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Cherry waves hello to November 2019. Fledgling Flylady thread for all.[smile]

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Ghoulette1740 Wed 30-Oct-19 14:42:30

Welcome to the November Flylady thread Fledglings! All are welcome here. A few of us have been around a while but everyone, newbie and lurking, is welcome to join in.

This is my first time running the thread so I hope other fledglings will alert me when I’ve got things confused or if I’ve left something out!! A busy month for us all with the holiday season looming next month…

Very simply Flylady is a zone-based cleaning system which we loosely follow. Everyone is different and has different rooms and life demands. There are five zones and at the beginning and the end of the month we usually straddle Zone 1 and zone 5.
(amend rooms to suit your house – I do the living and dining room together as it’s all one room in my house)
Zone 1 Hall, entrance/dining room (Fri 1 – Sat 2)
Zone 2 Kitchen (Sun 3- Sat 9)
Zone 3 Bathroom and another room (Sun 10- Sat 16)
Zone 4 Master bedroom/closet (Sun 17 – sat 23)
Zone 5 Living room (Sun 24 – Sat 30)

Pop onto the Flylady website to have a closer look but signing up for emails will probably lead to very many landing in your inbox. Also there has been some concern about securely downloading pdfs from the site. here

Flylady has an introductory scheme for newbies called Babysteps which is a light 31 day introduction to the system – dressing to shoes, shining your sink etc. What I like about Flylady is her emphasis on self care, her abhorrence of perfectionism and her adage that you’re never being behind in the system - just jump in. No need to completely clean your house before you start – phew! here

There is a morning routine and an evening routine to keep things ticking over and a weekly home cleaning hour to change bed sheets, mop, hoover, take out rubbish etc. The system isn’t brilliant for major decluttering so you might want to supplement with Kondo or another decluttering system. Flylady doesn’t want us cleaning all day so she is very keen on using a timer. Clean then stop!
In addition each day has a purpose: see the daily focus here

Monday: Weekly home cleaning hour (can be split into ten minute sections and spread over week) here
Tuesday: Plan and play (Menu planning, family event planning)
Wednesday: Anti-procrastination day
Thursday: Errand day
Friday: Clear out bags, fill car with petrol, date night
Saturday: Family fun
Sunday: Lift your spirit

Launch pad for guidance every day! launch pad

Habit of the month of November is meal planning. This is my Achilles heel! here

We have a lovely virtual naughty corner where we can all retreat – there are all manner of lovely things left there by thread members including fluffy pillows, warm blankets, tea, coffee, wine, delicious foods. This month there are plenty of candles to brighten the darker days.
There may be mention of Ned who started life as an autocorrection on the thread but who has now morphed into a virtual helper with a specialism in putting away laundry. Ned is borrowed by thread members from time to time when the going gets tough on Mount Washmore.
Most days we pop on to post our ta da list of what we’ve managed to do and have a bit of a natter.

IVEgotthePUMPKINS Fri 01-Nov-19 08:53:21

Expletive grin i had forgotten that was me too

LivingInLaputa Fri 01-Nov-19 09:46:57

Ooooh yes of course that was your name ive 🤦‍♀️

<hands over a shovel for manchild’s head>

foxessocks Fri 01-Nov-19 11:03:03

Hello everyone, thanks for the thread leading everyone!

Can't stop as I'm about to do a power hour to try and regain some control over the house, wish me luck and I'll catch up properly in an hour and a nice cup of tea!! brew

ChicCroissant Fri 01-Nov-19 11:34:16

Morning, Pincushion Croissant reporting for duty - had trouble finding a vein for the cannula, I have bruises in both arms and one hand. Took three people - I never usually have this kind of trouble with my veins! Scan done, will be a few weeks before we get the results but I am expecting them to be normal. Got a few week's break before the next invasive one, yay!

