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washing machine help needed

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eleanorsmum Thu 30-Aug-07 20:23:02

my daft machine has suddenly decided to fill the softener compartment up after every wash with water. thought it was because i switched to concentrated softener and it was too thick but have switched back and it was fine for a few weeks but is filling it up again every time now. so i have to pull drawer right out and empty it before i use the damn thing! most annoying.

anyone experienced this and what should i do!

j20baby Thu 30-Aug-07 20:33:34

mine does this, you need to give the drawer thing a clean, its prob cos you've got powder in the softner bit, and its clogged the other bit up, you know the bit that comes out, with a tube from the softner bit into the other bit :O

j20baby Thu 30-Aug-07 20:34:32

do you get which bit i meant?

eleanorsmum Thu 30-Aug-07 20:45:37

yes i get which bit will try cleaning it again and see what happens...................

Othersideofthechannel Thu 30-Aug-07 20:50:45

This might sound silly but are you pulling the drawer right out to clean it. I didn't realise ours came right out and although I cleaned it from time to time the narrowest part got clogged.
Felt a right plonker when the repair man pressed a little lever and pulled it out and showed me all the gunk.

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