42

Putting yummy treats in the naughty corner for those of us that slipoff the Flylady's broom.grin

ExpletiveDelighted Thu 30-Jan-20 19:14:58

Thank you Bower, just the thing. Also a big thank you for running the busy January thread to LaneBoy

Right, to get us off to a Flying start, here is the Getting Started link.

Here is the link to the daily launchpad launchpad.

I know we are 36 hours early but the other thread was nearly full and January has been a long, long month.

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ChicCroissant Thu 30-Jan-20 19:27:13

Brilliant work Expletive and much appreciated! Thanks again to Lane for starting the Fledgling year so well for us all.

January has been a long month this year, but we are almost there <snaffles treat, thanks Bower >, I was just saying the same thing this afternoon.

I've only got a short 3-day course of antibiotics, and that didn't work the last time I tried it but at least I've got some and it should help a bit.

Now fired up with enthusiasm to sort things out and wash up. It won't last long grin <eyes treats again>

zoo well done to your DD, what a result! You must be so proud of her, I can tell where she gets her brains and determination from star

Shannaratiger Thu 30-Jan-20 20:12:14


Have just read the thread but promptly forgotten, thanks dyspraxia and epilepsy meds - some days don't want to take them, I feel so much better but DH reminds me!

Zoo well done to Dd2. So relieved they're over. Dd did really well considering all the emotional turmoil. She was only going to do Maths and English because the number of science papers freaked her out. She was then given the choice each morning, didi them and has done really well. hmm
Hope Ds enjoys the gardening, so important for them to find something they can do well that is helpful.
Expletive well done to Ds.
Hazel glad the new job is going well.
Bower I really miss my 30 minute breakfast in peace before getting the kids up. Now Dd is like a 6am alarm clock everyday!
Bower men definitely have different brains
Tinselette well done for resting get better soon.

Ta Da
Dd in bed at 7:45. Ds in bathroom getting ready for bed. He is soo tired, whenever he gets a cold it really wipes him out, I think it's his asthma which make him cough all the time.
Put previous days washing away.
Found DS's christmas winter sock that he couldn't find - down the side of the bed he must have almost touched it in his sleep, both him and DH said they had searched everywhere for it!
Went into town to collect DH's prescription and put in mine and DS's.

Hi to everyone I've missed. Have a good evening

Subtractingcalories Thu 30-Jan-20 20:13:07

<SC checking in>
<Props up witches besom in naughty corner>

Huge thanks to Lane for steering us through the testing month of January and for inspiring us with your lists flowers

And thank you to Expletive for taking on Feb [hands over crate of gin]

Really need to focus on diet and exercise this month.

Subtractingcalories Thu 30-Jan-20 20:23:16

Well done to your dd with her mocks Shannara and hope your ds feels better soon.

Chic hope the abs kick in soon!

<snaffles one of Bower's virtual treats>


LaneBoy Thu 30-Jan-20 20:32:50

Thanks so much for taking on February Expletive smile

Just read to the end of the first thread.

DS3 has "passive" ASD and just accepts that everything he does and says will be socially wrong.

Ohhh wow willow that is so relatable. Not good for the self esteem, that one. I’m getting much more anxious about screwing up socially lately. Which is rather tricky when I’m suddenly in two new groups a week that aren’t my safe, mostly-also-autistic friends! I also very much get what you mean (and zoo too) about clashes due to different traits. It’s very hard to balance everyone’s needs isn’t it.

Melatonin a good shout, but if they’re going to increase the Ritalin, do ask if they’ll let him take an additional dose a little later. I do mine at 7.30am and half noon, but it does depend on how long it lasts in his system and of course when he needs to sleep - I can get away with still having stimulants in my system at 10pm, teens maybe not! Even a two hour gap could lessen the crash. Sorry for harping on, it’s a bit of a sore point for me as when I increased the dose (without staggering) things got pretty horrible because I had twice the crash. Now I can cope a little better in the evenings. A little.

And yes that was me with the being admired for dealing with everything thing. Ugh. I understand what you mean. When people tell me that, I would love to say well I don’t have a choice do I. And although we are still standing (metaphorically... I’ll get dizzy otherwise grin) I wouldn’t actually say we are coping well at all. So I feel like a fraud. Sadly my instinct is to put a happy mask on until it cracks under the pressure. This happened today in fact, I ended up a sobbing heap and now feel hellishly embarrassed and awkward.

Sadly DD has inherited my masking habit. She got her first warning today, for not getting her maths done. She didn’t understand the work. She also didn’t tell the teacher (who is also her form tutor, and by her account lovely, and the Senco has hopefully told him about her struggles by now). Gaaaaah. I am hoping the warning is enough to make her think twice about struggling in silence.

