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Carpets that don't show the dirt?

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zookeeper Sat 18-Aug-07 11:17:19

I seem to be hoovering the dark red carpet on the stairs and landing every five minutes - can anyone suggest a colour/type of carpet that won't show the dirt?

Is it worth spenidng money on wool carpets? are they all they're cracked up to be?

totaleclipse Sat 18-Aug-07 11:18:32

1 with lots of blended colours and patterns.

FuriousGeorge Sat 18-Aug-07 20:38:45

I've just been through carpet buying & was advised to by 100% artificial fibre,as the stains can't soak in & can be mopped straight up.Was also advised against looped pile,as it collects more grime & it is harder to hoover out.You could do what my friend did & get as load of samples & throw biscuits on them to see what showed up & what didn't!

zookeeper Sat 18-Aug-07 22:43:23

what a brilliant idea - dare I try it in Allied Carpets?

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