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Autumn leaves and a clean sweep: it's the October Fledgling Fly thread (2019)

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Slowchirp Mon 30-Sep-19 13:27:03

Welcome to the thread where we (loosely) follow the Flylady housekeeping system here to combat CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) with a load of wine, chat and mutual support along the way. Quite a few of us have been on here for a while, so for that reason, we may seem cliquey, but we really aren't, and all newcomers, lurkers, returnees, regulars, and intermittent regulars are very welcome!

Every day I will post a link to the activities for "Today" which summarises everything you need on a daily basis if you want to follow the system strictly, but we tend to adapt it to suit our individual circumstances, homes, and energy-levels!

Please note that, athough Flylady is keen for us to check in to the website, we've recently had a few concerns wrt security, so although there is lots of useful info on the site, it's best not download it or put any of your personal details into the website for now, or sign up to the (many and frequent) e-mails (but your choice as some fledglings find the latter helpful).

More information on getting started available:
here (containing baby-steps!) but please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further qs.

There are 4 levels for Flying:
-Baby steps - good for starting a routine and overcoming the perfection crippling effect
-Baby steps and missions - basic routine + more in depth tasks
-Baby steps, missions, and deep cleaning (if you are at that stage).
You can't clean clutter so don't consider this one if you need the next level.
-Flying combined with a decluttering system (kondo/unfuck etc etc) let's be honest fly lady is good for routine but not so quick with the decluttering results sometimes.

There is NO wrong or right way of doing this, it is about adapting the system to suit your life circumstances, which will be different from someone else's, and don't be put off by the barftastically twee nature of the Flylady site, the underlying system is sound. Feel free to ignore any step or routine that doesn't suit you or your home! No perfectionism allowed!

And when it all gets too much: come and take a seat by the fire in our specially adapted "naughty" corner where you can enjoy virtual cakeand wine and lots of support from fellow fledglings.

More info follows (**but again, please note we advise only looking at the pdfs and not downloading them**):

** launch pad (general info) here

** daily babysteps pdf (ignore the ones that don't suit you or your home) here

** week day missions (some fledglings find it easier to do them at weekends) here

** info about zones (explanation of how zones work) here

** weekly zones (a rough weekly guide to which area of the house we are tackling currently, again adapt to suit yourself) here and here

** daily focus (helpful guide to allocate a certain day for a certain task) here and here

** deep cleaning lists pdf (only attempt when you have decluttered as you can't clean clutter!) here

Good luck and happy Flying one and all!


Last but not least, a huge thank you to ChicCroissant for running such a lovely (and busy!) September thread flowers [cake[ gin halo


IVEgottheDECAF Tue 01-Oct-19 17:03:20

Sounds like you are super busy bower!

DP has pissed me off. Nothing major. Just twatish attitude. I've given him a gob full and he has gone out. I do feel better now. His face was pissing me off.

LivingInLaputa Tue 01-Oct-19 17:59:55

Sorry about twatty DP behaviour ive

Hiiii everyone

Managed to get a bit of HE done, although an awful lot was maths as DH set DS some really tricky stuff!

He and DD went to have another look at the school. She was really nervous and almost refused to go at first but I’m glad she did. DH not impressed by the behaviour in the main school 🙄😣 but was pleased with the SN unit which is where hopefully she will be for at least half the time. We’ve decided to apply soon, and then we will negotiate how slow a transition she can have, they seemed keen for it to be very gradual but I’m not sure what their definition of that is IYSWIM! I don’t really want her in full time until after Christmas ideally.

So much to do in the next few days, I haven’t even looked at the EHCP form. Argh

Bowerbird5 Tue 01-Oct-19 18:22:00

grin I've love the way you put things sometimes and i know just how you feel.Hopefully the twattish behaviour will stop when he returns.

Came home had lots of stress recently, busy weekend where DH knew I would be doing lots of stuff and the floor hasn't been vacuumed and he has been trailing logs and bits in. kitchen table looks like I left it with tablets packets on. I am keeping mum. He had an appointment made with a guy about solar panels. I couldn't be bothered tiding up. I went to bed at 2am and was up about 6am. I had about 30 mins kip after I got home instead.

zoo the dress looks amazing.

Laputa sounds promising. We have some part timers and have eased somebody in over a year. I think he might be full time by now.

Thank you for thread leading. I really appreciate the work that goes into it. I am not ICT efficient. I felt proud just managing to join!

Ned isn't here do you think he is moonlighting on another thread? Does that Marie Kondo iron?

