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Cherry waves hello to November 2019. Fledgling Flylady thread for all.[smile]

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Ghoulette1740 Wed 30-Oct-19 14:42:30

Welcome to the November Flylady thread Fledglings! All are welcome here. A few of us have been around a while but everyone, newbie and lurking, is welcome to join in.

This is my first time running the thread so I hope other fledglings will alert me when I’ve got things confused or if I’ve left something out!! A busy month for us all with the holiday season looming next month…

Very simply Flylady is a zone-based cleaning system which we loosely follow. Everyone is different and has different rooms and life demands. There are five zones and at the beginning and the end of the month we usually straddle Zone 1 and zone 5.
(amend rooms to suit your house – I do the living and dining room together as it’s all one room in my house)
Zone 1 Hall, entrance/dining room (Fri 1 – Sat 2)
Zone 2 Kitchen (Sun 3- Sat 9)
Zone 3 Bathroom and another room (Sun 10- Sat 16)
Zone 4 Master bedroom/closet (Sun 17 – sat 23)
Zone 5 Living room (Sun 24 – Sat 30)

Pop onto the Flylady website to have a closer look but signing up for emails will probably lead to very many landing in your inbox. Also there has been some concern about securely downloading pdfs from the site. here

Flylady has an introductory scheme for newbies called Babysteps which is a light 31 day introduction to the system – dressing to shoes, shining your sink etc. What I like about Flylady is her emphasis on self care, her abhorrence of perfectionism and her adage that you’re never being behind in the system - just jump in. No need to completely clean your house before you start – phew! here

There is a morning routine and an evening routine to keep things ticking over and a weekly home cleaning hour to change bed sheets, mop, hoover, take out rubbish etc. The system isn’t brilliant for major decluttering so you might want to supplement with Kondo or another decluttering system. Flylady doesn’t want us cleaning all day so she is very keen on using a timer. Clean then stop!
In addition each day has a purpose: see the daily focus here

Monday: Weekly home cleaning hour (can be split into ten minute sections and spread over week) here
Tuesday: Plan and play (Menu planning, family event planning)
Wednesday: Anti-procrastination day
Thursday: Errand day
Friday: Clear out bags, fill car with petrol, date night
Saturday: Family fun
Sunday: Lift your spirit

Launch pad for guidance every day! launch pad

Habit of the month of November is meal planning. This is my Achilles heel! here

We have a lovely virtual naughty corner where we can all retreat – there are all manner of lovely things left there by thread members including fluffy pillows, warm blankets, tea, coffee, wine, delicious foods. This month there are plenty of candles to brighten the darker days.
There may be mention of Ned who started life as an autocorrection on the thread but who has now morphed into a virtual helper with a specialism in putting away laundry. Ned is borrowed by thread members from time to time when the going gets tough on Mount Washmore.
Most days we pop on to post our ta da list of what we’ve managed to do and have a bit of a natter.

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 04-Nov-19 06:06:59

<takes meal planning notes>
Jamaican Cod sounds yummy SC
DD sat playing candy crush on her phone to distract/calm herself.hooing this morning goes smoothly.i suspect she will be taking rescue remedy before leaving the house

Best get up and crack on

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 04-Nov-19 07:49:48

Not calmest start....
Dd2 didn't sleep well and was hard prize from reminded me is promised a pack up.aaaaargh
Pack hunt thru fridge and rustled up morrocan couscous salad with toasted hemp and sunflower seeds,cheese and pineapple on sticks and bag crisps!!
All fed and watered
Wrestled lil zoo hair which for some reason was a matted birds nest this times with hairbrush!(not) she's now complaining of stomach ache<sighs>
Given packet polos.dd2 has rescue remedy in her bag

Need sort out a to do list and power thru it.feels like lots has slid in hols...

Tidyhomewannabe Mon 04-Nov-19 08:26:20

<sits alongside zoo to take meal plan notes>

Thanks sc for meal planning advice , I have done this weeks but will start compiling our meals into categories to make planning easier in the future .

Zoo a difficult morning so far, have they managed to get to school? It's so awful watching your kids struggle with something and not be able to 'fix' it , it seems like you're doing your very best to support her thanks

30 mins ironing uniforms (more to do , will have to do this evening when dd2 goes to bed)
Dd1 is at school
Dryer is on
To do list written

I already know my to do list is possibly unachievable today , but its written and I'll do my very best. I have the younger 2 at home for an inset day, I'm wondering if I take them to soft play for a couple of hours this morning, they won't play merry hell whilst having to do the food shopping (which is across the road from soft play) ds is still in bed so I'll see what his thoughts are when he gets up . I better get cracking with this long list of chores - sending brewbrewto those who need it this morning.

Onthebrink67 Mon 04-Nov-19 08:45:42

Weekend didn’t go to plan as had to go and see elderly parents on Sunday as my mum has broken her hip. I did keep up with meal planning, shopping, laundry and ironing but not much else 😞 Zoo sorry to her about DD anxiety. My husband had long term depression and anxiety and I’m peri menopausal and I do find it difficult to hide my anxiety all the time to avoid triggering him. Hope all is better this morning

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 04-Nov-19 09:02:56

Well they've gone to school!
Popped out as no milk left...
Now to start cleaning<after I e had breakfast>

Ghoulette1740 Mon 04-Nov-19 09:05:10

chic and everyone, thank you.

We've both made dr appt. Mine is a double at end of Nov. His is late November but I think he should go sooner with a single appt

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 04-Nov-19 09:30:08

ghoulette well done.o know how hard it can be to force yourself forward and do these thingsflowers
Breakfast eaten,I need get off my phone and start cleaning!!

Tidyhomewannabe Mon 04-Nov-19 09:33:17

Zoo yay for getting them to school, enjoy your breakfast in peace !!

Ghoul glad you've got appointments sorted - quite a while to wait though !!

Clothes out of dryer folded
Next load in washer waiting for everyone's pjs before switching on
30 mins in living room (use tomm instead of home blurgh)
Hoovered through downstairs
Ds up and having breakfast

Soft play isn't a great idea, dd2 has been running around with ds and is coughing , so running round a play area isn't a great idea . Just having a snuggle with her and drinking a coffee then I'll jump in the shower and get everyone ready for shopping confused

I have 2 overly ripe bananas, any ideas what I could do with them ? Thought I could bake with the kids seen as we aren't going to soft play, can anyone point me in the direction of some tried & tested recipes please ?

Sistercharlie Mon 04-Nov-19 11:47:56

Yes, well done Zoo for getting everyone up and off ... . We didn't have the calmest start and my packed lunch for dd (ham sandwich, grapes, biscuit) was a lot more pedestrian than the delicious lunches you prepared! Also only just found correct sports kit in time in amidst chaos. Two hours of sport first thing on a Monday morning is not designed to make teenagers inclined to rush off happily to school!
Fortunately though, atm, it's swing dance and not circuit training this morning so dd fairly enthusiastic!

Office computer has crashed and somehow we have no money in our joint current account as there has been in a glitch in this month's standard transfer and I have put back on a bit of the weight I lost last month grrrrr. Ah the joys of Monday mornings ... .

Ta da:
found uniform and sports kit
dd packed lunch
dining room table hot spot
s & s bathroom
shone kitchen sink and wiped surfaces
stacked dw
rubbish and recycling
dog walk
2 wms on
ordered kettle and new office tea towels/hand towels as I have washed the old originals five times at 90°C and they still smell a bit strange ... .
Tried to find crocheted poppies but they've disappeared of course having seen them every day for the last month... must have put them somewhere "safe" ... always a fatal move.

