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Which vacuum cleaner would you recommend?

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LauraEMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 15-Oct-19 10:00:27

Hi everyone!

We're making plans to research, test and review a new round of vacuum cleaners (corded and cordless), so we'd love to hear which products you'd recommend.

If you've used (and loved!) a particular product recently, then please do tell us about it. This will help us to create a shortlist of vacuum cleaners to put to the test.

Also, if you have any tips on what we should be looking for in a vacuum cleaner then please do share your comments on this thread - we'll then add your tips and advice to our updated buyer's guide.

Thank you!

Kidlacky Thu 17-Oct-19 18:12:08

£100 , go to france for the day with the change from a Dyson. Stock up on wine ! Always go for no gimmicks, simple design that works, sensors and all that jargon is sales patter fodder, bluetooth connectivity so you can see your vac when your in bed or on holiday.....etc etc lose it. you pay for that rubbish , you never use it.

Frankley Thu 17-Oct-19 19:33:34

I bought a Shark, it went wrong in the first week. Replacement part sent very quickly. It went wrong again after a few months. Have still got the bit that still works, like the two batteries, but couldn't be bothered with the rest of it so got a g-teck which seems do much more robust. Love cordless.

mummyof2ds Thu 17-Oct-19 19:48:41

I love my vax blade 32v

JenniferM1989 Thu 17-Oct-19 21:02:33


mainecoonmum Thu 17-Oct-19 21:55:44

After much research I went for a shark, over £459 and I'm so disappointed. The only way I can get it to be efficient is to completely dismantle it every week and clear roller and filters. Truly regret it and wish I could afford to replace with gtech or Dyson.

scrawnybutscrumptious Thu 17-Oct-19 22:02:26

I've had the same Miele Cat n Dog vacuum since 2005. Still going strong.

GreasyFryUp Thu 17-Oct-19 23:14:10

Eufy RoboVac 30C. Only experience of robot vacuum cleaner but such a game changer. I have a physically knackered Miele for everything else; carpet stairs, upholstery, shelves, corners etc. But it still cleans well and I would recommend.

VeganCow Thu 17-Oct-19 23:28:06

Morphy Richards supervac is a great cheap cordless. Does whole house and then the car on one charge. Has a handheld bit that clips off and has tools. Their after care is fantastic.

VeganCow Thu 17-Oct-19 23:31:45

Forgot to add. For a corded upright I think the Sebo x7 is amazing.

EatingTheElephantInChunks Fri 18-Oct-19 02:25:45

Thanks to a recommendation on here, I am finding a Henry invaluable. He's tough, no nonsense, powerful, long cord, large bag capacity, long reach tools and a cheery little face. He's an absolute work horse. A little trooper. I think he'll still be going strong when most of the more expensive and fashionable vacs have gone to the tip. What's not to like?!

Monty27 Fri 18-Oct-19 02:46:43

I'm using a Henry having been persuaded.
Id had about 4 cumbersome dysons beforehand.
It's a powerful Henry but I do the rubber glove test on carpet after vacuuming thoroughly and there's still hair there.
Only 3 people and one not that hairy cat and Henry doesn't cut it. sad

Nat6999 Fri 18-Oct-19 04:08:43

As soon as I get a new house, I'm buying a Shark corded lift away duoclean for downstairs & a cordless handheld for upstairs. I've always had Dysons in the 20 years since I left home but have had more & more problems with them, plus as I have become more disabled, they are too heavy for me.

MrsWidgerysLodger Fri 18-Oct-19 12:37:28

Dyson Big Ball Animal 2. Only got it this week as we previously had its predecessor the Animal Ball 1 which did us well for nearly 6 years until the decorators blew it up by using it on plaster dust. Loved the old one and love the new one. Don't rate the Dyson upright ones much but the Animal cylinder range has been consistently excellent in our experience.

FairfaxAikman Fri 18-Oct-19 12:39:14

Shark. Put my old Vax to shame

RockinHippy Fri 18-Oct-19 12:56:55

George, Henry's suped up cousin. We love our George, way better than previous Dyson & VAX

Madcats Fri 18-Oct-19 13:55:17

I replaced my elderly Dyson with a Miele Blizzard Cats & Dogs. I love the fact that I can rinse it all out.

My Dyson handheld suddenly stopped working (normal fixes didn't work), so am on the lookout for a new handheld. Could somebody review the Tineco Pure one; it looks amazing!

Geppili Wed 23-Oct-19 00:43:17

Me and my Miele can suck up anything life throws at us.

Snog Wed 23-Oct-19 21:54:31

Just tried my mums dyson animal 10 which seems fab and she loves it. It's £400 though which is double my max budget so I won't be getting one.

IWillWearTheGreenWillow Thu 24-Oct-19 15:30:55

Shark liftaway for serious cleaning, bought on an MN recommendation - we love it. The headlights are useful, the little comb for cleaning the brush bar is brilliant, and it doesn't pull itself over when I do the stairs. The filters are really easy to find and clean too. Prior to that, Vaxes that kept breaking (rocker switches on the hoses kept snapping off) and prior to them, dysons that were too heavy for me to get up and down stairs.

Vax cordless slimvac for spot cleaning, hard floors and the loft room. Less effective than the shark but v lightweight and good for upholstery.

Lyingonthesofainthedark Wed 30-Oct-19 10:01:22

I use a Dyson absolute cordless plus a trusty old Henry.

Monty27 Thu 31-Oct-19 03:12:03

Just bought a Henry. I'm not happy with Henry. At all.

EmmaGrundyForPM Thu 31-Oct-19 03:20:16

When our Dyson died last year we replaced it with a Shark Liftaway after being recommended it here on MN.

It's absolutely brilliant. It picks up so much more than the Dyson did.

Monty27 Thu 31-Oct-19 03:25:06

Have been swerving towards a shark lift up

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