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decorating a boys bedroom - are themed bedrooms too babyish for a nearly 6 yr old?

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jenthehen Tue 14-Aug-07 13:59:50

At the moment Ds5 is in a large bedroom that we haven't got round to decorating as we've been gutting the rest of the house. I'm just about to start stripping the wallpaper but I'm not sure how to paint it so that it will be "cool" for atleast the next 5 yrs.
I'm wondering if there is a tasteful way to decorate a boys room and still make it feel exciting.
The idea of football teams and camouflage fills me with dread. Just wondered what sort of things your 10 yr olds like.

He has a Flexa high bed with a slide (in primary colours) which we bought 2nd hand. This is a bit like a castle but I'm already begining to think it will soon be too babyish.
Any ideas? Thanks

PandaG Tue 14-Aug-07 14:08:17

we redecorated DS's room for his 6th birthday with a space theme. Pale blue paint on the walls, huge stickers of the planets dotted round. Planets duvet cover with glow in the dark stars on, and star curtains from the same set. Rocket lampshade and glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. We deliberately bought more grown up duvet set rather than a more cartoon style rocket to give it a bit more longevity, and I think that DS will still be into space in a couple of years time (he is now 7.5) THe stickers will remove easily when he does grow out of space, and the duvet covers will probably need replacing in a couple of years anyway.

jenthehen Tue 14-Aug-07 14:11:34

Thanks. Space is a good ideas he likes star wars too!
Any other ideas still welcome !!

bagpuss Tue 14-Aug-07 14:12:23

My ds1 is nearly 7 and has pale blue walls with navy blue curtains and lampshade. He currently has a Star Wars duvet cover but already wants to change that. The advantage of having very plain decor is that with a new cover on the bed, the room will look different without us having spent a fortune.

zubb Tue 14-Aug-07 14:12:52

I'd keep to a plain blue on the walls, and introduce the theme with the bedding and maybe some posters - that way it's easy to change.

jenthehen Tue 14-Aug-07 18:35:39

Thanks everyone I think plain with a few space type accessories is the way to go!I'd better get going with the decorating again!!

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