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Ew yuk - horrible smell

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saltire Thu 30-Aug-07 13:11:24

I'm sitting at the PC and there is a really bad smell coming from the ssink - like that bad drain smell that you can get. When I went to investigate the plughole was full of bubbles from the washing machine, which had come up the plug hole instead of down the pipe and the most awful smell coming up it.

We had problems a while ago with water from the sink going in the inlet pipe and sitting in the drum of the washing machine. Oh yuk, its horrible

themoon66 Thu 30-Aug-07 13:13:04

Get some of that Mr Muscle drain cleaner stuff. It blasts away any blockages.

saltire Thu 30-Aug-07 13:15:52

moon, we've done that twice over the past week. Also the pipe that goes from the washing machine into the utlet pipe is really short,don't know if that's got something to do with it

themoon66 Thu 30-Aug-07 13:31:20

Job for a plumber then I think. Perhaps needs to dismantle the whole lot and sort it out.

fizzylemonade Thu 30-Aug-07 18:22:00

Sounds like your water pipe is too short so the water is coming up the sink waste pipe, does your washing smell or not? Sometimes it can back up into the machine.

If you are a bit handy I would investigate it yourself, plumbers are not cheap unless you know someone.

If you google 'washing machine waste pipe' there are loads of sites with pictures




Anthea (queen of the land) says put bicarb of soda down your sink -big heaped teaspoon and follow that with boiling water from the kettle, once a week will leave your sink fresh- I am yet to try.

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