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Autumn leaves and a clean sweep: it's the October Fledgling Fly thread (2019)

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Slowchirp Mon 30-Sep-19 13:27:03

Welcome to the thread where we (loosely) follow the Flylady housekeeping system here to combat CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) with a load of wine, chat and mutual support along the way. Quite a few of us have been on here for a while, so for that reason, we may seem cliquey, but we really aren't, and all newcomers, lurkers, returnees, regulars, and intermittent regulars are very welcome!

Every day I will post a link to the activities for "Today" which summarises everything you need on a daily basis if you want to follow the system strictly, but we tend to adapt it to suit our individual circumstances, homes, and energy-levels!

Please note that, athough Flylady is keen for us to check in to the website, we've recently had a few concerns wrt security, so although there is lots of useful info on the site, it's best not download it or put any of your personal details into the website for now, or sign up to the (many and frequent) e-mails (but your choice as some fledglings find the latter helpful).

More information on getting started available:
here (containing baby-steps!) but please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further qs.

There are 4 levels for Flying:
-Baby steps - good for starting a routine and overcoming the perfection crippling effect
-Baby steps and missions - basic routine + more in depth tasks
-Baby steps, missions, and deep cleaning (if you are at that stage).
You can't clean clutter so don't consider this one if you need the next level.
-Flying combined with a decluttering system (kondo/unfuck etc etc) let's be honest fly lady is good for routine but not so quick with the decluttering results sometimes.

There is NO wrong or right way of doing this, it is about adapting the system to suit your life circumstances, which will be different from someone else's, and don't be put off by the barftastically twee nature of the Flylady site, the underlying system is sound. Feel free to ignore any step or routine that doesn't suit you or your home! No perfectionism allowed!

And when it all gets too much: come and take a seat by the fire in our specially adapted "naughty" corner where you can enjoy virtual cakeand wine and lots of support from fellow fledglings.

More info follows (**but again, please note we advise only looking at the pdfs and not downloading them**):

** launch pad (general info) here

** daily babysteps pdf (ignore the ones that don't suit you or your home) here

** week day missions (some fledglings find it easier to do them at weekends) here

** info about zones (explanation of how zones work) here

** weekly zones (a rough weekly guide to which area of the house we are tackling currently, again adapt to suit yourself) here and here

** daily focus (helpful guide to allocate a certain day for a certain task) here and here

** deep cleaning lists pdf (only attempt when you have decluttered as you can't clean clutter!) here

Good luck and happy Flying one and all!


Last but not least, a huge thank you to ChicCroissant for running such a lovely (and busy!) September thread flowers [cake[ gin halo


Ghoulette1740 Wed 30-Oct-19 23:43:42

Idontdance welcome!

Bowerbird5 Wed 30-Oct-19 23:59:33

Well things didn’t go as planned.

Dad Skyped us tonight. First time it has connected since May. She looks well and happy.

PsychoSmirk Thu 31-Oct-19 06:23:39

Good morning!

Well done everyone - you have made it through another Flying month and the time has flown so fast (no pun intended)!

Forgot to do links last night ...

🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂 🍂🍂

Baby step no. 31 for Thurs 31st is here.

And launch pad link is here.


Bower sorry to hear that ( I assume that's related to your work). flowers When you posted below that you'd had good news; I'd thought things were looking better. So sorry if not.

Good to hear that your dd is thriving on her travels though smile

Have a good errand day everyone! I am up and ready to hit the serious cleaning this morning in time for everyone's return! Wish me luck!

IVEgotthePUMPKINS Thu 31-Oct-19 07:02:52

Morning all

Cannot believe its the end of October. I am sure yesterday we were just discussing how fast september had gone. Is someone still leaning on the fast forward life button?

ChicCauldron Thu 31-Oct-19 08:58:15

Happy Halloween to everyone that celebrates it!

Thanks for a fabulous October thread PsychoSmirk, it's been a good'un.