Tidy Hope your dd2 feels better soon. Nigella's banana loaf here is really good (and I don't normally like banana cake) but it needs four small overly ripe bananas. I store them in freezer until I have enough.

Zoo do you have any ideas about what to do with sweet potato other than use them to make wedges in oven please? I have a surfeit currently!

Very sorry to hear about your mum breaking her hip Onthebrink you must be worried about her. I hope she recovers quickly flowers. And well done for keeping the basic Flying routines going nonetheless.

Gosh that is a very long waiting time for appts for you both Ghoulette we are very spoiled here being able to get them the same or next day. Having to wait a month when you are ill or depressed is not on really is it. sad

Need to pop to PO then serve lunch... have a productive week everyone!

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 04-Nov-19 12:46:01

OnthebrinkI missed mum's hipflowershope recovery isn't to fraught
SC sweet potato...mash on top fish/shepherd's pie?soup with equal amounts carrot,parsnip and peas.cumin and onion?
Roast cubes with drained chickpeas(drizzle with oil and sprinkle with paprika and cumin.bake 30 mins or so til potato is roasted and chickpeas crispy.add to a bowl leaves and add chop red pepper and avocado.drizzle tahini/tahini let down little water and lemon juice<Buddha bowl styly>
Use in place grated carrot in cake?
Add cooked to white beans and puree with garlic and either parsley or Cajun spice as a dip?

Banana muffins
2bananas mashed
2tbsp oil
2tbsp milk
1tsp cinnamon/vanilla
Mix in a jug

250mls sr flour
1tsp baking powder
2tbsp sugar(any kind)
Mix and the add wet ingredients.fold til just combined and divide between 6muffin cases.preheated oven 190oc(170oc fan) for 20 mins or until 10 mins in tin,then onto rack til cold

Add handful choc chips,nuts,sunflower seeds or dry fruit to dry mix before add wet ingredients
Sub honey for sugar(2tbsp) and add to wet mix

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 04-Nov-19 12:50:51

In my domestic excitement,forgot me tadagrin

Boy dungeon
Windows cleaned
Polish surfaces
Make bed
Water plants (only a touch as cacti and not needing much now)
Sweep and wipe floor

Girls room of doom
Windows wiped
Surfaces wiped
Beds made
Floor sweep
Floor wiped

Laundry sorted into piles

Hall stairs and landing hoovered
Photis on stairs wall polished
Tidy coats

Tiling wiped
Windows cleaned
Radiator and bath skirt wiped
Littertray done
Floor wash

Living room
Windows done
Sweep floor

Empty bins


Done 3loads dry fold and put away,one on airer,one almost ready dryer
One more needs sorting today

Just need wash lower floors
Still not finished all recipe sorting

Bowerbird5 Mon 04-Nov-19 13:05:39

Lost another post on ipad grrrr!

TidyBanana bread/cake, Hummingbird cake which has pineapple and walnuts too. Pancakes with mashed banana filling and maple syrup if you have any. Muffins, Vic S'wich add banana and make buns. Baked with syrup and ice cream.

Ta Da
cat fed
bed stripped
Sheets in washer.

worktops washed and polished. Canisters wiped.
Sage which has been drying into herb pot.
Window wiped had to enlist DH help to turn the window. He wiped outside so can now see out and insect bodies now disappeared.
DH has sorted a desk drawer.

Need to go shopping for Christmas Cake goodies as still haven't made it yet.
Will also check charity shops for authors I am reading. I picked up two in this town last time.
Might be forced to go to THAT supermarket to buy fish for tomorrow.

I am impressed by menu planning. I don't plan too far ahead as living with DH means he changes his mind...a lot.
When on my own I had:
Meat on Sunday,
Left overs Monday,
Fish Tuesday,
Veggie Wednesday as my day off.
Meat Thursday
Fish Friday and anything on Saturday often veggie.
I eat things that take longer to cook on days not working as I have more time. Might try and subtly introduce it. DH likes to eat more meat than me.

Onthebrink Ouch to your mother's hip.
Ghoulette Hmmm along time as SC says. WE have same day which are released at 8am and it is luck whether you get one. Could you ask for a phone call and that way GP can often release an appointment or at very least give advice.

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 04-Nov-19 13:07:53

tidy my D's loves banana and tahini(you could use nut butter) mash together in a toasted sandwich
SCclassic jacket rub oil n salt.split and fill roasted broccoli(or baby spinach leaves) red pepper and big dollop chilli flakes

<Must go do some recipe work and stop throwing ideas into thread>

Sistercharlie Mon 04-Nov-19 13:55:55

Zoo great list star and thank you so much for all of those terrific sweet potato suggestions! Much appreciated and very yummy!

Aye Bower dh is very hard to hold down to a meal plan too (a) because he likes cooking himself and does so spontaneously and (b) he often has to travel at a moment's notice. Another good list star

I haven't bought my Christmas cake ingreds yet either. I need to look carefully through the pantry downstairs and through the plastic boxes that house my baking ingreds (very few cupboards in kitchen) and see what I have and don't have. I was worried that Brexit was going to happen on 31st Oct and disrupt my usual expat supermarket purchases but thankfully have a bit more time yet to get my order in... .

Ta da cont'd/
made and served coffee
hung up early morning wash
td other wash
folded towels and pants
emptied dw
nipped to PO
prepped and served salad lunch and cleared up
waved guest off! [phew]

To do:
another dog walk
prep mince that dh bought and didn't tell me about
bake some cakes/biscuits for dd lunch box
finish letters and cards
supper and clearing up

Think that will be me done for today despite the whole house being a bit of a tip. Small steps and all of that ... .

foxessocks Mon 04-Nov-19 14:06:46

I'm a bit late to the party here but re meal planning, I love cook books and I love BBC good food and I'm forever flicking through those, I then have an ongoing list (on my phone) of red meat dishes and chicken / veggie / fish dishes, so every time I see a recipe I like the look of I add it on, and also when one of the kids (or dh!) mentions a particular meal they want I add that on too, or if someone on this thread mentions something nice they've had on it goes! Then each week I take 1 from the red meat list (as too expensive! And I include things like sausages or bacon in this) and then maybe 1 chicken, 1 or 2 fish / seafood and the rest veggie. And I plan one whole week regardless of whether we are going out any days because if I don't use all the ingredients I freeze and carry over to the next week.

Then sometimes a dc will make a request for that night and it all goes out the window grin looking at dd who specifically wants baked potatoes and beans tonight!

Finished work at lunchtime today and me and ds did some more toy sorting. He agreed to donate another one of his huge cars and a few teddies, can't believe it!

Must carry on before we go and collect dd, although ds not keen to help anymore he's bored now!

IVEgotthesparklersBIATCH Mon 04-Nov-19 14:15:06

Ta da

School run and shit
Kitchen bin empty
Bathroom bin empty
Email to school
Bedroom tidy
Bedroom hoovered
Bed made
Hall swept and mopped
Moses basket bedding changed
Bedroom baby basket sorted and restocked (clothes, nappies etc)
Fixed a drawer
Pots washed
Wash on x2
Dryer on x2
Baby bathed
Washing away - mine, manchilds, baby
Bottles washed and sterilised

foxessocks Mon 04-Nov-19 14:18:55

Btw my meal plans are flexible, I write down 7 meals and we have them in any order I fancy!!

Great list I've 🌟

I need to shift my bum now

LivingInLaputa Mon 04-Nov-19 19:01:06

Sort of productive day in that I got a couple of bits done in town. Tried to do bra shopping too but that was unsuccessful, ugh.

Also cooked dinner, even that is an achievement lately!

justgivemewine Mon 04-Nov-19 19:08:47

Thanks for the welcome everyone. <<passes wine to ChicCroissant>>

Ghoulette - that sounds tough for you and dh, MrWine and me both suffer from depression and have found the mindfulness and breathing exercises really helpful.

