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Apple dribble... An exciting stain removal thread!

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FlameBatfink Wed 08-Aug-07 17:32:19

Is there any way to get out apple dribble??? It normally only gets attacked after it is dried in (got it wet today in the hopes of saving, but that is rarely possible!!), is there any way to get it out, or am I resigned to the next 12 months or so of brown/grey sludge stains down every top DS owns?

I had forgotten about them... DD always used to have wrecked dresses too.

I use vanish spray (the one that goes foamy) - but it doesn't really touch it.

traceukw1 Wed 08-Aug-07 17:57:36

Have a look here as i did i have never looked back i'm now in a stain free household.

FlameBatfink Wed 08-Aug-07 18:06:05

Soak for 1 hour in cold water. Wash in Ariel powder or tablets. Do not use a colour or liquid detergent. Alternatively, treat with Ace Vivactive Washbooster then wash as normal following the fabric care label.


Soaking it in warm water with a liquid won't have helped then

Luckily it was a white top, so I can do a bleachy quick soak this time Bookmarking that site!!!!

MrsBadger Wed 08-Aug-07 18:10:34

hanging in sun will fade it eventually
(or just dress DS in brown/grey )

FlameBatfink Wed 08-Aug-07 18:12:10

I do have some very good brown/grey t-shirts that are perfect

kittywits Wed 08-Aug-07 18:12:12

I bet NO ONE has a method for getting out baby food stain
I have tried EVERYTHING, I think!

FlameBatfink Wed 08-Aug-07 18:12:42

Most tomato based ones come out in sunlight - I just avoided carrot based

kittywits Wed 08-Aug-07 18:13:50

It's the carrot that does it!

FlameBatfink Wed 08-Aug-07 18:16:33

Just avoid those ones

FlameBatfink Wed 08-Aug-07 18:17:37

Oddly my washing perfection obsession was the main cause in BLW for DS - my only thing I had against jars was the stains.

Similar to me using cloth nappies not for the environment, but because they look cute!

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