I have an excuse to avoid the ironing (which would normally be a plus point but I did want to get some done today) as my ironing arm is currently a bit achy having been jabbed twice so hopefully it will be better after a chicken bake and large coffee after a bit of food.

I've had the equivalent of water tablets and boy was it effective - I had to visit the conveniences three times before I left the hospital! I think that's the rest of my day sorted for me ....

Well, things to do and leftover halloween treats to eat ... catch you later fledglings!

foxessocks Fri 01-Nov-19 12:21:37

I'm back! I don't feel that I achieved as much I thought I would in an hour...
Ta das
Washing on
Socks sorted
Laundry put away
Cleaned kitchen windowsill
Rubbish out
Sorted out ds and dd pyjamas drawers
Sorted through back of hand me down shoes
Took lots of stuff upstairs and downstairs back where it belongs (this probably took the longest and is definitely not finished! shock)
Dishwasher emptied and back on again
Made lunch for me and ds

Chic sorry to hear of tricky veins! Its horrible when you're left bruised like that sad . We don't have any Halloween treats left, the whole lot went! And the kids won't share! (Well they did sort of share tbf but I don't really like the sweets they gave me, I'd rather have chocolate , wonder if there will be some reduced stuff at the shop later 🤔)

And hi to people new and returning!

LivingInLaputa Fri 01-Nov-19 13:46:51

Oh no chic! Tricky veins are a pain. I ended up with a blown vein when I was being induced with Cagletini hmm

Benefits advisor just left. We are so lucky she’s there to take us through it all. 2.5 hours that took! We have to go for an ID verification interview too, which annoyingly is after my psychiatrist appt next week so that’s going to be a hard day.

By the end she was even commenting how unwell I looked... not particularly just fucking knackered mate 😂🙈 I should really be making my lunch now and then going to bed but I’m just curled on the sofa in a daze 😳

Welcome bean smile

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 01-Nov-19 14:10:58

Welcome bean
<Passes Chic get off flying for the day note>
<Takes Laputa spade and digs hole.offers whack manchild if you don't fancy prison I've>(I quite fancy some time outgrin

Cats fed
Clear dining table of crap
Wash up
Find living room surfaces
Sweep living room floor
Sweep kitchen floor
Bins and littertray

Pop friends and play with kittens.was fun,esp as last night I picked up lil zoo from a house with two part Savannah huge tabby cats.utterly adorable,very friendly/able to pet.i picked one up and he was dangling all over the place!think I fell in love<mad cat lady alertgrin>

Pop shop for bread and milk
Wash up
It's seriously grey and quite dark here
Dd2 full of cold and has backache with period dishes now curled up on sofa with hot choc and a hot water bottle

Ghoulette1740 Fri 01-Nov-19 15:37:18

Welcome or welcome back to MercuryRising, BeanBag7 and Onthebrink67!

Ghoulette1740 Fri 01-Nov-19 15:42:53


Links for Saturday Nov 2

Baby-step no.2 here
Launch pad link: here


Ghoulette1740 Fri 01-Nov-19 15:57:47

Chic your poor sausage. My mother and I have very deep veins and it’s a nuisance to get blood from us. Helps to keep warm, have eaten well and be hydrated [duh!] according to my phlebotomist.

Well done on getting rid of the clutter beanbag and being able to see the floor. Soon though you won’t be able to look down and see your feet smile. I can’t say my house is uncluttered at the moment. Nothing’s been put away.

I need to do a power hour now foxes! <waves to Laputa> Glad the meeting went well today.
That sounds like a busy half term ive. You’ve such a lot on. I hope you are enjoying the course though.
SC hope you are a bit more rested.

Halloween was surprisingly quiet yesterday. I’ve so much food left over.

Ta Da
Work work (that’s all)
To do
Power hour!

LivingInLaputa Fri 01-Nov-19 16:35:11

Ok not housework related but I FINISHED INKTOBERRRRRR yay

Ghoulette1740 Fri 01-Nov-19 16:45:14

The weather is grim here. Very wet. Not much hope of keeping the entrance way clean!