Zoo - hope everyone managed to get through the day without too much stress

SC - love your meal planning method, meal plans are a big weakness of mine but yours looks much more do-able, a compromise between not being tied to a specific meal, but better than the usual 'wtf can i do for dinner tonight' method i usually go with.

So today was fairly successful,

- unpacked suitcases from half term trip and done 3 loads of washing
- managed to get the kids to school with all their equipment and clean (but not ironed) uniform
- made sure everyone had their medication
- dishwasher on
- put all recycling and rubbish out
- swept kitchen floor and cleared the table
- ironing and name labels put on uniforms (been trying to get round to that since sept!)

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 04-Nov-19 19:53:28

wine may I can you that?or would you prefer just?
We also have a saying started by the lovely I've all fed no one dead.this is to be used on less productive/tits up kind of days.just wanted throw that at you in case one day is rubbish and you not sure if worth posting(but at to our chitchat anyways,whether flying or not)
I've magic lust esp with little one
SC looks like plenty got done,don't discourage yourself!
Foxes I need start prep lists to use recipes.ive literally hundreds to try!!

Last wash for today done and put away
Dinner made for lil zoo and ds
Wash up dd2 lunchbox
Roast big tray courgettes,sweet potatoes and peppers(what we had left and needs using up),.cool and chill to use in her lunches this week
Wash up
My dinners now cooking

About watch TV n chill

Lil zoo still has tummyache.shes lay her bed most evening sucking soft mints.hopinvbits better tomorrow!

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 04-Nov-19 19:54:18

blushlist I've list.....

justgivemewine Mon 04-Nov-19 19:55:43

wine is fine (in more ways than one)gringrin

justgivemewine Mon 04-Nov-19 19:58:46

thanks zoo, all fed no one dead - i like that. will remember it on my none productive days

KTCluck Mon 04-Nov-19 20:30:29

I haven’t got much of a tada list today. Late in from work so been out the house for over 13 hours. I managed to stick a load of washing in this morning, then need to hang it up to dry and do the dishes once I’ve eaten. Just waiting on DD to cave in and drop off.

Sounds like you’ve all had productive days. I’m feeling inspired to do a much more creative meal plan next week.

I’ll have to do my own version of flylady as it’s not practical for me to do the homeblessing on a monday, and will have to do the missions on my days off too.

LivingInLaputa Mon 04-Nov-19 21:31:12

Magic lust 😂😂😂 your phone surpasses itself again

Tidyhomewannabe Mon 04-Nov-19 21:49:07

Phew, it's been a long ass day today! I didn't get all that I wanted to get done but hey ho there's always tomorrow!

Everyone showered
Food shop
Food shop away
Roast dinner cooked
Veg soup prepped ready to cook in the morning for kids lunches
Washing hung up / in dryer (I've just realised that it's still in the dryer confused)
Dd1 to ballet & tap lesson
Ds & dd2 bathed, hair washed & dried
Hot choc whilst starting the christmasaurous book (dd2 isn't interested in this story yet, but we've read it every year since it came out on the run up to Christmas, we spotted the sequel was out so we've started the story early this year so we can get the new book and read before dec 25th grin)
Dd2 to bed
30 mins ironing
Ds to bed
Wiped kitchen side & dining table
Dd1 back from dance and gone to bed

Finally sat with a cuppa and some chocolate whilst catching up on the thread .

Tidyhomewannabe Mon 04-Nov-19 22:05:37

Thank you for all your banana suggestions! I'll be making zoos muffins tomorrow because I've got all the ingredients in already but I'll make notes for the rest, especially nigellas banana loaf and the pancakes , they sound scrummy ! Sc I didn't even realise that I could freeze bananas!!

Ive that's an impressive list for all that you've got going on at the moment!

Ghoul I hope you and your dp are ok .

Foxes yay for the toy sorting !! I don't know about your dc , but when we're sorting toys, they want to keep something that they haven't played with for 3000 years because all of a sudden it's the best toy ever . So I would count today as a success, even if it's only a couple of items !

Zoo how was dd's day at school after this morning?

Waves night to everyone , I'm off to get ready for bed and read for a little while in an attempt to be ready for the back to school / work alarm clock !

Ghoulette1740 Mon 04-Nov-19 22:36:38

grin magic lust zoo. I'm smiling here!

Thanks for everything fellow fledglings. Thanks Bower, justgivemewine, SC, tidy, onthebrink and zoo and anyone I've missed out. Feeling more positive today. MrGhoul is i think burnt out but he is okay for now. I know the appts are a long way away. He phoned back today to try to get an earlier one but late November was all they had. And we were phoning from 8am but the line was engaged until 8.37!

It's a community medical practice but with a University catchment too (ie it's the Uni med practice). Lots of students attending at the moment. Might consider moving to a medical practice near our house.

We had a better day today but we are going to go to bed earlier tonight. Even making the appointments helped us both. Onthebrink I'm so sorry to hear about your mum and her hip.

I was at work all day so flying commences for me tomorrow with a short break for the flu jab.

Ghoulette1740 Mon 04-Nov-19 22:41:52


Baby-step 5th November: here
Launch pad link: here

Seriously impressive ta da lists today. Sleep well fledglings

Ghoulette1740 Mon 04-Nov-19 22:43:49

yes zoo I was wondering how today went at school. Hope all well.

ChicCroissant Mon 04-Nov-19 23:25:22

Decluttered lots of paper today but should have focused on other stuff, may pull a late night now to get it done (I've had weeks but want to get it out of the way now).

Also I completed an online application tonight which took AGES, so much longer than I was expecting that it's given me less time to do other stuff. Onwards and off the internet grin, sleep well and I'll see you tomorrow.

Bowerbird5 Mon 04-Nov-19 23:27:19

Zoo banana and Tahini mmmm yum. Going to try that tomorrow.
SC great list. I managed to get all the ingredients except the pineapple and I think I can get that in the city or perhaps a trip over the border as they have a well known shop there I think. I can't remember what it is called but I know where it is.

Yes we love the "all fed, no one dead" phrase.

Welcome are you partial to a gin too?

KTC "if in doubt swap about!" We just use it as a guide and you can swap bits about as much as you like. None of us stick to it completely. Well I don't think so.

Bowerbird5 Mon 04-Nov-19 23:32:38

Oh by the way we went to another quiz tonight and we won.
Rather chuffed. Two of us have been a couple of times and were last but we had another of our team tonight and the questions fell well for us and we won by a bit.

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 05-Nov-19 05:26:46

Well done on the win bower

Dd2 day went ok,she seemed alright when came in.but didn't do much(bit of Spanish homework) then gagged on revision for test today or exams.shes like a rabbit in headlightssad
Lil zoo still got tummyache,appetite is not as usual.lay on bed in phone all evening.fingers X there's improvement when she gets up

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 05-Nov-19 05:28:03

I'm not such why faffed became gagged when pressed postconfused

HungryHazelEyes Tue 05-Nov-19 06:18:37

Hi all, can I join in please? I'm a long time lurker - been keeping up with the thread for a couple of months now, but I really need the accountability.

I have chores for my dc to do when they get home from school while I'm still at work so there's not too much to do. They wash 1 load of laundry, empty dishwasher and add dirty dishes. I have them vacuum and mop the house and clean bathroom twice a week. I wipe down bathroom between, if needed. Dusting once a week. I usually do the rest.

I have been keeping up with shining my sink at night and wiping countertops down also. Starting to get on board with the rest.

