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shouldbe Fri 24-Aug-07 07:14:51


shouldbe Fri 24-Aug-07 07:24:49

Morning all

I did the mission yesterday (first and only one this week though )

Ruby and gibberish I hope you both got your wine in the end

The member of staff at the festival yesterday had great discussions with the production crew and seems happier with the siuation regarding the tent we've been given so hopefully everything will go smoothly setting up today. We'll be leaving in a couple of hours I expect. Thankfully the festival is only about an hour from us so we come home and sleep in our own beds every night (I just can't do a full days work after a bad nights sleep under canvas!)

I had a phone call last night from a very good friend who moved over seas 2 years ago. We email often but I haven't spoken to her in ages, it was lovely but I really miss her

I've been hearing from Tort, she's having a fun holiday, playing crazy golf and playing on the beach

See you later, have a good day

scattyspice Fri 24-Aug-07 07:48:15


Good luck with the festival Shouldbe. Hope the sun shines, the atmosphere is friendly and you sell loads. .

Off to the beach today as it's SUNNY.

ludaloo Fri 24-Aug-07 08:19:58


(I read all yesterday's thread and have loads to say but forgive me if I forget anyone!)

shouldbe hope the tent is ok in the end, and I hope you have a good day

gibberish thank you, we had a lovely day. Very hot and sunny, but it was a bit windy on the coast, so we had to find a cutchy hole in a sand dune....the beach was just too windy.

scatty hope you have a good day, and it isn't windy for you

gibberish and ruby, had to smile at your conversation. We have two little guinea's too, they don't actually squeak that much, just every now and then. We have ours outside in a hutch, but I'm looking for an indoor cage for the winter months.

What do you put down in an indoor cage??

I've put wood shavings in the hutch, they sleep in a "Pigloo" with a fleece blanket, I started off putting hay as bedding but they just eat it and flicked it around all over the place. I couldn't have the shavings indoors though...the garden gets covered as it is!
We have a make shift run (dh dismantled the fire guard ) they do like it in there though.

Any ideas where to get an indoor cage from...I've looked in pets at home, but they don't seem big enough.....

shouldbe if tort gets in touch again, can you say hi from me. Glad she is having a good break

GO hope you managed to get some rest, and your evening out went well. Take it easy today

Um...I think that was everything (memory like a sieve!)

Well it is sunny again today...have no idea what i'm doing though...need to food shop but Dh needs the car.

I'll start by getting everyone washed and dressed

ludaloo Fri 24-Aug-07 12:27:25

shock where is everyone...

I've been into town, and done a quick food shop...just finished unpacking it all.
Going to have some lunch then I think I'll get the bed sheets changed

Hope you are all having a good day smile

ludaloo Fri 24-Aug-07 13:05:27


<<<<<<<<<More Tumble weed>>>>>>>>>>


ludaloo Fri 24-Aug-07 13:14:37 one is here yet]

ludaloo Fri 24-Aug-07 13:16:21

shock ooooh if you write something in [[ brackets it makes it in to a link!

I meant to say..... {{peeping one is here yet}}

...... ho hum....boredom has struck!

Right off to do those beds.....

FunkyGlassSlipper Fri 24-Aug-07 14:18:49

lol @ luda. I'm here. Been out all morning. Plan to hoover upstairs later which will cover today's mission.

grouchyoscar Fri 24-Aug-07 14:44:51

Hello Everyone

Must have been a good night out as I fell over in the restaurantshock and had a hangover this morning hmm I sent an apologetic text to my bf this aft

Downstairs with washing
Load wm
Fetch grey wheely bin back to garden
Up to deal with Ed -(he was calling 'somebody, anybody I need your help please' His nappy had leaked last night poor boy)
Strip Ed's bed off
Remake it
Add sheets to washer and run
Get Ed's breakfast ready
Empty DW
Put away
Go to coffee morning - get breakfast and complete funding paperwork
Go to town - the fruitless search for non hold up stockings
Go to Tesco
Empty WM
Peg out

Chill out.

Hope you are all having good days.

RubyRioja Fri 24-Aug-07 14:47:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Fri 24-Aug-07 14:47:50

Hi Luda

Oh I've got DH's huge 4xl italian cotton shirt and 2 pairs of trews to iron...better get that done

ludaloo Fri 24-Aug-07 16:46:41

Hello smile smile

I have done the beds....a friend came round for a cuppa and a natter which was very nice.
It has just started to go cold now, so I'm contemplating starting supper. Not sure what to have though.

