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how do you get your towels soft? I don't have a dryer..

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paddingtonbear1 Sun 26-Aug-07 11:56:19

I wash mine with Persil non-bio and use conditioner, but once they're dry there are always really stiff and hard! How do you get them soft? I don't have a dryer so have to hang them outside or in the house.

BacktoBasics Sun 26-Aug-07 12:02:36

I use Fairy non bio and Comfort conditioner and hang them on the line outside and my washing ends up nice and soft.

MrsBadger Sun 26-Aug-07 12:11:43

For a start, stop using conditioner on towels as it makes them less absorbant.
Try using half as much detergent as it suggests (I use Persil non-bio too and use one tablet per wash).
Dry outside if possible - flapping around in the wind means they get much softer than if eg hung on radiator.
Good shake before putting them away.

Also I'm afraid the nicer the towels are the softer they come up - our expensive Egyptian cotton wedding ones from JL are always softer than the cheap ones, however they're dried.

paddingtonbear1 Sun 26-Aug-07 12:17:42

ah maybe I do need some new towels as well.. mine must be quite old now and weren't that expensive. They did used to come out better when I had a dryer, but it broke and I don't want another!

IgglePiggleWoo Sun 26-Aug-07 12:59:18

I find that if they dry on the line too quickly they are crunchy ! Like if it's a really hot day (laughs hysterically !)

throckenholt Sun 26-Aug-07 13:02:18

they need the movement to soften them - either tumbling in a drier or blowing on a line - they should be softer on a windy day rather than a still day.

In hardwater areas you can use a cupful of vinegar instead of conditioner.

throckenholt Sun 26-Aug-07 13:03:08

and apparently leaving them out on a frosty morning gets them really soft - not sure what the freezing does - but it does soften the fibres.

fatslag Sun 26-Aug-07 13:19:24

I found something that works for me.

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that short of fabric conditioner, the most effective treatment is rubbing the towels/nappies whatever: it really softens them up. Timeconsuming, though.

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