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 05-Nov-19 06:53:41

hungeyhazeleyes welcome aboard!
starfor getting DC to old are they?<mine are not esp consistently helpful,but then I'm not consistent in my nagging to keep them doing itgrin>lil zoo(12) Hoover's stairs on request,can load laundry and when poked with stick(not literally) will fold and tidy her drawers to perfection.dd2(15)tends be an all or nothing person(tidy or bearpit like her mother D's is no help whatsoever<being tested ASD currently>and needs one sentence requests(get washing,out X away) or you get no where fast....

<I always up at silly o'clock from days lil zoo was awake at 5(these have only just downgraded in last 6months) so don't be out off by my tadas.i burn out by teatime!>

Cats fed
Loo bleach
Wash on
Clear dining table if piles building up
Wash up last of tea things from yesterday
Shine sink
Wipe surfaces
Wipe cupboard fronts sweep floor
Bins and littertray

Time wake zoolets and sort breakfasts and pack ups!
Have a good day everyone!

IVEgotthesparklersBIATCH Tue 05-Nov-19 08:19:54

Magic lust to you too zoo 🥰

IVEgotthesparklersBIATCH Tue 05-Nov-19 08:23:56

Tidy i have the second christmasaurus book stashed for either dc1 or 2s xmas eve box, they had the first one last year!

The man child and I are on bad terms. Safe to say hes been a massive twat over weekend.

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 05-Nov-19 09:28:16

Must be catching I've I was ment be going farmfoods "d"p today but he's tired and not coming<sighs>
I never got to read those books did love father Christmas wants a wee though!!

I am wet and cross.firecast on phone said no rain til poured at 9 and I wasn't wearing a coat.fuckity fuck.

IVEgotthesparklersBIATCH Tue 05-Nov-19 09:37:07

zoo my ds1 same age as little zoo she may still appreciate christmasasaurus

IVEgotthesparklersBIATCH Tue 05-Nov-19 09:58:09

Conversation prompted me to start buying more christmas books for christmas boxes, put some in my amazon basket then remembered a code i have for book people. Everything is so expensive on there! Sure it used to be cheap! Lots of books 2 for £7 on amazon are over £5/6 each on book people! Even with 25% off i think amazon is cheaper!

Sistercharlie Tue 05-Nov-19 10:15:35

Hey all! First day up in a while with no visitors in the house or visits impending, DH not travelling and DD in relatively good mood <Breathes sigh of relief and executes a few wobbly pirouettes across sitting room floor.>. Wouldn't say no to a bit of magic lust though grin grin

The builders have wrung from wreck2 to say the electrics are off and they can't work so looks like I may have to go and sort. What a shame that would be when I have a day of cleaning planned grin

Welcome to the thread Hungryhazeleyes. Despite my 16 yr old DD having had a list of chores that she did regularly aged from about 8 up to her fourteenth birthday, I'm ashamed to say that I have pretty much given up on the chore front with her recently (a) because she always has shed loads of school work and exams (fairly tough education system here) and (b) well, you know what they say, never poke a sleeping lion grin grin and (c) I can't in all honesty insist on a tidy bedroom when mine is a total pit! grin To be fair to her, she is very competent when she does lend a hand, and can really clean up fast when her friends are coming when there's a household crisis! grin. And just like Zoo I am inconsistent in my nagging too. (although very unlike Zoo I am inconsistent when it comes to tidying as well grin)! Hats off to you for getting the DC on board though!

Top list I've halo Sorry about the man child; I'll be (hopefully) in the vicinity of some heavy farm implements soon ... .

Hope Lil'Zoo feels better soon Zoo!

Good quizzing Bower! Enjoy your pillaging over the border wink grin

Hope you got to bed eventually Chic!

Glad you and MrGhoul are feeling bit more positive Ghoulette and ta for links!

Amazing list Tidy! star Ideally it's best to freeze bananas peeled and cut up in to rounds on a flat tray, then once frozen, in plastic bag. But if you freeze brown ones for baking like I do in their skins, you can defrost gently in microwave on defrost setting.

KTCluck you deserve a medal for doing any flying at all after a 13 hr work day!

Great list Justgivemewine. You are doing better than me as I am still tackling the suitcases from half term and have a laundry backlog!

Laputa have you tried Figleaves for bras? I find them very good. Loads of info on-line now about bra fitting (Boom and Bust or something like that on Facebook?) and once you know your size in a brand that suits you, it's much easier than struggling in a tiny changing room.

Aw bless your ds Foxes for donating his bear

Waves to everyone else! I have hardly got going today and it's 11.15 already! Yikes! Had better get cracking! Have a good one everybody!

Sistercharlie Tue 05-Nov-19 10:18:29

Xpost <clears place by fire for Zoo in naughty corner and supplies woolly fleece and hot brew> <makes note to collect another heavy farm implement>

Sistercharlie Tue 05-Nov-19 10:21:45

Laputa that might be "Boob and bust"!

Bowerbird5 Tue 05-Nov-19 12:23:25


Plans for border crossing out the window for time being.DH had other plans. He has gone to DS2''s house. Moving furniturehmm I was going to go but decided not to as work men in so it might be noisy.

Yes, quiz was a good result as we only had 3 on our team and five on some.
So now I have once a month : quiz x2, Gardening Club, Flower arranging Club (I liked the people really quite funny). Need to find an Art Class there is one I used to go to once a week which I could go back too. Another which I was going to join but then couldn't due to an accident and then not able to drive.It is a bit of a drive and on a bad road in winter so not sure about that.
Might do a cooking evening class next year. It would be good to brush up skills and cook a different cuisine.Maybe Thai.

Have just weighed and sorted cake mix. Delia's Classic Christmas Cake. I think I made this one year and it was good. Also going to make a lighter one for DS1. DS3 says a whole cake might be too much but I might make a smaller one for him and DS2 maybe 6"

Still trying to declutter. Such a lot of stuff doesn't have a proper home.Some needs to go in Arty Crafty room but I can't face going in there it is such a mess and was so nearly tidy last year. I am planning an hour a weekwink

Cat fed x2 hungry pussycat.
Cake mix done to stage 1.
1 wash in.

Need to vacuum downstairs.
Wash kitchen floor.
Clean chicken out.
Might pop down to summer house but getting chillier in there might take a blanky down.

LivingInLaputa Tue 05-Nov-19 14:05:24

Boob and bust seems more likely grin I’m going to go to bravissimo in London next week with mum. The one in Brighton is excellent. My issue with going online is I have such massive anxiety about fulfilling online returns and stuff. Maybe I should try and push myself though. And added issue with swimwear (I need a costume with a proper underwired bra in) is that some places don’t even let you return once the packet is open 🤦‍♀️

I went to a “creativity for carers” workshop today run by local carer support charity, with a friend. I tried needle felting! It was fun. Here’s my attempt at a globe. 🙈 I’m not really a crafty person, drawing is safer so it was nice to try something new!

I’m trying not to think about my psychiatrist appt tomorrow. I. Am. So. Bloody. Scared.

Tidyhomewannabe Tue 05-Nov-19 19:10:41

Ive I'm a bit of a book addict, especially Children’s stories , I just think it's a lovely way to spend time with the kids and helps tremendously school related stuff. I'm excited for the next christmasourous book and really want to get it for the 1st Dec, I do a book advent each year for the kids , this will be a nice starting point !

Sc a more relaxing morning for you then ! How was the rest of the day, did you sort out the electrics?

Laputa I really like that! I have always looked at needle felting but I think the feel of it would go through me, I can't stand materials rubbing together, cotton wool especially so I will admire from afar! Hope appointment goes ok.