Waves to others. I had more to add but have forgotten what I read on the other thread now. Need to go to bed early I have to be up and out early tomorrow.
I am thinking retirement is looking more attractive than my job at the moment.

I noticed I keep getting UGG ads now. I have never had the leather ones but have worn the Originals since I was a nipper.

LivingInLaputa Tue 01-Oct-19 18:30:41

A year wow! I think in some ways I would like her to be able to be part time for as long as possible but really it depends if that doesn’t feel like “enough” for her, as she very much wants to fit in (although she is also happy with the idea of the unit and small classes etc thankfully)

She’s walking home from tap on her own for the first time, wouldn’t normally (and it’s getting dark so won’t be doing it again for now) but DH is in London for a meeting and I knew I wouldn’t be up to dragging the toddler out (DS got dropped back earlier by his friend who does the same class) as although I’m feeling a bit better I’m still in that achy dizzy phase. Poor kid, it’s chucking it down out there 😂 but me being with her wouldn’t change that.

Bowerbird5 Tue 01-Oct-19 19:15:45

Might make her hurry.

Yeah he had quite a few issues I think and anxiety. He attended so many days then part of each day and then the hours each day increased. so he started to stay for lunch then went home then lunch and an hour. continued slowly and if he can't manage it was tailored back and built up again.It seems to have worked. He is a lovely boy.I haven't worked with him but I used to speak to him if he was working outside the classroom.Just cheerily and brief so each encounter was positive and I get a smile now before I speak to him and he gave me and mum a big surprise when he leant over and gave me a hug. It wasn't something I have seen him do and he just grinned up at me. It was lovely to see him so relaxed.I've never forced it but took an interest if he was engaged. I felt that way he never felt under pressure to speak if he didn't feel like it.He works in the classroom now.

I would talk to her about feeling nervous and explain that lots of people do.In fact I know a Headteacher who had to address a large crow and he admitted he was nervous beforehand. He didn't appear to be. Chat about pushing through that feeling.

foxessocks Tue 01-Oct-19 19:35:36

Thanks for all the thread leading smile

Bit behind with both the thread and my house!! Downstairs is passable but upstairs is a huge mess. Left ds carseat in my parent's car today by mistake so now have no excuse not to stay in and get stuff sorted tomorrow!

I have a wedding coming up and planned my outfit months ago, finally ordered some shoes to go with it, and they don't fit, no half sizes available. So I had a bit of a mad moment and ordered two new outfits and another pair of shoes, you know, in case I change my mind about the whole lot!!

Slowchirp Tue 01-Oct-19 19:37:03


Baby-step no.2 for Wed 2 Oct: here
Launch pad link: here
Forgot to add habit of the month for October in opening post which focuses on: paper clutter


Slowchirp Tue 01-Oct-19 19:59:46

Evening all!

Sorry for posting tomorrow's links so early but signal here (I am out in the sticks again) is so weak that I thought I would take advantage of it while it lasted!

Also, sorry for not including October habit in op. Totally forgot!

Bit of a shit day here. Massive leak in roof hence emergency visit. Feel a bit shaky and ill and have had falling out with dh too. Hope everyone else's was better... .

Ooh Foxes retail therapy! Enjoy!

I've I love your turn of phrase grin

I should have kept mum too Bower confused . You sound like such a brilliant teacher, really attentive to each indiv child's needs, it will be very much their loss when you are gone. Glad w/e went well, you must be exhausted!

Laputa hope your dd gets home safely and good luck with planning school transition. Bravo to her for going despite being nervous.

Agree re: spreadsheet loathing Chic

Good to see the fish finger sandwich has been venerated by the Groaniad Lisette! grin I should be stretching too but I'm not. [Leaves out wine for after parent-teacher evening]

Hope you managed to keep your dd2 occupied Tidy and well done with being ahead with the Flying habit of the month!

Waves to Honu Toostressy Zoo and everyone else I have missed!

Two positive bits from the day: rescued a frog in difficulty and saw an enormous spider the diameter of a cupcake (lots of flies here). Trouble is... latter is still on the wall in the lav! G'night all! Catch up in the morning!

Slowchirp Tue 01-Oct-19 20:06:40

Obvs diameter including legs size of cupcake, not it's body, that would be freaky grin 🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️

Slowchirp Tue 01-Oct-19 20:30:13

Sorry Expletive didn't mean to miss you off wave list! And waves to anyone else I have forgotten!

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 01-Oct-19 20:36:49

I've if you need help with roads to back of head,shout me!!

It's my birthday!!
<Adds cake to naughty corner>

Got flowers and chocolates from dd1,a book and money(for a dressing gown) from do and a dd2 made a fab card❤️

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 01-Oct-19 20:37:56

Spade to vback of head

IVEgottheDECAF Tue 01-Oct-19 20:50:00


Happy birthday Zoo!