MercuryRising Fri 01-Nov-19 17:47:06

Thanks for the warm welcome back!
Being back on the thread has definitely motivated me. We popped to Ikea today to get a curtain pole and 10 😮 replacement light bulbs. Dc have dusted throughout the house and I have tidied and hoovered. I have also shined my sink and all of the mirrors. However, I have realised one of the major problems is all of the clutter so I need to start decluttering one hot spot at a time. I was supposed to be running this evening but the weather is awful so im now planning on going to buy ds3 1st birthday presents instead. It just never feels like there is enough time to get everything done!

MercuryRising Fri 01-Nov-19 17:47:48

Laputa I am intrigued what is inktober??

LivingInLaputa Fri 01-Nov-19 17:55:17

It’s a challenge where you have to do a drawing (in ink rather than pencil) every day for the month, there’s a prompt word for every day.

MercuryRising Fri 01-Nov-19 19:59:40

Wow well done Laputa! That sounds really tricky!

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 01-Nov-19 21:07:25

mercury i stalk follow *Laputa on FB and i would just like to say her drawing is BLOODY AWESOME
<Shuffles back to sit by fire in naughty corner with hot chocolate and salted cashews>

LivingInLaputa Fri 01-Nov-19 21:15:45

Aww zoo 🙈❤️💐 thank you x

I also wrote out my poem today. Had to do it again (want to show my therapist unsurprisingly!) as it had tea spilled on it 😂

Stilllivinginazoo Sat 02-Nov-19 07:47:56

Laputa if it's from my house unscathed by stains or crumpling I doubt it's ever been inside front door stepgrin

I having bit of a wibble....the family lil zoo went ice skating with/had Halloween party are taking her on outing today(to the ww2 code breaking place- my brains refusing to tell me actual nameblush) they have a stunning four bed home that's immaculate and I fearful of judgement ruining what is blossoming into a lovely friendshipsadPanic cleaning aplenty in progress...

"D"p took the computer and computer table pieces away yesterday(going to get a family laptop which takes up less space)
So tidy up corner it was in,rehousing stuff that was under it
Move exercise bike into now vacant spot
Sweep floor

Head out into garden and litterpick as we live on a corner and on a windy hill it's always full of crap,no matter how often I'm out there...after a nasty incident 3weeks ago of a lager can half full(but not with lager-feral creature) in the hedge I acquired a litterpicker and have been out filling half a binbag other people's detritus this's still not spotless,there's some bits plastic bags entangled in brambles/weeds but it's too windy out to do anything about it without getting stressed myself and after bramble scratch foot led to cellulitis I'm wary of tackling that!

To do
Sort dining table
Decimate hallway and tidy as it's a hideous mess of lobbed everywhere bags,shoes and coats and it smells of shoes that have gotten wet...

Need organise lil zoo a pack up too
They're picking up and 930,so need crack on as I suspect she will want some cake baking and adding to her lunch.eeeek
<Dashes off like headless chicken leaving out brew and 🥐>

Stilllivinginazoo Sat 02-Nov-19 09:19:36

5pairs shoes that leak disposed of,4pairs that don't fit but still usable in bag for chazza(on landing out of sight)
Bags sorted and spares dispatched upstairs to bedrooms
Shoes tidy,coats tidy,bags tidy-check,check and double check!!
Floor swept and mopped
Quick spray Dettol air freshener to eliminate the horrid wet shoe smell

Dining table tidy
Zoolets fed and watered
Just pack up to do for lil zoo.shes leaving in 20 mins,having just told me can't see difference in front garden I'm now quite anxious....

PsychoSmirk Sat 02-Nov-19 09:23:36

Morning all! <snaffles toast and honey with half an eye on muscled thighs the rugby, strokes furry and contemplates life> ... . Hope everyone ok!

Halloween totally passed us by this year!