LaneBoy Thu 30-Jan-20 20:37:02

Zoo fantastic about the volunteering. A friend’s son has really benefited from similar!

Love the new name sc smile

Well done to everyone with mock exams, and oh my goodness so much illness on this thread! Sending a big bunch of healing thoughts to everyone (retaining a few for myself grin)

ta da
✅up, shower etc
✅bought a few things at coop before playgroup (bought ready meal as I knew I might succumb to a takeaway otherwise - although I ended up putting sausage rolls in for Cagletini so just had a few of those instead)
✅did some drawing
✅checked homework app and reminded DD to do maths

Don’t think I actually managed anything else today! Except
✅got through it 😂

Bowerbird5 Thu 30-Jan-20 21:20:45

Lane Thank you for running the thread in January you did a sterling job.
ED Thank you for running February.
Shanna he is learning to do a man lookhmm I did find two fluffy socks and a pop sock under the bed. I fell asleep on sofa this afternoon because my neck was aching. Haven't done any more in boudoir but if I can put a basket of washing away. Then tomorrow I can finish boudoir -getting nearer the door.
Builder rang to say he wasn't able to come today. He waited for the windows to arrive should have been yesterday and they are the wrong colour! He was a bit upset when I told him he had missed a yummy steak pie. He is going to try and pop in tomorrow to see the stone we have chosen and bring some left over tiles in case they will do for shower. Otherwise it will be Monday and we will have both of them they sometimes work together which is how I met them.

Recycled supper. I add some flour gave it a good stir and put potatoes on for mashing. Just ate it when DH came back from pub. He has Tiarmisu and cheesecake then asked me if I can eat it. This man has 11 'O' levels and a Scottish something in accounting. I do wonder at him sometimes.
Think I will dose up and go to bed early. GP has upped my stress meds to 25mg as I was running out before the next ones. I tried a couple of days off but not ready for that yet I think.

We3kingsoforientareandabump Thu 30-Jan-20 21:25:12

Ta-da's from after college earlier
✔️ ironing
✔️ school run
✔️ quick tidy
✔️ made dc dinner
✔️ made lunches for Tomorrow
✔️ filled out letters for school and checked DS1 had PE kit and swimming kit for tomorrow

Back to college for evening class
✔️ quick run round Sainsbury's for a couple of bits and got a few yellow sticker bargains
✔️ dinner made which was just beans on toast but I thoroughly enjoyed it
✔️ dishes done

Have my pj's on and have done my teeth and washed my make up off in a half arsed manner. No moisturiser because little fella is asleep and it's not worth the risk of waking him.

Now going to get some college work done.

KTCluck Thu 30-Jan-20 21:25:36

Ooh a lovely shiny new thread. I’ll get myself comfy <chucks bag of drumstick squashies into naughty corner before they disappear down the throat>

Thanks for the new thread Expletive and thanks for the old one Lane.

Zoo DD has done so well, you must be so proud! I hope she’s very proud of herself too, she’s been having a tough time and has shown just what she’s capable of. The gardening sounds fab for your DS too. Hope he enjoys it. Well done to your DD too Shannara and did I read your DC had done well in something too That? I half caught up this morning but have now forgotten what I was going to respond to. What a clever bunch you’ve all got.

Bower they’re such an irritating species aren’t they. You did well to limit it to a bit of sarcasm.

Hope the antibiotics kick in ASAP for you Chic and you continue to be on the mend tinselette

Flying has been minimal today. DH has tidied the living room and I’ve carried the takeaway plates into the kitchen (DH’s birthday and he had his heart set on one, not great for the diet but I’ve saved half for lunch). That’s about it blush. In my defence I didn’t get in from work til after 7 and then had to cuddle a poorly DD to sleep. She feels warm, has an awful cough and just isn’t herself. Hoping she’s ok tomorrow and can go to nursery as I hate letting my colleagues down (I’m entitled to carer’s leave while DH would have to take it unpaid). Plus it’s awful when they feel poorly sad.

I’ve come up for an early night and have set my alarm a bit earlier to put in a LOL and set off the dishwasher before work.

Night fledglings. Here’s to a flying February.

Tinselette1940 Thu 30-Jan-20 22:30:19

Goodnight Fledglings. Thanks so much Lane for January and thanks in advance for February Expletive delighted. Thanks for the kind wishes everyone. Hoping for a good night's sleep.

Bowerbird5 Thu 30-Jan-20 22:37:27

Yes KTC but I needed help to finish it.
I fell asleep about 5.30pm woke up to find he had snuck off to pub. He did wash up the pan and two plates. Oh damn I bet he ate the spoonful of mash I left. I was going to heat it in the oven in the morning and make a poached egg. He hasn't he has put it in a bowl. Yes!

