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So much for only buying white cotton sheets

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twentypence Fri 31-Aug-07 03:43:50

It's great in theory - everything will match, if something wears out just buy another one etc.

But two things wore out and I replaced, and they are bright white - I hadn't realised how unwhite the others have got.

They aren't yellow or grey - just not burn your retina white like the new bits. Oh, well in 6 months they will all match!

alipiggie Fri 31-Aug-07 04:04:13

Lol. Yep had the same problem here - was the pillows that went first sadly. So now abandoned it all for a coffee/cream set.

Laura032004 Fri 31-Aug-07 06:59:52

Does the glowhite stuff help? Or a dose of the oxybleach in the wash? We're cream lovers here though.

twentypence Fri 31-Aug-07 09:37:53

I think the latest lot have been treated somehow to be super white - I don't remember feeling the last lot were quite so bright.

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