Not sure what we are doing yet but may go out this morning as the motorway is now (largely) open again today. And decorating the house reading for the trick or treaters tonight.

Also laundry, dishwashing, blah, blah.

PsychoSmirk Thu 31-Oct-19 09:05:57

I know I've ... total madness!

Sorry, yes, quite right Chic, Happy Halloween and/or All Saints/All Souls to everyone, whichever you celebrate ... we usually do both as we have all the Catholic traditions here of Mass and taking chyrsanthemums to family graves etc and we also have US friends who go wild with all the spooky stuff too thlgrin

Right now I am rushing around like a blue-arsed fly thinking wtf ... why do I always have to leave everything until last minute? Answer = because I seriously CBA before the point when it becomes urgent. I am in my mid fifties fhs. I should know better blush

Downstairs looking a bit better than it did at 7.30 am this morning but still loads to do ... need to get stew on now...

Tidyhomewannabe Thu 31-Oct-19 12:26:28

Thanks for a great month thread leading sc, much appreciated!

Zoo how did the costume making go? The oat muffins sound delicious 😋

Bower thanks

I won't be posting on the thread many tadas because we've finally managed to get to mums !! gringrin happy happy !! We'll be staying until Saturday night so I'll be back to flying on Sunday, but I'll keep up with what everyone is up to until then. Wondering whether to make a meal plan whilst I'm here and have the time - zoos posts always make me hungry , inspiring me to get into the kitchen a lot more than what I have been doing lately !

Tidyhomewannabe Thu 31-Oct-19 12:27:22

Welcome idontdance brew

PsychoSmirk Thu 31-Oct-19 12:50:38

Oh I am so happy you made it to your mum's Tidy! I hope you have some lovely family time together!

Everyone (and furries) back in 20 mins! I am ready! Have finished cleaning and made vegetable soup, cheese and bacon muffins, and huge salads, one green, one a sort of coleslaw (with vinaigrette) and laid out large plate naice ham and good bread and cheese and red wine! Have also prepped all veg for steak mushroom and ale pie (to eat with cabbage tonight)! Phew! Cut it a bit fine today!

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 31-Oct-19 13:07:37

idontdance welcome aboard!
SC regardless of volume of kids or hours worked managing a home by yourself,esp as you have two,plus pets is always going to add challenges.add in the endless guests you accommodate have everyright to be in a cluster and not ready(I'm mid forties(kids self- approaching 50) and no better prepared for things so you are not alone)wink

I am not a seamstress and it wouldn't be fit for company,but mess around on Halloween I think it's ok. just..(fingers X no judgy expert sewing parents)

Got a call asking me to emergency help at community cafe,so drop everything for 2hours to be chief washer upper.i didn't realise there was a community litterpick today(zoolets usually join in) and they were doing sausage/bacon butties and soup with rolls to the helpers

Job done,fed my lot at home
Need help show lil zoo how to do winged eyeliner as she will be skating in civvies then changing at friends house and doing the eyeliner/big joker style lips

We need head off in a a sty
I will need a decent clear up on my return
"D"p in twat mode and were in not we need him for lifts I'd have chucked him out way he had a moan at me earlier....
Anyhoo,he's drop lil zoo at skating(230) pick up dd2 from last day at Avon,then collect lil zoo from friends 8pm.he is being sent home after...

ChicCauldron Thu 31-Oct-19 13:19:38

Welcome to idontdance as well, sorry I missed you earlier. Lovely to have you with us, don't forget to follow us to the November thread as well.

Ghoulette1740 Thu 31-Oct-19 14:32:45

Thanks for the October thread SC.

Mercifully it's not raining here. One year it rained heavily and we had few trick or treaters or very bedraggled ones.

Zoo I remember making a very scrappy spider outfit for ds when he was little because he was adamant he wanted to be a spider. Talked about spiders every day until Halloween when he suddenly announced 'I'm going to be a cat'. And was completely sure - looked at me mystified when I mentioned being a spider. So one of the spider legs became a tail and I managed to fashion ears out of some of the other legs.