Glad you're feeling a bit better ghoul thanks

Zoo I do wonder what your other messages look like for those words to keep popping up on autocorrect wink

Tidyhomewannabe Tue 05-Nov-19 19:29:26

Bower glad you enjoyed the quiz night! Hope the work situation is all sorted ?

I've had another busy day today so I haven't had chance to update.

Made veg soup for school lunches
Emptied dishwasher
Showered & ready
Made porridge & fruit for everyone
Kids ready for school
Stripped beds
Popped wash on
School run
Picked friend up and had a cuppa and catch up
Picked dd2 up from nursery
Took friend to hospital to visit poorly Grandma
Sorted breakfast pots and lunch pots
Dishwasher on
General tidy round
Started drying
Put another wash on
Made curry & cooked rice and cooled to pop in the fridge
Picked friends dd up
Picked ds up
Finished off making tea
Emptied dishwasher
Refilled with tea pots
Friends dd home
Dd1 to dancing
Ds off to football
Tidied dd2s bedroom after the kids emptied every single toy out confused
Remade beds (just waiting for ds bedding to dry)

I was actually feeling a bit fed up for not achieving anything to do with 'flying' but when I look at the list, I don't feel so bad ! I will catch up tomorrow! Now sat snuggling dd2 , I need to pop her to bed soon and have a quick tidy downstairs. I'm super tired this evening and shouldn't have sat down because now I cannot be arsed to do anything! Mum started with a bit of a cold yesterday so I was up half the night worrying .

HungryHazelEyes Tue 05-Nov-19 19:39:27

Thank you for the welcome!

zoo dd is 15, ds is 10. During the summer hols dd complained of being bored and actually asked for some chores to do! We are in the US so have 3 months off in the summer, its a very long time to find things to do. We just carried on with the chore chart when they went back to school. Ds is very motivated to do chores as he gets to play on the xbox when he's done, so it works out pretty good. As there's not too much to do each day they have plenty of time to do homework and relax afterwards.

HungryHazelEyes Tue 05-Nov-19 19:44:27

Charlie my dd will do housework, but when it comes to cooking dinner, it's like pulling teeth! She will agree to grudgingly prepare some veg if I ask her, but unless it's her idea she moans about it. It's horrible really as she really is a good cook. Of course since I'm not there when they're doing their chores, I think it's more a matter of dd telling ds that he needs to do the chores she doesn't want to do (so she only does the easy jobs). Ds doesn't complain though so I guess it works!

KTCluck Tue 05-Nov-19 20:31:33

Sistercharlie I don’t know about deserving a medal, but definitely a wine!

It was another long day today but before I left for work I at least managed another load of washing, a wipe of the loo and sink and a tidy of the hall (which looked like a shoe factory had exploded). DH is an avid trainer collector hmm. About to have dinner and there will be no more flying until tomorrow which is my day off.

Tidy you definitely shouldn’t feel fed up with that impressive list!

Glad swapping it about is considered acceptable bower, thanks

Zoo I’ve just seen your post about still waking up early shock. DD thinks sleep is for the weak and is often awake around 5. I was looking forward to enjoying leisurely lie-ins again at some point. You’ve shattered my dreams.

Ghoulette1740 Tue 05-Nov-19 21:44:02

Baby-step 6th November: here
Launch pad link: here

Hungryhazeleyes welcome!

justgivemewine Tue 05-Nov-19 22:00:58

Evening all

Welcome hungryhazeleyes I’m new too and already finding this thread helpful.

bower - not a fan of gin but give me wine or cider and I’m happy, I’m easily pleased me 😁
Well done in the quiz 👍

zoo - ds1 has asd and has to be given clear, precise instruction too, and also needs time to process before he will/can do it.

SC - it’s not as good as it sounds lol, I still have a laundry backlog as I now can’t do anymore because I can’t get it dry, no tumble dryer and run out of doors to hang it all over 🙄 bloody rain.

Laputalove the globe, it’s really good, I could tell it was a globe before I even read your post. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

Wow tidy that’s an impressive list

Not got much flying done today but did manage to declutter the landing of several months worth of random crap so feeling quite pleased about that. Managed to meal plan for tonight but then dh decided he fancied something else entirely tonight which means tomorrow’s dinner is already sorted.

I am also helping ds1 sort out his extensive lego collection, ie helping make up all his sets 😁 which is productive and fun at the same time.

Not even thinking about Christmas yet!!

foxessocks Tue 05-Nov-19 22:06:24

Well ds took his teddy back again grin but he did decide to donate the dog with the grumpy face and the sheep that's too curly...his words!

Ah decluttering with a 3 and 5 year old is a challenge!

ChicCroissant Tue 05-Nov-19 23:34:37

Welcome hungryhazeleyes, good to have you with us.

Good to hear that the lightweights in the quiz team have got the messsage and victory is yours Bower grin Are they all back from holiday/AWOL now?

Shattered tonight so will head up for bed, had a better day than I thought it was going to be first thing although we didn't do anything other than eat for Bonfire Night as it has been rainy here, nothing too heavy but drizzly. I will be back tomorrow, sleep well fledglings!

Bowerbird5 Wed 06-Nov-19 00:50:34

One is which was we needed last night! Her DH was working and her daughter has a job a boat ride away so can’t come now. We have two others that sometimes join the pub quiz but we haven’t mention this one as we can only have five whereas we can have six.

Well I got some jobs done then fell asleep watching a film. Baking tomorrow.
Went to Ladies night at church and it was all about planning trips away and Christmas meal.
DH is off to DS2 s again tomorrow so will try to get cakes plus jobs done.

HungryHazelEyes Wed 06-Nov-19 02:24:43

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

When I got home tonight the floors were vacuumed and mopped, bathroom cleaned for me, dishwasher loaded.

I cleared out some leftovers from the fridge that had been in there too long. We are going to have leftover chicken tikka masala tonight with cauliflower rice for dinner tonight. That should free up some space.

I also tackled one hot spot on the desk and put 4 cheap new picture frames out for donation to the charity shop. They were from the dollar store and the first one fell apart when I tried to use it. Maybe it'll work for someone else, just not me!

Stilllivinginazoo Wed 06-Nov-19 05:57:01

hungry if you are t using it for whatever reason,get ridsmile
Tidy autocorrect has sent some absolute classics,known as zoos howlers.magic lust was rather one of theseblushI too loved books.we had extensive collection,I donated many to local school once outgrown.broke my heart...
Laputa it's lovely!good luck today🍀
KT you may be luckier than i and get "lay ins" back!

No surprises Im up.cats been charging around "playing" last hour.making so much noise sounds like got hob nailed boots on
TAF meeting today at church.girls school invited to join us,so be camhs,D's school and girls representative and rev our church.lookinf forward being picked to pieces<not>

Bowerbird5 Wed 06-Nov-19 06:53:01

Morning zoo.
Oh it is so dark. There is a line of light, under the cloud, right across the Pennines. I’ve crawled back under the covers as I. Went to bed late.q

Stilllivinginazoo Wed 06-Nov-19 07:10:25

I hear dark mornings bower
"D"p text he's not coming meeting as "doesn't feel well"" read as doesn't fancy the character assassination to follow.grrrr
Can't print the downloaded file school gave with useless " homework" for D's
Dd2 on phone tic bloody tok-ing and arguing will "get off in a minute"
Lil zoo declared 930 last night needed ingredients for a potato bake at school today.i don't have any potatoes and local shops open at 8,after she's already left,and its first lesson
<Bangs head into wall>

Sistercharlie Wed 06-Nov-19 09:10:37

Morning all. A very, very sad one here sad. My cleaning lady (she and her dh have helped us with home and office for about 7 yrs) returned to work this morning after five weeks off. I've just been talking to her over a cup of coffee. What do you say to a woman whose nephew - a young and healthy strapping lad of 21 yrs - died of a brain tumour so rare that it affects two in a million people? Four months from diagnosis to the end. sad sad sad She has lived with him and his mother (her sister-in-law) for his entire all too short life. The way the doctors dealt with it was that they don't lie but they don't altogether eliminate all hope, and it was that nugget of hope that her family had clung to desperately the whole time, only to be desperately saddened. To say that life is unfair sometimes is an understatement.