ChicCroissant Tue 01-Oct-19 20:50:48

Happy birthday zoo <party poppers> cake

I saw a spider moving across our lounge late the other night, it was so big it caught my eye and I was wondering if it was some kind of many-legged mouse.

Sorry to hear about the leak SC.

Slowchirp Tue 01-Oct-19 20:53:24

Happy Birthday Zoo! cake flowers gin

Slowchirp Tue 01-Oct-19 20:55:59

Eek at many-legged mouse! grin

TooStressyTooMessy Tue 01-Oct-19 21:25:23

Happy birthday zoo brewcakeflowerswine

Bowerbird5 Tue 01-Oct-19 21:28:47

I've heard of musical bumps but never spade to back of head as a birthday celebration zoo
Just having a glass ofgin to celebrate your birthday zoo

Chic mice with four legs are bad enough!

Bake off. Dh told me then turned over to racing. Watched the show stopper.

Lisette1940 Tue 01-Oct-19 21:34:22

Hope birthday zoo

🏅for rescuing frog in difficulty SC grin halostar

Lisette1940 Tue 01-Oct-19 21:35:46

Happy not hope - sorry zoo

Parent teacher thing went well - sent husband with notebook and a few fish fingers grin.

foxessocks Tue 01-Oct-19 22:09:41

Happy birthday*zoo*! 🎂

Slowchirp Wed 02-Oct-19 09:40:37

Morning all! It's actually dry and the sun is shining, so I am rushing around like a blue-arsed fly atm trying to get everything done while the weather stays fine. (The farmers around here obviously had the same idea early today as there was a tractor "traffic jam" (at least three vehicles!!) outside the main barn at 5.30 am this morning!)

Have a good anti- procrastination day everyone!

If the weather holds, I am going to try and clean windows as they are in a terrible state after building work; covered in brick dust ... .

Lisette1940 Wed 02-Oct-19 13:20:15

My windows need doing too. I'm not procrastinating though. I'm at work today. May do it tomorrow when I'm at home. No errands to run and I'm waiting for a parcel delivery.

foxessocks Wed 02-Oct-19 15:52:34

I never get round to cleaning windows hmm sometimes we do them if guests are coming grin

Felt a bit meh today, teeth hurt from brace tightening yesterday which is also making my whole head hurt a bit. And I have no patience today either so I've been falling out with ds non stop.

Ta das so I feel like I've done something...
Made a chocolate tart (which went wrong, haven't tasted it yet but it looks a mess!)
Dishwasher on x 2
Washing on x 2
Put some bits online to sell
Tidied kitchen a bit
Organised some weekend plans with a friend (well half organised anyway)
Online food shop

Stilllivinginazoo Wed 02-Oct-19 16:47:03

Hi all.glorious autumnal day here.bright sunshine but chilly wind kind of weather❤️

Popped shops with D's and DP
<Rant alert>
Was looking for clothes for D's.matalan only had two choices if t shirt and one of trousers for 14year old boys,yet a whole section for girls up to 16ffs!!
Then tried next- again mostly on line.i know boys aren't keen shoppers but those who hate certain textures/like to feel fabric of their clothes should be able to do soangry
<Rant over>
Was hoping to get a cheapish dressing gown but cheapest I saw was £30 in!
<Sulks and knows a trip to Primark will be necessary>
Washed a gorgeous blankie bought for D's yesterday
Washed two other loads and put on airer/tumbled towel load
Sat colouring with D's for a while

I was up at stupid o'clock after agreeing to lil zoo doing baking element of French homework(make a poster,write fact file something famous or bake something french)he opted for croissants so made dough before breakfast(up 5.00 to allow for child slowness/inexperience to measure,make and knead ensuring breakfast was still at 7ish so they were out door on time at 745)
Rolled butter and froze
Lil zoo got in and we rolled dough,added butter,fold turn,roll,fold chill
30 mins almost up,the roll,fold chill again 30 mins,then repeat chill an hour
Then shape price an hour
Then bake...
As needed for school tomorrow I refuse to do anything this complicated at silly o'clock so need completing tonight
I might also add we are using dairy free butter and hoping fat count is high enough if works properly(needs certain amount to ensure lunation causes flaking texture)but packet didn't say exact fat count on side<sighs>
If work will post pic!
I've said if once torn open look bit meh we will just email selection pictures made in progress and end result.of good can take them school to share/try as only potential allergy ingredients are flour and almond milksmile

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