So plan tomorrow is
15 minutes in sitting room
1 hour in boudoir
1 hour in dining room as hot spot is still cluttered but no excuse now as Christmas plates are away.

Shopping at M&S at some stage as BF and her DH are coming for tea. Fish. He has been told to eat more fish and he doesn't like it so I suggested to her that they come for tea and I buy different sorts that he hasn't tried...plaice, lemon sole, sea bass or bream and do those and veg. Need to find time to make a pudding too. We are going to have note paper so he can mark then out of ten. I still have the Racing Crackers so might have a race for fun. They are dafter than us so will love it.

Bowerbird5 Thu 30-Jan-20 22:38:21

I hope you get one Tinselette good night.

LaneBoy Thu 30-Jan-20 23:13:33

That sounds so fun bower and so lovely of you to cook! I adore sea bass. One of the only times I have ever used the phrase “this is like sex on a plate” was when DH made the most amazing sea bass risotto 😳🤣

Cagletini isn’t asleep yet. DD1 came in and that roused her. Sigh. Can’t blame DD1 though as she feels sick - apparently it’s normal for period day 1, but not normally this bad hence her being worried enough to tell us. Hmm. Hoping it’s not a bug. I am worse than useless at dealing with puke so DH is sitting with her.

ta da
✅emailed therapist to ask for an earlier session, 24/2 is too long. Will find the money somehow.
✅discovered sloth emojis! 🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥

I have not had a chance to be my future friend, but I have no plans for tomorrow. I would like to pop out somewhere - I have so far only missed 3 days of leaving the house as per my resolution. But mostly just want to focus on home ed stuff with DS and recover from the last few days!

THAT90sBITCH Fri 31-Jan-20 04:51:03


Stilllivinginazoo Fri 31-Jan-20 05:46:37

<passes thatbrew>
<Scarfs drumstick squishes>

THAT90sBITCH Fri 31-Jan-20 07:11:24

Ty lovely brew

I dunno how you can eat sweets so early. <munches chocolate> grin

LaneBoy Fri 31-Jan-20 08:04:38

grin Drumstick squashies are amazing. Thankfully DD1 wasn’t sick, still feels a bit off colour but seems to just be period stuff poor kid. She’s just left for school and I’m going to try and sleep again as I didn’t drop off properly till 4.

Lisette1940 Fri 31-Jan-20 08:11:59

Lane poor dd1 and I hope you get some sleep.

Bower I did sleep well last night and this morning I've had a normal temperature for the first time since January 10. I'm elated. I do like your mashed potato egg idea. That's one I'll steal (the idea not the potato)

I am resting

Lisette1940 Fri 31-Jan-20 08:12:39

That 🤣😁

IWillWearTheGreenWillow Fri 31-Jan-20 08:14:00

Morning! Thanks Lane for last month and TIA Expletive for this month.

Lane, we seem to be dealing with very similar things! Also zoo. Is there a standard issue Not Quite Neurotypical Family Model that I don't know about? grin Thanks for the tips on Ritalin and melatonin - DS says he can't feel the ritalin run out, except that he's suddenly starving hungry when it does. Speaking to his psych on Thursday, hope we can sort this out.

Well done to your DD also Shanara flowers. Hazel, it sounds like the new job started well - hope it continues. SC (love the new name), Chic, Bower, KT, Stressy, Tinselette, foxes, We3 cherry waves all round.

Today, I am escaping for the morning to meet a friend. I've known since DS1 was 6 weeks old. We have 10 DC between us, aged 8-21, and try to meet once a term to compare notes and battle scars over coffee and cake! I am ridiculously excited to be getting out.

Will probably end up in the naughty corner, as leaving on time trumps flying today <adds pot of coffee to Bower's treats and sweets from others>

KTCluck Fri 31-Jan-20 08:22:16

Morning. DD chose the squashies for DH for his birthday. Insisted on 3 bags. I suspect she was eyeing them up for herself grin. Unfortunately she has woken up with a temperature and cough is work so it's a sofa day for us. She's currently feeling sorry for herself and has my phone for YouTube kids.

Ta da:
Showered and dressed (was all ready to leave for work)
LOL in and timer set on WM
Worked out how to cancel timer and set off LOL
Dreaded phone call to boss made
TV remote located down side of sofa.
Dishwasher emptied and last night's few plates in
Toast and cheese chunks sorted for DD as requested. One bit of cheese nibbled (that when I know she's ill!)

To Do:
Beds made
Another LOL
Possibly the living room missions depending on how DD is
Travel to Bower's for delicious fish platter (I'll bring wine)

KTCluck Fri 31-Jan-20 08:28:27

Glad you're feeling so much better (and that you're still resting) tinselette.

willow have a lovely catch up with your friend. I hereby grant you a free no-flying-today pass grin

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