Sorry to witter on. The half of dh that is English doesn't "do" emotion - except with dogs - so I can't really "talk" to him about it. He did speak to her directly at length though this morning once I had pushed him down the stairs in her direction. Men, eh?

The moral of the story: hug the dc and when life seems shit, be thankful it isn't even shittier.

Ghoulette1740 Wed 06-Nov-19 09:17:48

Wise words SC. I'm so sorry to hear that about that young man.

ChicCroissant Wed 06-Nov-19 09:19:06

It was food tech last night for us zoo, quite tasty actually although the only part DD was impressed with was the flatbreads that she made!

Done one load of washing, need to pick another from the many loads I can choose from and put that in. I am going out later so need to get showered and do my hair, do a shopping list for later and a general to-do list because I keep forgetting to do stuff or remind DD.

Feeling better today, I think that's because I made the effort to go out yesterday and finish a few bits. Not been feeling very good for the last week or so, probably background worry about the tests but I have a couple of weeks off that now.

DD brought home another letter from school yesterday with an event on, so have added that to calendar and diary immediately. DH has realised that one of his medical appointment clashes with mine (he was going to take me) but he hadn't put it on the calendar and I didn't have a choice of date so I said I'd go on my own. Put.It.On.The.Calendar.FFS! We have a large one with 5 columns in the kitchen, can't miss it.

Want to crack on with sorting for the jumble sale this weekend and have a pre-Christmas clear out! Everyone else has the same idea though so I expect they will be completely swamped with toys this time around (they have a sale most months so it's an easy way to get stuff out of the house).

Will crack on and catch you later fledglings!

Sistercharlie Wed 06-Nov-19 09:31:36

Very, very busy here at home and at office. Hoping to get to wreck2 for long weekend (Monday is public holiday here) but need to get so much done first.

Christmas is exactly seven weeks today!!!! confused shock confused

Sorry you have been let down again Zoo on a day when you could have really done with the support brew. Hope meeting goes well.

Enjoy the baking today Bower. I was intending to bake today too but the task list may squeeze it out.

Well done to Hungryhazeleyes and dc for efficient Flying star! And top marks for having raised dc who ask for chores to do! grin We have nine weeks holiday here in the summer too but I have never (yet) been asked to supply household tasks as yet grin One can hope!

Tidy that's a fantabulous ta da list you have posted there! All of that very much counts as Flying so you should give yourself a pat on the back not doubt your achievements!

Foxes grin Aw ... I feel a bit sorry for the dog with the grumpy face and the sheep that's too curly ... ... but well done ds! grin

Justgivemewine top marks for : landing decluttering! And good luck with Lego!

KTcluck hope you can have some time off for yourself today in addition to Flying! And well done re: hall organisation!

Laputa¨great felting there (I've always wanted to have a go!) and Bravissimo are ace if pricey!

Hope you feel more rested this morning Chic

Cherry waves to everyone else! [Newcomers - that was another typo btw - originally was "cheery" waves]

I have woken up with a modicum of energy today (yay!) so am full steam ahead with chores! Dh hasn't organised himself sufficiently to sort my work tasks out yet either so I think I have the whole day to crack on.

I managed to sort the electricity/Internet problem at wreck2 yesterday after I hung on the phone for fifty minutes to be told "oh no madame, we just supply the cable, you need to contact the provider whose electricity flows through them" confused cue another forty minutes talking to provider [groan].

But the good news is, it's a public holiday here on Monday so I'll hopefully get a long weekend at wreck2 planting bulbs and seeing dhorse, although dd reluctant so may have to compromise on timings.

Sistercharlie Wed 06-Nov-19 09:44:35

Thank you Ghoulette.

Chic I am with you in having a multitude of washing piles to pick from today! grin Glad you are feeling a bit better.

Good luck with jumble sale prep! Funnily enough, the annual brocante where we used to sell dd's toys and clothes is on this weekend too (as you say, 'tis the season) although I don't have enough stuff to justify taking a stand this year. Actually, we probably do, but I have managed to sort it!

Sistercharlie Wed 06-Nov-19 09:50:57

Gah ... haven't managed to sort it!

<closes screen. waves to all fledglings>

Times10 Wed 06-Nov-19 10:39:39

Morning! As I said before routine is not the strong point of this house, and we quickly descended into chaos. This morning there was not a single area that didn’t need tidying up, but after an hour, the kitchen, living/dining room are now a lot more presentable.

Having a short rest (aka nap), and then I need to tackle the stairs and upstairs rooms.

My energy levels have been so low in this pregnancy, and now I’m in the third trimester I am really struggling with day-to-day demands. My diet has been appalling so I need to focus on nutritious food from now on instead of quick sugar rushes.

Stilllivinginazoo Wed 06-Nov-19 10:59:51

times i am guilty quick sugar rushes to keep going,many of us are!

SC D's best friend lost his mum to brain tumour.a very very nasty thing.i agree to love and appreciate whilst we can

Sistercharlie Wed 06-Nov-19 13:42:18

Speaking of sugar rushes - or lack of them - I was summoned to school just now by the educateur as dd wasn't feeling well. (It's been a while since I had to do a high-speed puke bucket run ( I nicked dh's car without him knowing grin). Anyway, when I got there and collected dd, who admittedly looked as white as a sheet, it turned out that as she had rushed out without eating breakfast this morning (she was offered it I hasten to add, but she refused) and as she'd had to give a cultural presentation in French this morning to three classes on "something cultural what I had seen in hols type thing" and as she was nervous, and it took a lot of adrenalin, she had had a sort of "crash" afterwards and felt sick and shaky and nearly fainted. Cue a speedy car journey back home, a hot lunch of tray baked sweet potato wedges with a bit of chilli, fish fillets and other roasted veg and she is pink and all ok again now. Will she learn from this experience and eat breakfast tomorrow morning? ... I doubt it we shall see .... . Teenagers eh, gah they just won't be told! confused

Ta da:
deleted some e-mails as in-box very full
collected dh laundered shirts
took delivery of new kettle
admin e-mails
spoke to neighbour in country who is kindly going to write a letter of recommendation
sorted washed laundry
emptied dw
two wms on
ordered two things for C'mas
prepped lunch and made veg soup
speedy school run
cleared up lunch

Now need to do a load of on-line return parcels and then nip out to postal hub to get them sent.

Hope everyone is having a productive anti-procrastination day!

Times10 take it very steady flowers you and the baby are more important than Flying x

Waves to Zoo and to everyone else

Times10 Wed 06-Nov-19 14:02:46

zoo sc thanks! So far the pregnancy is going well, I just don’t remember being so shattered the last times! And I’m taking it easy, with lots of rests.

I hope your DD is all better now!

After an hour nap, I’ve tidied up upstairs, put another wash on, and hoovered the bedrooms. Dinner is also in the oven as Wednesday’s are always a bit hectic.

Just need to clean the bathroom as it’s always the last thing on my list.

I thought I was on top of laundry, but clearing all the rooms have shown me that we all seem to leave dirty laundry on the floors, so I’m now technically behind again.

I really need to learn to follow a routine though as I really hate spending all day cleaning instead of doing more interesting stuff.