GO glad you had a good night, and you sound very much like me...I fall over a lot when alcohol is involved!.....and dance down the street....and bring stray cats home...and sleep in hedges blush grin

grouchyoscar Fri 24-Aug-07 17:02:51

Luda you sound like a good mate to go drinking with grin

I've done my penance. I've ironed the shirt and trews and I've begun to tackle the awful smell in the office where Ed has had wetting accidents.

hey, what happened to just hail marys and our fathers?

ludaloo Fri 24-Aug-07 17:06:48

grin grin

I'm such a lightweight these days... as a student I'd drink like a trooper...these days, I tend to fall asleep after a pint or two!!

FGS smile did you get your hoovering done? I've yet to do it upstairs...been meaning to do it! blush

ludaloo Fri 24-Aug-07 17:07:53

Oh..Ruby hope your piggy settles in ok...mine are still very shy and we have had them a good few months now.

gibberish Fri 24-Aug-07 17:11:57

shouldbe - no wine for me hmm Just as well really as I've decided I'm having too much wine atm. Just habit really... but one I need to break!

luda Glad you had a lovely day at the beach smile We went today - it was a bit overcast early this morning and I was in two minds about whether to go or not. But off we set. Arrived about 10.30 and by 12.00 the sky was blue - not a cloud to be seen! So so hot. We had a fabulous day. Although I'm a bit burnt despite putting on suncream blush Actually the blush emoticon looks a bit like me today lol...

Was sitting there looking out at the water and thinking that if we had weather like this all the time, we would have no need to go abroad!

Anyhoo, back now. Left the house a shambles this morning so is still a shambles now. dh and I are going out for a meal tonight so need to get it into order and shower all the kids.

gibberish Fri 24-Aug-07 17:13:14

ruby I read your post and sat for five minutes wondering why your new doctor would be paralysed with fear rofl!!

grouchyoscar Fri 24-Aug-07 17:28:25

Gibberish I'm also feeling like I'm overdoing it on the wine front. I have some every night. Thing is Tesco sell a spanish red wine in a screw top bottle forf 2.10 a bottle - Yeah it sounds really classy don't it- but it is really nice drinking wine. I'm aware how easy habit can slip into reliance so after this bank holiday I think I should rein it in.

gibberish Fri 24-Aug-07 17:40:15

I have some every night these days too GO. I don't get drunk but then again, I can drink more now without it affecting so perhaps that point is neither here nor there...

And I get a bit panicky when I think about giving up completely. Which makes me think I may already have a problem with it. sad Not sure what to do really. Don't think I can give it up completely but don't know if I can just cut down...

FunkyGlassSlipper Fri 24-Aug-07 17:59:17

Hi everyone.

I mopped the downstairs floor for the first time in a month today blush

Havent quite managed the upstairs hoovering. I wish I'd done mine on Tuesday. It is more like 2 weeks.

Ruby - I read your post as your GP was terrorised not your guinea pig. Made me smile anyway <<ahem>>

Anyway. DH back at about midnight so after girls gone to bed I will pick up all toys, dare I hoover upstairs (except for their rooms obviously)??

ludaloo Fri 24-Aug-07 18:21:06

Well FGS you have spurred me into hoovering upstairssmile

I have about 4 piles of washing to put away before I do though, but the rooms look and smell so nice now I've changed the beds, a nice clean carpet will top it off.
(Little things please me don't they!)

Kids are quiet eating!, dh is working still, and I didn't really fancy any supper,so just did them pasta bake and sausages. I'll get on and put the washing away in a mo. (have to wait for DD2 to finish, as she is in a high chair....of which she can houdini out I daren't leave the room for fear of a trip to A&E!!!)

I'm really pleased this week as I have managed to keep up with most of the missions, and the bedroom does actually look much better for it.

The kitchen is in need of some TLC....when is kitchen week??

Oh dear......better go...DS has managed to flick milk on DD1's plate hmm she is NOT impressed..

Ho Ho grin

gibberish Fri 24-Aug-07 18:31:36

Right, in the last half hour have:

Tidied kitchen
Tidied lounge
Tidied dining room
Tidied hall
Scrubbed barbecue grill thingy clean (too big to fit in dishwasher angry
Emptied bags from beach (including getting rid of half of the sand from the beach hmm
Put a load of washing on
Emptied dishwasher
Refilled dishwasher

Off to hoover then tidy upstairs... phew!

RubyRioja Fri 24-Aug-07 19:13:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AufishFeQueen Fri 24-Aug-07 19:14:01

Just a quick hello to the girls! Haven't been feeling too good for the last 2 days as I've got hip pain and now an allergic reaction to the painkillers that I was prescribed this morning, so am feeling pretty sorry for myself today.

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