He's a zombie this year - must be thinking ahead of teen years. I've been corrected and informed that they are green faced not white.

Have a great Halloween (if that's your thing) Toostressy SC Zoo Tidy I've Bower Foxes Expletive Laputa Honu Chic and Idontdance. Waves to everyone else in case I've left out a name. Please remind me of your presence!

Bowerbird5 Thu 31-Oct-19 18:05:24

Thanks for the support. It was partially good news. Can't say what but I still feel like shit! It is going to take a while to feel better. I have a bad back and neck and went to Osteopath today. She thinks a lot of it is because I am so stressed. Disc is not out like I thought just lots of tension within lumbar region and neck. Going back next week. Need to do some gentle walking and lots of fresh air recommended. I really want to stay cosy at home and not go out.
DH told me to buy some chocolate today. He never says that.
Just had two trick and treaters. I think it is a shame they don't say 'a piece' here. When we lived in Scotland you got songs, poems and slightly rude jokes. It livened up the evening. These two were very well dressed. I think it was "the pony girls" from up the road.
Cottage Pie for tea. It is in the oven. Smells good.
Not much flying due to bad back. Hoping to get moving a bit better and get some done. Still have paper even though I tried most days. I have a bedding box which I haven't opened for ages so might do that.

Costume sounds good zoo. My friend and I used to fashion costumes from jumble sales. Came up with some great ones sometimes held by pins. Old nappy pins were very useful.Hope they have fun.

Tidy so glad you made it. I would do the menu planning there.

SC You have so many visitors I don't know how you cope.

Ive you seem to be doing amazingly well. I can remember having the boys washing up while I stuck baby on boob and wrote my essay at the same time. Don't know how I did it now.

DD skyped us for first time last night.

I lost bloody post on ipad again this morning.

Waves to everyone and leaving chocs and variety pack of sweets.

idontdance Thu 31-Oct-19 20:33:49

Thank you for the welcomes all!. I will catch up with you all on the new thread tomorrow smile. It’s chaos here!

ChicCauldron Thu 31-Oct-19 23:01:38

Evening all, thanks again for a fab thread SC PsychoSmirk. I'm going to iron a couple of outfits for tomorrow as I have a scan at o-dark-thirty, not an invasive one but the first half an hour is spent drinking fluid before a contrast dye scan. DD has opted to stay at home so I think she will be OK although I'll be out for a few hours as it's not at the closest hospital.

See you on the November thread tomorrow, but it may be late morning!

IVEgotthePUMPKINS Thu 31-Oct-19 23:20:31

Not sure i would call it amazingly well bower! I have just submitted 930 words of a not very good essay. But it should pass so it will have to do! I now have seven days to read three chapters of a text book, complete relevant activities and write another 1000 words. confused feel a bit like one of those ducks, all chilled on the surface but feet flapping like crazy under the water 🦆🦢

Also have my post natal and babys first jabs in those 7 days, plus kids back to school. Fun fun fun.

PsychoSmirk Fri 01-Nov-19 07:31:09

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn't get back on here last night (entertaining/cooking for guests).

Thanks for the thanks thlgrin

Bloody hell I've congratulations on just getting it done! You deserve high praise for sticking with it when you have so much else on your plate flowers

Urgh , hate drinking the dye, hope it goes well Chic!

Well I'm glad the news was half good Bower! Look after yourself, the effects of stress can be all too physical ... .

Ha! Impressive costume improvisation there Ghoulette! thlgrin

Thanks for kind words Zoo, much appreciated! ! Well done re: sewing! Sounds as if your brood are having a great half term holiday!

Mahoosive waves to everyone else!

PsychoSmirk Fri 01-Nov-19 07:35:54

star star star star star

Hey Fledglings - well done for completing another Flying month - we are now over here!

star star star star star

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