LivingInLaputa Wed 06-Nov-19 14:50:29

Well holy crap. I officially, unequivocally have ADHD. I have a prescription for methylphenidate (Ritalin but different brand)

Life might actually change now! 😱

Also attended job centre appt 🙄 and then got a call to take Cagletini back for a second x-ray on her foot as they thought they’d spotted a fracture. It’s fine thankfully (wish we’d known that before spending hours toddler-wrangling in a busy waiting room though).

I. Am. Knackered.

To do list:
Drop prescription in at Boots (it’s unlikely the meds will be available today)
Buy chocolate! I definitely need it!
Check I have decent clothes for tomorrow, possibly do more laundry if not!
Prepare for (very well timed) therapy session tomorrow

LivingInLaputa Wed 06-Nov-19 14:51:53

Just scanned back on the thread sc I’m so sorry, what awful news sad that’s the same age as my DSDs, it’s unthinkable to lose someone so very young 😰

Stilllivinginazoo Wed 06-Nov-19 16:04:27

SC lunch sounded LUSH
LAPUTAfingers X meds help make life a little easier<throws 🍫>
TAF went well,"d"p has to take lil zoo doctors .it's bowel pain.peppermint capsules,rest and back Fri if no better...

KTCluck Wed 06-Nov-19 17:28:07

Hi everyone, managed a productive day here today. After complaining about DD’s early rising she let us sleep til 7am this morning, and then happily entertained herself while I got flying.

Upstairs vacuumed, dusted, windows cleaned, bins emptied and bathroom sparkling. Pile of junk cleared from bedroom drawers.
Downstairs vacuumed, dishwasher on, benches and table wiped.
Dinner in the slow cooker
Washing in
Clean washing away

The rest of downstairs will be ‘blessed’ on Saturday.

Most of the above was done by 10am so I’ve had a lovely day with DD visiting my DM. DD seems to be dropping her nap sad I’m gutted as that hour has always been my little bit of sanity. However we had to pop to the shop, passing DMIL’s on the way home and she invited DD to stay for a bit grin. She’d bought her some new winter clothes so I’ve sorted her wardrobe out, clearing some summer stuff, and now I have peace until they bring her back. DH does bedtime tonight too so plenty time to relax.

SC sorry to hear such sad news. Life can be so cruel.

Laputa I have a friend who was diagnosed with ADHD just recently, and she’s found medication has made a huge difference to her. Fingers crossed you find the same.

Sistercharlie Wed 06-Nov-19 18:51:04

Well done everyone! You have all smashed it today star star star Some first class ta da lists here!

Laputa crikey - you've certainly had a day-and-a-half of it! I hope you feel at peace with the diagnosis. All that self-blaming and giving yourself a hard time can now very much (and officially) be assigned to the bin and banished forever! ♡♡♡ [Glad Cagletini ok too!]

KTcluck I hope that your dd dropping her nap - albeit hard going - will mean that you get longer lie-ins in the morning [bon courage as they say over here] Enjoy your child-free bit of peace wine

Zoo glad meeting went well and hope Lil 'Zoo recovers speedily x

Times10 Snap! I always think I am up-to-date with the laundry, until I tackle the boudoir floor! And snap again! I hate cleaning all day too (not that I do very often) instead of doing something more interesting! In theory, once your house is decluttered, the Flylady system should allow you to keep on top of things with small, very focused bursts of consistent activity, allowing you more time to devote to more enjoyable activities! That's the theory anyway!

Ta da con'td/...:
dog walk which was interrupted by rain
packed up parcel returns and wrote cards and letters
PO to post letters and parcels and pick up another parcel
back home and emptied dw again and cleared out fridge
and tried to bake ... got interrupted ... by phone calls, door bells, dh in and out .. blah blah blah
Found poppies
Found bundt cake tin
Found ingreds (for tomorrow now)

Dh now cooking quick supper thank the Lord

Last but not least, thank you very much everyone for your kind words about my cleaner's nephew. Much appreciated. I think it is his age - just at the start of his life - that makes it particularly poignant and sad. Thanks again.

Have a good evening everybody!

TooStressyTooScary Wed 06-Nov-19 19:59:39

Hello all. Sorry I have been rubbish on here lately. Will aim to be better tomorrow as have just managed to catch up on the thread (I think anyway!) tonight. Big welcome to newbies. I will change back to TooStressyTooMessy tomorrow.

Laputa, sounds as if your appointment was very productive!

SC flowers. Honestly I don’t think there is a huge amount you can say. It is just awful. You can let her know that she can always talk about her nephew. People often avoid the subject of people who have died. I suppose it depends if she seems to want to talk, to be left alone, just to get in with things etc. On a practical note you sound like an excellent cook. Would they appreciate some meals cooked (eg for the freezer) so they don’t have to think about food? Or even scare / biscuits if they need something light or to offer visitors. Depends on the person of course.

TooStressyTooScary Wed 06-Nov-19 20:00:12

cake not scare. I’m sure they have been scared enough flowerssad.

Ghoulette1740 Wed 06-Nov-19 21:37:11

Baby-step 7th November: here
Launch pad link: here

Ghoulette1740 Wed 06-Nov-19 21:49:22

Laputa I'm glad you got your diagnosis and I really admire you for all the work you put into getting help - therapy, exercise and all that. I hope the meds make a difference.

I am sorry I've been off the thread today - work and sick kid at home. I wrote an earlier post (now lost!) to say that dh phoned the doctor and had got meds for nerve pain - helped pain and low mood last time they were prescribed. I'm feeling better too but we are both going to dr at end of month to talk through anxiety and low mood respectively.

Looking forward to reading thread tomorrow.

LivingInLaputa Wed 06-Nov-19 21:57:02

Aw thanks. Yeah my brain takes a lot of maintenance it seems grin I’m just hoping that the meds put me on a more even footing really as there’s only so much all the other stuff can do if the chemistry is wrong.

Annoyingly my to do list for tomorrow is now longer because the psychiatrist missed a bit off the prescription. So now the plan is

Leave at 9
Read journals etc in preparation for therapy (unless I have time tonight)
Therapy at 10.30
Meet friend for a quick drink
Back to psychiatrist to get prescription changed
Home by 3.30 hopefully.

Tonight I need to get my clothes ready and pack my bag.

LivingInLaputa Wed 06-Nov-19 21:58:17

Glad you are both going to see doctor btw

Forgot if I mentioned are you taking vitamin D? It’s one reason this time of year is usually worse for mood.

Ghoulette1740 Wed 06-Nov-19 23:05:24

Very good point Laputa. I'll mention it to DH and we'll take it. It's in the kitchen cupboard. Not much sunlight up here wink

foxessocks Thu 07-Nov-19 06:52:17

toostressy how's things with your parents now?

Laputa hope things start to improve for you

It's not even 7am and the dc are driving me bonkers...

Tidyhomewannabe Thu 07-Nov-19 07:02:32

Morning everyone brewbrew for those who need it . Had dp off work yesterday for dd2s parent consultation , then sorted some bits out for December 25th wink but he put me all out of routine. I half kept up with reading the thread but will catch up with everyone later.

Laputa great for a diagnosis, I hope this is a big step forward for you thanks

Sc how terrible sad it definitely makes you appreciate what you have hearing news like that .

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 07-Nov-19 07:13:51

Morning all

Cats fed
Wash on
Two bags random crap dealt with
Eliminated some emails(I can only do them annoyingly one at a time)
Littertray and bins
Pack up made
Wash in dryer(towel)
More wash on

LivingInLaputa Thu 07-Nov-19 07:51:08

December 25th, that date rings a bell for some reason hmm grin

Managed about 4 hours sleep as usual. Just trying to find the energy to get up and shower! This is my current view though which still after two years makes it hard to tear myself away... smile

I did the flylady thing of getting my clothes ready last night! Apart from jeans which were in the wash. Oops.