Try not to worry about being judged Zoo we all have the same fears - the kids don't care and if the parents do, tough bananas - and anyway I am sure your house is cleaner than most with the amount of Flying you do! Most of dd's friends seem to like being here even though it is half falling down (they say it is "plein de poésie" which basically means "atmospheric" although bits continue to keep dropping off! grin I must admit I do always worry a bit about other parents - especially as ours looks v shabby (dd doesn't actually refer to home as "home" but as "the crack den" currently [16 yr old humour grin) as that is what it looks like from the outside - I am trying to adopt dh's total inability to be embarrassed. Work in progress! Life's too short! And I find it helps if you distract visitors with wafts of home baking! Hope Lil'Zoo has a fab day smile

Good luck with the decluttering Mercury

Laputa flowers

Chic hope you are feeling less bruised and battered today! Take it easy!

Happy Flying today Onthebrink and Beanbag!

Waves to everyone else!

Yesterday was a dis-ARSE-ter (said in the style of Craig Revel Horwood). Completely forgot it was a public holiday and that all the shops would be shut so was faced with producing three meals for vistiors without olive oil, butter or equivs, onions, flour, no meat or fish except ham and fish fingers (not even bacon) and no cheese except gouda slices and parmesan. I also felt very tired. I ended up doing a sort of risotto with rice, dried mushrooms, garlic, parmesan, frozen peas, chicken stock and a sort of apple streudel envelope (had some supermarket flaky pastry at back of fridge). Then cooked and blitzed all veg in bottom of fridge to make soup but a bit strange without onions. Stressful.

Having cleared up house for visitors - most of it is untidy again - so as they are going out for the day on a jolly with dh I am faced with cleaning and tidying and cooking again. Oh joy. Really wanted to spend some time with dhorse and bulb planting at wreck2 this weekend but sadly not to be! DD is here but is jet lagged and a bit stressed over hwk.

On a positive note as yesterday was a holiday, today feels like a spare day ifyswim, but it's a shame I can't make more of it tidying-wise. Boudoir is a pit again!

Enjoy the weekend Fledglings!

LivingInLaputa Sat 02-Nov-19 11:07:47

Ooooh Bletchley Park zoo lucky! Please don’t worry about the judgment I know it’s easy for me to say though.

Had a lie in thanks to DSD staying downstairs with the Caglets. DH still asleep. I’ve not managed to move yet. Meant to be returning my library books today (I’ve had some of them so long I am not allowed to renew them again 😳) but I might just take the fines over the weekend if I can’t manage to get out.

Super stressed over stupid universal credit stuff. Heard too many horrible stories and I’m mega paranoid about this sort of thing as it is. Anxiety is up HERE <reaches up as high as is physically possible>

LivingInLaputa Sat 02-Nov-19 11:09:10

Again I know it’s easy for me to say this, but TBH zoo if judgment did spoil the friendship then it’s clearly not a good friendship. Would you want your DD being friends with a snob? 💐

Ghoulette1740 Sat 02-Nov-19 11:20:30

<waves to fellow fledglings> Hope the weekend is going well for all of you. It is bucketing down here as we say at home.

zoo I think getting a litter picker is a fabulous idea. I was doing litter picking with ds's school and we were provided with them. Makes such a difference.

Arff at crack den SC. That's teenagers for you. I'd really love to live in an older house but obviously they do come with more upkeep. I'd love to think of all the people who lived there before.

zoo I don't know how people live in immaculate houses. They must spend all their time cleaning up or paying someone to clean up. I'm sure the little friendship with dd won't be affected by your house being normal!

IVEgotthePUMPKINS Sat 02-Nov-19 11:55:57

zoo alot of my ds1s friends live in immaculate 4 bed + new builds, our house although large (larger than some of theirs) was completely gutted when we bought it and still no where near done. Two years on we still have bare plaster on some walls! Most of his friends are only children or the youngest child in the family, none of them have babies and toddlers which create soooo much clutter! So i feel your pain!

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