To do by 9
Get up
Check if jeans are dry/put dryer back on
Put phone on charge
Refill water bottle
Take meds
Put therapy stuff in bag (I did read what I had to last night so not as much to take with me)

Hope you all have a great day.

Sistercharlie Thu 07-Nov-19 09:22:02

Good morning! Slow start here. DD isn't feeling great (female issues) so is skipping the first two sessions (English) today. All I have done is dog walk and s&s so far despite being up early.

Aw Laputa what a lovely sight to wake up to! Cagletini is totally gorgeous as ever! smile. Good luck with your busy day!

brew and [choc] for Foxes

Tidy I know what you mean about disruptive other halves! My DH is totally absent (travelling) which has its own probs, or is in and out of the house and fridge constantly which makes it tricky to maintain a routine!

Ghoulette hope your day feels better soon and meds help. Also that your ds feels better soon.

Thank you Toostressy for your advice. The poor woman is (understandably) in such a terrible state. Cooking is a good idea though. Nigelka makes a good "rosemary for remembrance" cake which I could give her tomorrow for the weekend.

Zoo I get so much advertising crap in my e-mail in-box it's very difficult to keep up with the deletions!

Very cold and dark and overwhelmingly messy here ATM. Must go and face it [sigh].

Sistercharlie Thu 07-Nov-19 09:26:38

Sorry Ghoulette that should have read "DH" not "day"

And gah that should read Nigella not Nigelka!

Tidyhomewannabe Thu 07-Nov-19 09:27:57

Everyone up washed & dressed
Breakfast (with extra blueberries & strawberries to pack in the vit C , dd2 is coming down with yet another cold!)
Dishwasher emptied
Breakfast pots
Beds made
School run / swim hmm

Off to work, will be attempting an hour in the kitchen today because I haven't done anything in that zone yet this week. Will do 15 minute slots though to break it up, I don't think dd2 would be very happy with me scrubbing the kitchen for an hour non stop , I would rather have a messy kitchen than a tantruming 3 year old 😂

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 07-Nov-19 10:14:06

SC sympathies for eldest DD has horrific periods..I keep nagging her to go back to docs n stop be fobbed off<sighs>
Laputa that is a scrummy view😍

Dining table wiped
Second load wash n dry(both put away)
All lower floors washed on hands and knees

Awaiting dd1 do quick trip to town.we out if wilkos own wheat free kibble,so all cats yowling and cross as wet meat without biscuits I'm clearing starving them all!!D's staying home with lil zoo,who still in lots pain.desperately hoping the meds start working today!!
Dreary here,hope it's better out if your windows!

ChicCroissant Thu 07-Nov-19 10:20:00

<puts down sugary freebie cappuccino to give a belated welcome to Times10>

SC I'm sorry to hear the news about your cleaner's nephew - I missed that yesterday sad

Laputa I hope you get the meds without too much hassle and your appointment today goes well, do you have mixed feelings about starting them?

onthebrink I hope you are doing OK and your mum is OK after breaking her hip.

Waves to foxes, tidy, wine, kt, zoo, stressy and Ghoulette (well done on pressing the GP into action as well, I dread ringing them even for an appointment because it is such a hassle).

To-do - more sorting of potential jumble sale items, laundry, general tidying and cleaning. Catch up on very long list of things to do and order. A grip must be got on things <determined>

Times10 Thu 07-Nov-19 10:36:24

Thanks chic grin I did well with less sugar yesterday, but I’ve already gobbled up my weight in chocolate this morning blush

Dishwasher on
1st wash on

Too long to list...
I’ll definitely need to borrow Ned once again I’m afraid.

I know I’ve been procrastinating, because I’m even talking myself out of writing a list, even though it would make life a bit easier than having to constantly try and remember what I need to do (or even what I’m currently doing... I’m a master at getting distracted!)

Times10 Thu 07-Nov-19 10:43:48

sc I spent September and some of October decluttering like mad, and it really has helped, especially the rooms downstairs. Still need a lot done, but my motivation seems to come and go!
We currently have a dismantled cot that has no place to live, and baby is due in 2 months time so I need to get my act together.

It was only recently that I discovered that a house has only a finite amount of space, and if we want the house to look neat, we needed to get rid of a lot more than I thought! I basically have done all the «easy» decluttering, which got rid of a huge bulk, but now I need to do another pass and get stuck in the harder bits as we still have more stuff than I’d like.

IVEgotthesparklersBIATCH Thu 07-Nov-19 11:11:34


My hands are so full

Need more hands

Baby had jabs yesterday morning. Was very irritable and unhappy in the afternoon and evening. Two doses of paracetamol. But he slept good (woke at 2am then 6am) a bit off his milk but happier today

I am also trying to potty train just turned 3 year old which is going well but i need him to start asking and making some efforts with pulling pants up and down! Any tips? Not done this for about 7 years as dc3 trained herself overnight!

Also trying to study two open uni modules. One essay due last week just scraped a pass mark. Next one due today but extension til monday not even started yet

On verge of splitting up with dp. Dont really care about this....

House is a tip and its nearly christmas....

Oh and i think i might have a hernialike i have time for that!

Anyone have any spare hands / time / patience?

Times10 Thu 07-Nov-19 12:28:59

Ive You really have your hands full! Good luck with the essay writing!

Bringing back Ned clean laundry has been put away.
Ta-da, I’ve emptied the bookcase into boxes, and started setting up the cot, although DH will have to finish it, justo make sure it’s tight. It’s taking up a lot of space in our room, so I might need reshuffle more furniture to make it work.

Next job is to sort out the boxes of books, and try and find a home for them.

ChicCroissant Thu 07-Nov-19 13:32:23

flowers IVE flowers

Oh my word, have taken so many books out of DD's room that I think can be given away (she does get the final say, I have assured her that nothing will go without her say so) and the shelves are still full! There is one that has mainly childhood books in that are from people I think she'd like to keep but not actually read so we may need to move those on. But So.Many.Books. Must stop buying them blush

Times10 Thu 07-Nov-19 14:28:06

Chic I’ve also been sorting books, and even with adding a shelf to a bookcase and double layering them, I still have more books than bookcase. Some are DH’s, and he refuses to get rid of any, even though he never reads them. I also have books (probably more than him) but I’ve already got rid of a huge amount of mine, and I don’t think I should be the only one getting rid of my stuff when we all want a neater house.
Oh well, maybe it’ll be the last thing we sort, and the rest of the house has improved so much already.

Tidyhomewannabe Thu 07-Nov-19 14:41:54

Ive thanks or maybe winewine would be of more assistance today. I can't give any words of wisdom other than I think you're fabulous having kids at home and a new baby and STILL managing to study. Don't focus on what hasn't been done, look at all you've achieved!

Times & chic as I've confessed before, I am a bit of a book addict so if you come up with any genius storage ideas please share grin

Tidyhomewannabe Thu 07-Nov-19 14:56:48

Sc hope your dd is okthanks

Picked up dd2 from nursery
Wash in the washer ready for when the kids get out of their uniforms
Made spag Bol, doubles it so I'll have a portion to freeze

My mum had her appointment with her oncologist this afternoon so I haven't achieved much other than walking around the house unsure what I'm doing ! It was good news thank goodness , they still don't know the primary source , however the tumours have all shrank and they have decided to operate on one of the smaller surface ones ! Relieved and emotionally drained. My aim is just to get through today doing the basics and having a very large g&t tonight !

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